Manan A dream love story….Episode 18

“Trust. That’s what matters in a relation. So our hero Parth asks his girlfriend Niti ro join him to a party. But Niti refuses saying she doesn’t drink at all and it would be useless to go with him as you will forget that yu have a person standing beside you who is in madly love with you. Parth asks him to stop her chattering radio and leaves with Tanushree. Tanushree gets drunk badly so Parth takes Tanu to his home. Parth keeps him there and leaves. Tanu takes advantage of being at his home. She gets dressed up in a shirt of Parth and waits for Niti’s arrival. Niti comes and is shocked to see Tanu’s state. Tanu lies to him that Parth slept with him. She doesn’t believe. She messages Parth. Tanu deletes them all and Niti decides to move on and ignores Parth. She even leaves the city. Meanwhile Tanu fills Parth’s ear by talking bad things about Niti. Parth and Niti collide again this time at an office. Both ignore each other and keep the professional attitude. The glass breaks when they are asked to go on a tour. Parth insults Niti a lot. “You would feel guilty a lot when you would realise the truth!” . They confront each other and blabber how it was your fault! They realise all the games played by Tanu. And PaNi live happily ever after..”narrates Aryaman the whole story in one go

Manik felt the story similar to his except for that it was truly Nandini’s fault.
Abhi interrupted telling them they are going for an excursion so be ready with your partner. He winks at Mukti. Manik and Nandini were walking behind. Manik falls behind and shrieks making Nandini panic. He shows a red mark.
Manik : Its an insect bite I think.
Nandini : Wait I ll get some water.
The group was walking ahead and ahead. Nandini comes back with water. Till then the group were out of sight.
Nandini : Manik did you see where everyone went.

Manik : Do you think m so stupid. I saw them which direction they went.

Nandini : Great. Now that leg is fine lets go before we get lost in this jungle.
Manik follows Nandini as she walks with a grin.
Nandini : Manik I can’t find anyone! Where are everyone Mukti, Abhi, Aryaman etc…

Manik : Okay so listen Nandini Murthy. How can someone be so stupid. You thought I got hurt.
He shows his leg and rubs off the redness.
Nandini : I don’t believe this. All this drama why ?!?

Manik : Remember I m going to torture you all alone. No one can stop me now.
He comes closer and closer to her face blind folds her. She walks following him. They come near a cliff.
Nandini steps ahead and is about to fall. Manik holds her hands. Nandini removes the blindfold. She gets horrified.
Nandini : Manik don’t leave my hand.

Manik : Why did you betray me! Tell me….

Nandini : What the hell are you talking about..

Manik : Never mind. I ll save you only on one condition.

Nandini : What?

Manik : You will have to listen and obey my orders just like a pet.

Nandini : That will never happen! I ll never do this!

Manik : Okay then Nandini bye.

Nandini : Fine!

Manik pulls her hands and Nandini falls on his chest.
Manik : “pick up those cactus with your bare hands.”
Nandini : Huh? Are you serious.!
Manik : Yes I m! Do it quick . Remember those roses I told you that day you deserve cactus. And today see I got a chance.

Nandini : Alright! Anything for the person who I owe my life..
She goes to the bush where cacti were kept. She picks up those and her hands bleed profusely.
Manik jerks her hands.
He tried to touch her hands. Nandini jerks her hands away. She walks away. Manik : Talk to me.

Nandini was quiet. Manik thinks “Whatever I did was wrong. I know she did wrong but….
He thinks about the musical story. “What if soha is lying.”
He starts the recording. Nandini stops hearing it.
Nandini : You did this all because of this recording! I don’t believe it. You don’t trust my intentions but this fake recording. Mr Manik Malhotra . There us some technology in this world called Voice Modifier. The person who gave you this has totally blinded you.

She walks away and reaches the camping site. Aryaman gets happy seeing her sound.

Aryaman: Nandu where were you! We were searching you like mad men. Where is Manik?

Nandini goes to her tent. Manik rushes to Soha’s tent. Soha was doing make up.
Manik : Only fake people need make up. Soha soha soha tch tch tch. …
Such a big game. Just to separate me and Nandini.

Soha : So you got to know about the truth.?

Manik : Yes. I trusted you like anything. And you… You broke my trust. I feel like slapping you. But I don’t beat girls. God will take care of all your sins. Don’t worry.

He runs to Nandini’s tent. He sees her hand dressed.
Nandini : I’ll sleep on the ground. You don’t have to worry.

Manik : Sorry.
Nandini is perplexed.

Nandini : Did i hear right? Someone just told me sorry full of attitude.

Manik : Listen I m sorry. Sorry for hurting you.

Nandini : Apology not accepted. Not so easily. You didn’t believe me. You didn’t believe in our friendship.

Manik : I wont stop you this time. I deserve this seriously. He moves out of the tent.
Nandini lies on the bed waiting for Manik. She couldn’t sleep. She also moves out of the tent.

Nandini : Manik. What are you doing here.
She sees him crying. She wipes his tears.
Nandini : Manik I was just kidding. So that you give me some attention.

Manik : Drama queen. I know you are lying now! Alright from tomorrow I ll do anything and everything possible to make you smile.

Nandini : Fine let us see.

Manan get back to tent and sleep.

Ty everyone especially Medhavi di.. Tysm for making me realise how selfish I was when I discontinued. Just a request I want to make this weekly due to study pressure. Will you still read it. ? Or else I will end it with a very happy ending..

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