Manan A dream love story….Episode 17

Hope u dint forget me. Actually i had exams and I didn’t get the response u expected. I feel upset because i feel when I invest ao much of time of my day why cant people spend a few seconds to comment. Just a wish I don’t want to force anyone. Maybe this idea of mine is stupid. Nandu Mukti and Alu sis? And Cabir Manik and Dhruv bro? Sounds a bit weird that’s why maybe.. I don’t know. I would finish this ff if you want me to !

All get ready for Camping. Nandini wearing a toby hat, light blue denim shorts and a white top with her minimal make up look looking as usual PRETTY and Manik wearing light blue denim jeans, white t shirt with black blazer looking as usual a HANDSOME HUNK. All set to go.
Mukti : No wait guys. Where’s the in charge. That Abhimanyu guy!

Nandini tries to control her laugh and Mukti shows Nandu her left hand and gives her a punching stance.

Abhi enters. He sees Mukti and waves at her and sits beside her. He sees Manan sitting at opposite poles. “Trying to hide your love. But sorry guys. Abhimanyu will never let this happen!”

They reach the jungle. Aliya gets really scared and holds Dhruv’s biceps tight. Dhruv keeps her hand and gives her the look “I m always with you!”
Aliya says “Thank you!” to him. Nandini was walking with Aryaman giggling and joking. Manik gets jealous seeing her happy with some other guy.

Abhi : So guys. I ll make random pairs for you all to share the tent.
Dhruv and Aliya.
Soha and Aryaman.
Bla bla.
Me and Mukti.
Manik and Nandini.
Nandini : No way! I wont share my tent with this monster.

Manik : I have no problem.
He smirks. Nandini says “Okay then. Neither I have now.”

Abhi : That’s like a good (couple) girl and boy.
All start preparing their tents. Manan don’t stop fighting there too.” I will tie that side”shouts Nandini. “Fine do it here!”replies Manik. He holds the tent from a branch of the tree. “Stay on that tree all night. Then you may find your monkey girlfriend!” jokes Nandini
Manik : “Why do I need a monkey. I m already with one.”
Nandini : “But this monkey is not your girlfriend”
Manik : So you agree that you are indeed a monkey great Nandini Murthy uff Monkey.
Saying so he loses his grip and falls on Nandini. Nandini trying to give him his hand falls on him and the tent cloth falls on them too.

Manan bg music plays. Both share an eyelock. Manik slowly caresses her face and leans upon her to kiss her.
Mukti rushes there and removes the tent. “Ate you both okay?” Nandini immediately straightens herself. “yep.! This monkey can’t hold a tent too.””
Mukti laughs and makes a puppy face looking at Manik “Yes Abhi coming baba!!”

Manik : Okay lets just fox this quickly. I m hungry yaar. I want my dinner.

On the other place Aryaman was doing the whole work and Soha e reading a stupid magazine. Dhrulya divide the work equally. Even Manan fix the tent. All the guys stand to take their dinner. Nandini goes and sits near Aryaman. Aryaman tells how Soha made him do the whole work.
” Aww!” She pulls his cheeks. “You look so cute when you are complaining!”

Manik sees them and hits upon a plan. After everyone leaves only Murthy and Malhotras are left (except Cavya)
“Guys lets play truth or dare!”

All agree and sit. Mukti gets the chance to ask Manik a question “Have you ever kissed ? I know what a stupid question. Wait have you ever kissed a girl whole you loved dearly!”

Manik remembers his accidental kiss with Nandini and answers yes.
Nandini stares at him. Next was Mukti.
“So Mukti when will you get involved in a serious relationship.”asks Aliya.
“Anytime!” answered Mukti blushing and thinking how Abhi proposed her.

Nandini asks Dhruv Did you ever fall in love?”
Dhruv says No.
Aliya feels devastated hearing his answer.
Dhruv : But I really like someone.
Manik : Who is it !!!
Dhruv : Nandini……your turn.
Aliya thinks Dhruv seriously likes Nandini and not her.
Manik : Yes your turn. Enough of this truth game. Lets do dare now.
Nandini : Sure!
Manik : Okay let me get the drinks.
He takes out three bottles. “Especially made for you Nandu.”
He gives her the glass and pours wine in it.”Drink this.!”

Mukti : Manik she doesn’t drink at all. Don’t force her.

Nandini : Nope.I ll drink.
She takes the glass and drinks it in one go. It tasted like vinegar. She starts coughing. “Awwh. Nandini Murthy got tired just in one drink.” Manik speaks
Nandini takes another glass but Manik takes the glass from her. “Not alone this time” he pours for himself. Nandini goes near him and keeps the glass on the table. “guys look at those shooting stars.” All look up. Nandini quickly swaps her drink with Manik.
Mukti : Where is it Nandu ?

Aliya : She was lying! Complete ur dare now.

Nandini and Manik empty their glasses. Manik rushes to the tent.

Nandini tells them she is feeling dizzy and goes to the tent.
Nandini : “Why are you doing all of this Manik. Why are you hurting yourself too when you are trying to hurt me. This is not at all cool.”

Manik : Do you think I m hurting myself that too for you. You are highly mistaken baby.

Nandini : Don’t lie. I swapped our glasses. You had the same vinegar.

Manik : Alright. Tomorrow it will only be you who would be hurt. Don’t worry.

Nandini : Manik trust me. When you will get to know the truth you will feel so guilty. And then I wonder what would you do to undo your mistakes.

Manik : I m not wrong this time.

Nandini sets to sleep on the bed arranged. “That’s my bed! You cant sleep there?”

Nandini : Where will i sleep then.

Manik : I don’t care!

Nandini takes a pillow and sleeps on the bare ground. After she sleeps she was shivering. Manik sees this and spreads over a blanket on her.

Precap : Aryaman tells manan the story of their musical all in one go. Manik’s plan and realisation that soha is playing games. Soha confesses.

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  1. At last……u updated,But don’t give up ur writings.Ur concept is good and plz continue ur ff and update as much as possible.

  2. Very very nice update loved it

  3. Wowww i want soha confession yaar

  4. waited for long but the wait was worth it…. superb

  5. Hey please update fast I’m waiting to read it

  6. Hi im muskan from England, I was a silent reader but seriously your updates are too good, today’s was aweosme. Love how manik got jealous of Nandini and Aryaman. Please do some cavya moments and make Dhruv jealous of Alya and someone and please make Nandini jealousy too. Sorry if I sound like im being mean I don’t mean too , just can’t wait and love your episodes.

  7. Medhavi Thakkar

    Hey Shelly I completely understand what you are feeling….I just came across this post of yours where you say you are sad as you don’t get the response….I relate to it because even I had been going through the same….But don’t worry you are doing a great job ! I won’t lie, I haven’t read all your updates but I did read a few initial parts of your story and I thoroughly enjoyed it !!! Actually I don’t get time out of the 2 ffs I manage on a daily basis along with my studies and job… sorry about it….but once I get some time, I am definiely going to read your story like many ohers I have got queued up for reading later….The concept is not weird but it’s different and awesome !!! So, just keep writing and one day you will definitely get the response you desire !! Everybody out there, it’s a request, please do drop in a comment, even a small one when you like Shelly’s or anyone’s work….It really motivates people….
    All the very best dear !!
    Keep going 🙂

  8. Plz.. Continue.. Grt story line 🙂

  9. Don’t stop yaar…continue’s a good one..

  10. shelly its a different and awesome storyline…………pls continue ……………..i dont understand y manik is behaving weird……………may be i missed a part ……………….keep updating shelly…….

  11. O my shelly dearrrryyyy, it’s awesome, marvellous, outstanding episode, you’re doing marvellous job….I love you and this story very very much…very different n amazing concept… I think like you maybe lots of the readers also having their exams n tests etc… so can’t comment, but don’t be disheartened…your story is very sweeeeeet n I love it very much…I appreciate your time n energy you spent on this amazing story.’s episode was awesoooooome. …the pairs were so cool…manan tent scene…very cuteeeee…truth n dare game was lovelyyyy…reminded me the real kyy series vinegar scene…very nicely narrated…loved it soooooooo muchhhhhh. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and I wish you get very good grades in your exams…take care sweetie

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