Manan A dream love story….Episode 16


I m really sad as the number of readers are going less and less. I have to take out time from my study hours for Manan. Please guys tell me if the story is going wrong somewhere coz it hurts. I hope m not being selfish and demanding a lot…
And a big Thank You for all the readers who have been with me so far..
Love you all.
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Musical practice.
Kaya and Samar were spending time together and Riya sees them from a distance. She plans to separate them (just like Soha)
Manik : Guys when will you tell us the whole story yaar. Its so much gripping.

Aryaman : Patience Manik.

Manik gives him a angry bull look and Aryaman lowers his eyes.
Aryaman : Rest of the story only during camping!

Nandini tries to put up the chart and seeing Manik she falls from the chair knowingly thinking Manik would save her. But her plan dupes as Dhruv comes to save her. This doesn’t go along with Aliya. Manik tries not to show his jealousy.
Dhruv : Are you okay Nandu. You should be careful na. Just imagine if you would have fallen from her.

Dhruv was holding his hands. Nandini keeps her hands on his.

Nandini : I m alright. Now you do the prep. You and Abhimanyu are the in charge of the camping trip. So do you work!

Manan ignore each other all the time while placing the charts. The work was almost done. They start stepping backward and backward and bump into each other. Manik saves her from falling by holding her wrist. He pulls her towards his chest.
Nandini : What the help are you doing. All are seeing us Manik.

Manik : Why should you care! Oh yes. I forgot you are such an image conscious lady. Sorry like really.

Nandini : Whatever.
She jerks him away but their pockets are entangled.
Manik : Huh.
He tries to untangle it but fails. Nandini helps him and finally they manage to separate their lockets.

Manik thinks “Now just wait and watch Nandini Murthy. All your image consciousness will go to hell today.
He picks up the blue paint and fixes it near door. Nandini enters through the door and totally drips into the blue paint. She says “Manik. When you will grow up!.” She smirks and goes to the college.

The gardener was watering the plants. She takes the hose pipe from him and sprays it on Manik and he is totally drenched. She then sprays the water gently on her clothes and face.
She gives Manik a smile and leaves for the washroom. Manik follows her and bolts her against the wall of washroom. He sees blue paint on her face.
“Ehmmm.. Even if blue suits you this looks a disaster on your face. I ll wipe it off ”
He wipes it off gently. Nandini blushes and tells him “You can never hide your feelings!”
Manik realises what he was doing and jerks her away and leaves.
“So much happened today! God knows what will happen tomorrow.” thinks Nandini.

Precap : Manan Camping mates– a plan by Abhi. Manik again tries to hurt her but comes to know about the truth of Soha.

This is the Precap for two episodes. Actually I don’t want you guys to wait longer. So I ll try to finish this mess asap.

Credit to: Shelly

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