Manan A dream love story….Episode 15


Nandini gets ready wearing a white tee with shorts. She looks at the mirror for the third time. “Nandini Murthy. What’s happening with you! Stop behaving like Aliya.”

Aliya who was just passing by hears her.”Did you just spoke out my name Nandu?”

Nandini : Nope.. Lets go together to the college. I hope you don’t mind.

Aliya : Ofcourse not di !

Both head to college. Nandini rushes to the amphitheatre. Aliya sees Dhruv and waves at her. “I have to rush to the Amphitheatre. Talk to you later Aliya.” he replies in a breath and rushes.
Aliya was confused totally. She sees Cabir and they both chat. Aliya gets to know about her fashion designing assignment. “Designing for a model of the head’s choice! And the head was Anika.” Anika smirks and sees Navya. Pointing to Navya she says “Aliya. You have to make her as your model. Best of luck as you need a lots of luck.” Aliya sees Navya in disgust.
Aliya to Cabir : You gotta help me !

Cabir : Fine! I ll make that Madhubala a princess. I know it will be really difficult but I ll do it.
Cabir thinks “Now time to get even with you Madhubala. Get ready because I m gonna make your life hell.”

Nandini, Arya and Dhruv were waiting for Manik. Dhruni tried to call him several times but he didn’t pick up.
Nandini : I hope he is alright.

Manik comes and says “Nothing will happen to me Nandini till I m surrounded by true friends.”
Nandini was confused. “Alright . Lets get started.”
Nandini as Niti
Manik as Parth
Anika as Tanushree
Dhruv as Utkarsh
Manik has to give roses to Nandini who is new at the club and has entered as a bar singer.
He hands it to Nandini romantically and Nandini gets lost in his eyes and takes the roses from his hand.

“Ouch!” she screams. Manik doesn’t respond and Nandini was shocked. Aryaman rushes to her and caresses her face. Seeing this Manik sits on the chair. “Dhruv bring the first aid kit quick!” shouts Arya.
Arya : Manik what kind of roses are these. I ll bring water for you Nandini.
Nandini looks at Manik in disbelief.
Nandini : Are you okay? You behave like another man today!

Manik : I m sorry Nandini I brought these roses with thorn for you. Next time it would be a big cactus. You actually deserve that.
Saying this he leaves. Nandini wonders “what happened to him overnight. Why is he behaving so strange.”
Arya comes and applies her the ointment. Manik sees all this hiding behind the door. Soha comes from behind and hugs him.
“Soha. You n I it’s over. We are just friends now. So please stop this hugging and kissing.”
Soha : I m sorry Manik.
She leaves.
Manik re-enters Amphitheatre.” Lets start the practice now guys.” he says this in excitement.

Arya : I think we should call of todays practice.

Nandini : Not at all. Lets get started. We will redo this scene.

Arya : Are you sure?

Nandini : Yes definitely!
Manik was shocked seeing her excitement.
Manik again hand her the flowers and again Nandini takes them and Manik humms a tune.
Raghav comes and asks them “How is it going?”
Nandini : Good sir.

Raghav : Guys I wanted to tell you that there a camp for the Musical of you guys specially. So don’t stop the practice.

Manik : When will be the camp sir?

Raghav : In a week . you guys have seriously less time. So don’t waste even a single moment.

Manik gives an evil smile to Nandini and says “Okay sir!”

Aryaman : Nandini your part is over for today so you can go home.

Nandini : Alright thank you so much !
Scene 2
Parth has a best friend Tanushree. (Anika)
Tanushree loves Parth badly but Parth doesn’t reciprocate the same love back.
Manik and Anika do the scene and the practice is called off.
Nandini goes to Manik and asks him why he acted so weird.
Manik : Nandini Murthy just stay away from me today onwards. I just want to see your dirty face during the practice. That’s it….


Guys I hope you liked the musical track. Manik’s anger is for a very short while. He will soon come to know about Soha’s true face. And then you know what the monster can do!
Keep reading and do tell me your feedbacks about this track…. Gn and happy republic day in advance..

Credit to: Shelly

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  1. Its good. But y was he behaving like this?
    What did soha said to manik about nandini??
    And one request
    plzzzzzzzz…….update ur story daily.don’t make so much time

  2. Wat happened to manik….soha u r disgusting…..and manik how could u believe soha yar …..nice update shelly…

  3. Ohhh he is behaving like monster

  4. Wish u the same name it’s good

  5. I felt manik very weird today…nandu so confused so do all others…the story is getting more and more interesting….loved the names of the character in the play…only you could think of it. …kudos to youuuu…rose scene was quite interesting, I was shocked with manik’s reply of next time give u cactus..n want to see nandu face only in the play…huh???…I hope soon it get better. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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