Manan A dream love story….Episode 14

Sorry for this short update. Actually tmrw I have my practical exam! So cud update only a short episode. Tell me your feedbacks. And btw there will be sad track for a while (max 4 episodes) . Its important for the story. Hope you like this epi.

Nandini was happy that She would be performing with Manik. Aliya sees her happy. “Should I back off for my sister.” thinks she. “Whatever Dhruv agrees with will also be my decision. But not now. Let him first make his move.” concludes Aliya.

Manik was looking at the stars and reminiscing his moments with Nandini just then his phone starts ringing. It was Soha again.
Soha : Manik I have to show you something really important.

Manik : Not right now. I m busy…

Soha : Its related to Nandini.

Manik : Okay! Fine. I ll be coming in an hour.
Manik gets ready in a hurry. Nandini asks him where is he going . “Nowhere. You don’t care much about me.” he replies coldly. Nandini wonders what happened to him. “I will follow him.” She gets ready wearing a green cardigan and takes out her car and follows him.

Mukbhi were in the outside cafe having a sip of coffee. Abhimanyu suddenly gets up and bends down on his knees and proposes her. “I love you Mukti.”
Mukti : I love you too Abhi.
She was lost in his eyes. He waves her hand near her face. “Mukti wake up!!” scowled Abhi. “Ohh.. I was dreaming.” thinks Mukti. Abhi removes something out of his pocket and hands it to Mukti. It was a smiley ball with a note stuck on it.
“Keep smiling like this ball of mine,
because you have my sunshine…
And I don’t remember the first time we met.
But I know I love you so much that I can be you pet…
So soothing and relaxing is your smile…

I can walk seeing it a thousand miles….
Okay enough.i m not a very nice poet. It took me days to write this. Had I written it before I would have proposed much before. And I m sorry for making you wait so long dear..”
Mukti smiles at him and takes out a rose from the vase and goes down on her knees.
Mukti : I love you Abhi. You know what I was wondering now. You doing this to me. But this proposal is far more better than this . I love you too! She goes near him to give him a kiss on his lips.

Abhi : No Mukti. Not now.

Nandini was following Manik and there was a big traffic jam and her eyes wander here and there and fall on Mukbhi.
“What are they doing here. Mukti caught you today. Sorry Manik I cant follow you anymore because of my sister”
Nandini goes to the cafe and Abhi looks at her.
Mukti : Abhi you know I love you so much. Sometimes I think I m not.. Where are you looking Abhi…
She turns back and sees Nandini. She was shocked.
Abhimanyu thinks “Now you also know my secret. Yesterday I caught you but not red handed and today you caught me but you caught us red handed.”
So the mystery guy was him! …

Nandini looks on…
“Mukti. You both became si close and never let me know anything. I don’t believe this. Is this our bond of friendship. You snapped it in a minute. Mukti I don’t believe this at all!”
Nandini leaves and Mukti follows her.
“Nandu I m sorry. Actually I want to keep it a secret. I don’t want people to know about us. Especially Veronica. Please don’t tell this to anyone. Not even Aliya.”
Nandini thinks how she also hid a big secret. “Okay Mukti. I wont tell anyone I promise. Now you two enjoy your date and forgive me for spoiling it.” she winks at her and bids adieu.

Precap : Musical practice day 1 . Manik is late!

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Credit to: Shelly


  1. Somali

    Omg! What an epi.. It was awe. Mukbhi my love…Abhi proposal.. So cuteeeee…Nandu why did she not follow Manik… What is this soha gonna do….we r ready for sad track but don’t extend it…

  2. kavya

    After this beautiful update…..we r ready for upcoming sad tracks…..
    Thanx for such an amazing update….
    Nd all the very best for ur studies……

  3. tabassum

    why manan doesn’t understand each other….soha is really evil…shelly all the best for practical exam…don’t be nervous for exam…be confident….

  4. Roma

    Awesome episode, short but very interesting…soha such a pain…muktbhi confession was really awesome. ..nandini knows about them now…precap very exciting. ..shelly dear take care n do very good in your exams. …love you loads

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