Manan A dream love story….Episode 13


Manik was with Nandini. They were talking about the lantern festival. Manik’s phone starts ringing. It was Soha’s call. Manik excuses himself.
Soha : Manik baby wont you come to receive me. I m already waiting for you.

Manik : I m coming right away! Please wait for me. I ll be there. I want to talk something really important.

Soha : Okay baby.

Manik thinks “Soha its very difficult for you but I have to do this because i don’t love you. I was so stupid!”

Nandini gets jealous and leaves in anger. She calls Aryaman.
Aryaman comes and they both leave.

Manik sees soha and waves at her. Soha waves her back.
Manik : Soha I wanted to tell you that .. (he stammers a lot) I want to break up.

Soha smiles and tells him that she is glad you broke up because i also wanted to. Manik hugs her and tells “Thank you. You made my heart so light! Love you”

Nandini and Aryaman see all this and again Nandini assumes that Manik and Soha are damn serious. She tells Aryaman to leave. Manik sees Nandini leaving “Not again ! This girl will think I was romancing with Soha!”

Soha thinks “Everything is planned Manik. I will get you at any cost!”

Manik leaves immediately. He sees Nandini in the entrance. “Hi Nandu”
“Hi Manik” replies she. ” So what are you doing today?”
Nandini : “Nothing much. I and Aryaman are thinking about the casting of the musical. Wanna join us?”
Manik : Sure! I would love to.
Nandini walks and he follows thinking “How could she be so normal? I thought she must be angry with me.”

Nandini, Aryaman and Manik sit on the chairs taking auditions for the musical of the theme LOVE for the Valentines day which was one and a half months away. All the students either did overacting or did nothing! They liked Dhruv’s performance but feared that students would become rebellious thinking Manik dud partiality by selecting Dhruv as the Hero. Manan and Arya were really upset with others performances. Anika enters and she also does overacting. Aryaman tells them he needs a break.
Nandini : Sorry you may leave.!

Anika : How can you say that to me!

Manik : Hey listen whoever you are just get lost. Didnt you hear us. Just leave.

Anika : Who the hell you two are to judge us. We all know you both very well. You guys have no talent at all. God knows who made you judge me ?

Manik : Keep your princess attitude at home. And just GET LOST.
Manik thrashes the mug in anger.

A guy says from the background “She is telling the truth. You two losers can’t judge us.”
Manik gets on the stage and Nandini is shocked to see him. He takes Nandini’s hand and they start singing Ishq Bulava romantically and follow script which instructed them to dance.
They come too close as they are carried away by their feelings for each other.

Aryaman enters and is startled to see them so close. He hides his tears and pain.
Aryaman: Guys what you doing.
Nandini amd Manik get separated in a minute and start smiling vaguely. Raghav gives an applaud.
Raghav : I m such a stupid. I made those guys take the audition who were perfect for this role. So Manik and Nandini you two are finalised for our Musical .

Nandini was not too happy as she always hated limelight but Manik gets elated hearing this “Now I can spend some more time with her!”
Aryaman didnt move for a second.
Raghav continues “Aryaman I have finalized you as the director of the play. And Dhruv would play Nandini’s former love interest as I liked his audition.”

Aryaman teases Nandini “Manik ha..” Nandini punches him on his stomach. “You always take me wrong. It was in the script.”
Manik comes to them and Arya excuses himself. “So happy. You would be performing with me.” asked Manik.
“Ofcourse!” Nandini replies blushing and powering her eyelids.
“Okay now I got to go. See you around!” Nandini tells him still blushing.
She sees Aliya on the floor and waves at her but Aliya ignores her. “What happened to this girl.?” wonders Nandini. Soha sees this and smirk.”So Aliya likes Manik too. Perfect!”

Soha goes to Aliya and fills her ear with crap like “Aliya listen. Nandini didnt tell you knowingly as she knows you like him. She wants to snatch your happiness.”

Aliya : How come Nandu came to know about my feeling for Dhruv?
Soha was shocked. “Why my plans always foil.! Aliya likes Dhruv and not Manik.”
Another failure for Soha.

Precap : Soha thinks she will end this once and for all. I have to play now this move. Nandini finds about Mukbhi.

I hope you liked that Soha’s plan foiled and also her break up with Manik.

Credit to: Shelly

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  1. Woww damm interesting yarr

  2. I want a veryyyy big cement mixer…. You know why shelly? To crush soha into veryyy tiny pieces!!! 😡 😡 😡 That psycho!! Nautanki!!
    Aryamann feels for nandu… Hmm.. Interesting.. MaNan scene ws superbbbbb!!!!!!! Ishq bulava!!!! Love it!!! Those losers call the best as losers?!! They’re fools fr sure!! Donkeys!!
    So valentines day is comin… Hmm.. I personally want that day to come as late as possible!!! Coz my date is books! Preboards frm feb 15! Soo.. There’ll be confusion that alya misunderstood that nandu likes dhruv!!
    Soha’s plan flopped… Hahahahahaahahahaha lmao!!! Mazaa aa gaya!!!!!
    Loved it… Awesome work shelly 😀
    update soon..

  3. soha plan spoiled thats great but nandini misunderstanding manik sad…i hope nandini will know the truth of manik and soha relationship…

  4. Agai pagal ladki soha

  5. Soooo lovely episode, awesome, manan rocks. ..such a sweeeeeet story, musical competition was very good. Manan dance was really awesome…now manan will be main lead of the play n dhruv nandini’s ex-bf n aryaman director…wowww, such a cute setup….keep it up….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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