Manan A dream love story….Episode 12


Sorry! This epi is short and not upto the mark. Sorry to all whom I have disappointed. And Ty for all your love… Keep reading.


Nandini was sleeping. She sees Manik in his dream. They are in a very romantic place. Bur suddenly she wakes up
Nandini : Who is it! It was such a nice dream huh!

Manik : Seeing me in your dreams or what?

The person lights the candle. Now she could see his face. She pinches herself.

Nandini : It’s real! Manik what the hell are you doing here.

Manik : You forgot so easily! Today we have to go to the Lantern festival. I just came to remind you! Get ready.

Nandini bangs her head. “How could I forget that! Anyways thanks for reminding me. See you at eleven.”

Nandini wonders what to wear. She checks out her wardrobe and sees a traditional golden lehenga. “I ll wear this.”

She gets ready and sees Manik waiting for her. “Wow! You are looking so beautiful.”
“So Manik Malhotra can give compliments. I appreciate it. Thank you”
Both get into the car. Someone is following them. They reach the place and see the place full of romantic couples. They feel a bit awkward but they get inside.
The person wonders “what these two are doing here. I will have to find out.”
Manan gets awe to see an old couple romantically lighting their lanterns. They also get five lanterns to light .
Nandini and Manik light their first lantern and lit up the sky. They try to trace their lantern and walk here and there and collide. Both fall upon each other. Nandini tries to get up remembering their last collision but her locket gets entangled to his shirt.
All the couples clap for them. They feel even more embarrassed.
“Now I will sing for my love!” says the old man as he sees romantically towards his wife. He sings an old filmy song and all give an applause. “Now you two the youngest couple here. Sing a song. It’s the festival of love!” says the old woman. They start singing Ishq Bulava. Indeed they were falling in love with each other but were clueless.
All applaud for them. “You two are indeed made for each other. Mujhe zara nazar utarne do dono Ki” And she does that.
“Oh so these two are falling in love. I m so happy for you Nandini!” says the mystery guy.
He leaves .

Precap : Soha is back!

Credit to: Shelly

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  1. Awesome Shelly ur superb

  2. Haaaa the villian is back nooooo

  3. Woww your today’s update was so romantic…

  4. Psycho is back!!!!!??? Shi yaar!! This b*t*h always sucks!!!
    Though it was short, i loved it so to the core!!! This was deffo upto the mark shelly!!! I personally think this is your best epi so far! Its freakin’ awesome!!!
    Nandini dreams about manik and dreams are seen to be accomplished right?! 😉 Oh damn! I so love it!!
    Manik lit the candle.. Did she think she was hallucinating manik?! Aah im literally lovin it!!
    That cute complimenting scene was so sweet!
    Now i think the mystery guy is aryamann! I am happy for you nandini.. This line made me think so…!
    Lantern festival.. I just cant describe how beautifully you’ve penned it down shelly!! Loved it so very much!!!
    The old couple always look cute.. Aww MaNan sang ishq bulava.. Made for each other.. And i cant say any more about it!!
    Just loved it toooooo much!!!!!
    Update real soon 😉
    keep smiling always!!

  5. Awesome episode shelly, it’s superb, lovely n cute one…why are you saying it’s not upto mark… plumpyyy is 100% correct…this is a very good treat for us…nandini dreaming about manik…then woke up n pinching herself to find its really manik…lol…lantern festival n manan lit their lantern..chain entangled…so cuteee…manan made for each other….so lovely epi….n I also think the mystery guy is aryaman. …loved it very much. ..keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  6. Now I m sure……the mystery guy is aryaaman……
    Superb episode shelly……
    Haa thoda chota jarure tha…..but it’s superb…..
    Waiting for next update…….
    Tb tak ke liye….miss u…..

  7. Its for sure arya

  8. yeah i also think its aryamaan…nandini in lahenga wow…they song superb…

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