Manan A dream love story….Episode 11


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Manik and Nandini decide to attend the Lantern festival even though they were not a couple.
Nandini : I know we are not a couple but we are friends right. Lets go for it na. Please.

Manik: Okay ! But now lets get to home otherwise all will be suspicious !

Nandini : Alright. You are too boring!

Both get to their car and drive to home. Mukti us surprised to see them together.

Mukti : I thought you both are enemies.

Manik and Nandini bang their head .

Nandini : No di ! We are friends . Everything got cleared between us.

Mukti : I m happy now everything will be so peaceful.

Nandini: I ll go to my room. I m really tired.
Nandini lies on the bed and thinks whatever had happened in morning and afternoon. She blushes and closes her eyes only to find Manik in her imagination. ” Nandini you are going lunatic ! Lets do something to keep yourself busy. Yes . Lets cook. ”

She goes to the hall and makes an announcement ” Todays dinner will be cooked by me ! So get ready to have a lavish dinner ! ”

Cabir : Dhruv are you going out.

Dhruv : Yes but why.

Cabir : Please bring some medicine for me. Nandini is going to cook the dinner.

Nandini : Cabir you know what I m a fantastic cook.

Dhruv : I totally trust you.
He pats her shoulder.

Aliya : Yes Nandu is awesome cook I guess.

Nandini gives her a look and Aliya runs away.

Nandini marches to the kitchen and starts getting the things. “So today I will prepare Paneer Paratha and dap fry with a vegetable curry.” All join him and look at her intensely. Nandini throws a vessel on them and all run away except Manik who was stood like a statue. He goes to the kitchen to drink water.
Nandini was preparing the batter and she gets a lot of sweat so she wiped it out making her face dirty. Manik sees this and tells her ” There’s something on your face.”
Nandini tries to wipe it but makes it even more dirty. Manik holds her hands and cleans it himself. He touches her bubbly cheeks and soft lips. Nandini stares at him as he cleaned her face.

Nandini : Thank you !

Manik : There’s no thank you and no sorry in friendship !

Nandini : Now please go. You are distracting me from my mission.
Manik leaves and Nandini continues cooking. She finished cooking and starts setting the dinner table. Manik helps her. All come and sit on the table. Nandini gets very nervous as f she was writing an exam. Actually more than that. All eat their first slice and love it. All start praising her cookery skills except Manik.

Mukti : Don’t tell me you didnt like it !

Manik : Its awesome ! I remember one person who used to cook the same way you cooked.

Aliya : Must be your mom.

Dhruv : Nah. Mom never cooks.

Nandini : Wont your mom come to India this time. I never saw her. I mean I still remember your dad meeting us once but never saw your mom.

Manik : You know Moms always busy with Business. I don’t know if she would ever come here in her life !

Nandini excuses herself and goes to the kitchen to bring her plate. She thinks “Who was Manik talking about ! I hope its not Soha !” She is amazed to see no Paratha left. She gets a bread for herself. She sits on the chair adjacent to Manik’s.
Manik : Why are you eating this bread !

Nandini : Actually the paratha is over. Moreover I don’t like them much. I just cooked because my sisters love it.

Manik : Its really good you should try it. Here take this half.
He divides his paratha into two halves and places one half on Nandini’s plate.
Nandini stares at him all this while.
She takes a bite and says ” I wonder why I used to hate paratha ! It is so lovely !”
Aliya : Manik you made her eat what she never had since her birth. You know what guys. She used to run away seeing paratha. But see her today. She is eating it like anything.

Cabir : Even Manik hated paratha. I wonder what happened today.!

Manik : Shut up Cabir ! It’s nothing like that trust me. I liked paratha but its just that you don’t get the same taste in US. Its always good to have dinner at your own home

Mukti : This is not your own home Manik.

Aliya : That’s rude.

Mukti : Just kidding guys. Don’t take me seriously.
She gets up and hold her ears.
All laugh.

Precap : Manbir talk about girls. Manan go to the lantern festival secretly. Someone follows them.
I want to know who you want that someone to be !

Credit to: Shelly

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  1. Manisharahman

    Thank you shelly for this lovely update
    I love it . …………………

  2. Awesome yaar…

  3. Good going Shelly….I think its cabir as he hangouts with his gfs…keep updating dear…

  4. Yaar Shelly its just awesome like seriously how can someone write such a wonderful cute awesome fantastic super story
    I thank you very much for writing this ff like very much thanks again and again and AGAIN???

  5. May be….the someone is aryaaman…..
    but agar koi or bhi Hoya too bhi maza hi aayega….
    Awesome track dr….
    Love it….

  6. May be its mukti as she is quite curious in all to know about them
    Don’t know maybe its cabir a wild guess
    Well the update was nice one…..❤

  7. Aww.. U just made my mood taaza taaza shelly!! Hehe.. Ws pissed off at schl issues n wen i just read my name i ws smiling 🙂 And i hadn’t stopped reading its just that i had no tym to cmnt coz of studies.. So comin to d epi..
    Damn!! It was awesomeeeee!!!!!!!!!
    Like srsly.. Nandu askin manik to go to lantern festival ws soo cuteee… But manik askin her to go home.. You’re so boring in return.. Lol. If d monster comes outta him toh nandu wud surely kno that boring word doesn’t exist in his dictionary! Umm.. Is somethin cookin in muku’s head?? I dont really think so.. Bt knowing hw she is it seems so..
    Awwwww… Nandu imagining manik!!! Am i dreaming??!!!?? Ahah.. This is somethin new..! Lovin it..
    Cabiraaaaa!!!!!! Love him shoooooo much!!!!!!! He’s damn cute n love his sense of humour 24*7!! It cannot be disliked by any1! Alya rocked man!! That ‘i guess’ just cracked my mind!!
    Batter on face.. Manik cleaning her face.. No actually caressing her face.. Aww.. Love MaNan sooo much!!! How do these be so adorable all the time???
    The paratha history ws lovelyyy… MaNan disliked parathas!! But both denying d fact ws agn cute!!
    Hell cute epi shelly…
    I wanted to ask somethin frm d intro of this ff.. Umm.. Okay. R u d same shelly who had commented on kyy TU page?? Idk which day’s WU it ws.. Bt i remember wt happened that day.. If ur d same then im sorry..
    Keep writing n smiling… 🙂

    1. Nah I don’t read kyy TU. You tube and TV are enough for me. And ofcourse kyy twitter.. Must be some wannabe or someone else.

  8. Abt d precap.. Ws waiting fr it.. ManBir talk!!
    And i think its cabira spying on manan.. Thot this coz manbir had a talk on gals…

  9. Awesome episode shelly, manan cute talks, agreed to go to lanterns festival inspite of not being couple. adorable. …nandu blushing n feeling for to desract her mind decide to cook…so cuteeeee. ..cabir’s so funny, loved his humorous comments….lol…lovely kitchen scene..paneer paratha…yummyyyy… manan sharing paratha n liking it…who is the person manik talking about? Lovely convo between siblings about manan dislike about parathas in past …but what happened today. 😉 sweeeeeetu shelly, this is really very sweet story…precap very interesting…maybe mukti follow manan…I guess…keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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