Manan A dream love story….Episode 10


Manik : Let us leave or else you will catch cold !
Nandini : Yeah right ! You are superman na. You won’t get any cold or fever .
She swings her wet hair hard and starts sneezing. Manik gives her the look ” I told you ! ” Nandini looks at him totally annoyed.
Nandini : Okay okay. Lets go to the resort nearby. We will change and then…
Manik : And then ???
Nandini starts walking away. Manik follows her and both get a cab. Nandini opens the window of the cab and starts feeling the cool breeze that blew her hairs. Manik gazes at her continuously. The driver sees this and tells aloud ” This season of love. Are you both a couple ? ”
Both say aloud ” No ! “. Driver starts laughing.
Manik : Concentrate on your driving. They reach the place and head to the Manager.
Manager: Only one room is available. Sorry.
Nandini : Huh !
Manik : It’s okay. Get the keys .
Nandini goes to the clothes centre and gets a dark blue top and white jeans. Manik selects a black blazer, white top and light blue jeans for himself. They both head to the room. Both fight for going to washroom. And both go together. Manik starts the shower to drive Nandini away but she stays there adamantly. Both get drenched under the shower. Nandini stops the shower.
Nandini : Listen I m a girl. Please let me go first.
Manik : Yeah right. The star is here then how can someone else go.
Nandini : It was your choice to take a single room. Now you have to suffer ! And waise bhi PaNi kam nahi hai that you and me both have to get fresh together.
Nandini realises what she just spoke now.
Manik decides to change his clothes in the room. Nandini forgets to take her dress and so comes out and she sees Manik in a towel wrapped around his lower body.
Nandini immediately closes her eyes and rushes to the bathroom.
Nandini : I m sorry ! By the way please get my dress na.
Manik : Yeah right come yourself and take. I m not your servant.
Nandini walks out and is shocked to see him again in towel.
Manik : Dont be shy. I know I look too hot but please don’t give those silly expressions that really hurts me.
Nandini ignores him and goes to take her dress. Meanwhile Manik sneaks into the washroom.
Nandini stamps her foot hard in anger and waits for Manik’s exit from washroom. Finally he gets out after half an hour dressed handsomely in his new attire. Nandini goes on staring him and signals him he is looking too hot and Manik looks at her and boos at her. She goes to the washroom and comes dressed up and Manik also couldn’t resist staring at her. ” You are looking beautiful “. They both head to a restaurant.
Mukti sees a pregnant lady in acute pain and decides to help her. She takes her to the hospital and admits her to the maternity ward. She sees Abhimanyu in the corridor but he disappears away like a ghost.
Mukti thinks what was he doing here ?
She tries to trace him and finds him at the EXIT of the hospital. Mukti stops him and asks him what is he doing here.
Abhimanyu lies to him that he had come to donate blood. Mukti looks at him in amazement. ” Abhi ! I love you yaar. How can someone be so selfless. Day by day I m falling for you. ”
Abhi thinks ” I wish I could make this lie a true. But how can a blood cancer patient donate his blood. ”
Mukti ” Okay now lets go and eat something. You must be hungry”
Abhi : Hoe come you came to know about this .
Mukti : Are You kidding me. Before donating blood one doesn’t have any thing right ?
Both head to Italian Restaurant and occupy a table.
Manan enter the restaurant. Manik goes ahead but Nandini is taken Aback to see Mukbhi. She immediately runs away. Mukti gets suspicious and Nandini in order to hide her face hides behind Manik giving him a tight unwanted hug.
Mukti’s attention gets diverted due to the waiter and Manan rush outward.
They decide to go out to another place and spot another restaurant and rush there.
Manik teases Nandini ” You only look for reason to hug me.” Nandini replies ” You are so mean. I was so scared. Had Mukti seen us together she would have spread this news everywhere. Listen we have to hide this friendship from our sis and bro. Otherwise they will take this friendship wrong. And I don’t want this to happen ! ”
Manik : Alright alright. I also want to hide it especially from Cabir. You know na how is he.
Nandini : Yeah…
They order for a large pizza. The pizza boy comes with their order.
Pizza boy : You want anything else mam.
Nandini : No thank you.
The pizza boy is about to leave but Manik stops him.
Manik : Is this your service. Only asking to the ladies. This is totally gender discrimination ! I will not accept this.
Nandini glares at him totally embarrassed.
Nandini : He is just kidding. Please ignore.!
The pizza boy finally leaves.
Manik : I was damn serious. (He laughs )
He takes a pause and continues.
” it had been a while since I laughed. Thank you Nandini Murthy for making me laugh. ”
Nandini : Your welcome ! Now lets eat this yummy pizza. I am really hungry .
She keeps her hand on the biggest slice and Manik also selects the same slice.
Nandini : Not again ! I don’t want another fight.
Manik : Then back off.
Nandini : You think Nandini would give up ! Never !
Manik : Same here ! But I ll be sensible now. So you can have this slice.
Both finish the pizza. At the time of payment the pizza boy gives them an invitation to The Lantern Festival .
Pizza boy : Please do come. Only the most romantic couples get this chance of being part of our lantern festival.
Manik and Nandini smile thinking Why everyone take them as a couple? Is it their destiny to be together.

Precap : Nandini decides to cook the dinner !

I know this one was really bad. Ignore the typos.

Credit to: Shelly

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  4. No shelly this wasn’t bad at all…!! Infact i loved it a lot!! The washroom scene.. Rofl! What if MaNan would freshen up together??? Hahaha
    the driver just played the right string haha..
    Pizza boy and gender discrimination.. Omg shelly you rock yaar!!
    Aww everyone find manan a couple.. Without knowing anything!! This just shows that manik and nandini are destined to be MaNan!!
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