Manan A dream love story….Episode 1

M glad you liked my story…
N sorry for that blunder of forgetting Cabir. I don’t know how I forgot him !
And so here is a small intro abt him.
Cabir : He is Manik’s elder brother but he behaves like a kindergarten kid. Always ready with his pranks , he can make anyone smile…
So lets start with todays episode…

*1* An ugly start
Nandini was getting ready . She wore a deep blue jumpsuit. She hears her name being called by Mukti her elder sister.
She thinks ” Mukti will never let me get ready and have my share of beauty sleep ! … Beauty sleep ? What the hell m I talking. I totally sound like Aliya these days ”
Aliya was her younger sister. Totally girlish .
Nandini proceeds to the stairs where she gets a jerk on her head. It was Mukti.
She was wearing a black tee with a leather jacket and a stunning pair of shorts.
Nandini : Don’t mess my hair ! I m going out with Aliya. So ..
Aliya : So what Nandu ? Don’t tease me !
Mukti laughs a lot and makes funny faces to which Aliya gets annoyed.
She leaves in anger.

Nandini to Mukti : Now I have to make it out for her. You don’t seem like an elder sister at all !
She goes behind Aliya. Aliya does not respond to any of her sorry.
Just then his dad appears with a posh purse. Aliya’s eyes glittered seeing the new purse.
Aliya : Wow dad ! Its for whom ?
Dad : You beta. I knew you would like it
Aliya : Ofcourse dad I love it. You are the best dad in this world .
Nandini hugs his dad from behind.
Nandini : Thank you dad ! Otherwise she would have been angry at me all day. And by the way your choice is great ! None of us can even deny your choice !
Dad: I forgot to tell you. Malhotra uncle is coming to India for a meeting. So his sons would be stating here. Moreover they want to study in SPACE.
Nandini : Oh. SPACE.. That’s great. US returns here. That’s something really unexpected these days ?
Dad : Actually their dad wants them yo study there. And he asked me whether they could stay here. And you know na I cant say a no to him. My best friend.
Nandini : Okay Dad. By the way Aloo I need to buy a guitar.
Aliya : N me clothes. Lets go to the mall .
They head to the mall.
Aliya rushes to the clothes store. Nandini wanders here and there and enters the Guitar shop. She sees a beautiful guitar there. It was at the top . It had an MN written on it.
She asks the owner to take that guitar out. She spots the MN written in calligraphy.
Nandini : Why MN ?

Shop owner : It stands for MoNo. It us a premium piece. So ..
Nandini : Pack this guitar.
She pays him. She was just looking at the guitar and stumbles upon a guy. Her guitar strings get broken due to the sudden jerk.
The guy tells him ” You girls can never change. Cant you see and walk. ”
Nandini : It was your fault. Now see you broke my new guitar.
Guy : Yeah yeah. Attention seeker. Whenever you see a hot guy you do try this just to seek his attention. Listen I m not interested.
Nandini : Are you an alien. Coz I think I have never seen a guy like you. Like seriously. No wonder you are a Martian.
Guy : Excuse me. I m from US which I think is here in the Earth. Now plz get a life and run away before I insult you more !
Nandini : It seems useless to talk to you. Buzz off.
She sees Aliya and waves at her and leaves . She turns back only to see the guy booing at him.
Nandini to Aliya : That guy !
Aliya : Which one.
Nandini : Never mind I don’t want to see his face again otherwise I pp break his mouth.
Aliya : Chillax lets go the Cafe.
Nandini : Sure.
They after wandering here and there return to home.
Mukti : How was your day !?
Aliya : Great.

Nandini : Don’t ask me anything right now.
His dad comes and tell them to freshen up. ” the guests are on their way ”
Nandini and Aliya change and came wearing comfortable dresses. Nandini was in her usual Pants with an oversized tee. Aliya wore a super short dress.
The guests had arrived by then. Their dad greets them. Nandini and Aliya climb down the stairs. Nandini I shocked to see them.
Nandini : You !

No Precap for today.

Let me see what are your guesses about the guy. I know it would be really accurate.
Tell me your views on this story. It’s my first ff so its kinda new for me …
Second part coming soon

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