Manan-Is it destined to be? (Episode-9)

Hi my lovely readers…Im really really sorry for making u wait this long.I was not feeling well nd down wth jaundice since a week.Now Im fine nd as u waited this long u will get updates of both ff’s today nd hope u will all forgive me nd I got a schedule fr the both ff’s.Monday,Wednesday nd Friday Manan-Meri aashiqui nd the other 3 days Is it destined to be nd Sunday whatever u want depending upon all of ur wish on saturday.
Ignore typos.Suggestions welcum.Criticsm accepted..Luv u all.T.C.bye
Millions of emotions ran through me as I stared wide eyed at MANIK as his soft lips presses against mine..his hand running towards teh nape of my neck pulling me closer to him as I felt an unknown feeling at the pit of my stomach making me close my eyes tightly as i felt my wobbly knees go weak when all of sudden Manik stiffend his dark eyes opening as he abruptly released his hand frm my neck nd his lips leaving mine making me look at him in daze.
He stared at me in shock ..his face swimming wth hundreds of emotions as his eyes darkened taking a step back..making me luk down nd biting my lip in nervousness as I heard his rapid breath.

“Shit”he muttered running his hand through his thick hair as he lukd at me wth the most disgusted look ever ..making me take a step back as I felt cold shivers run down me ..a heavy feeling settling in my heart
I stared shocked at him nd he didnt need to say anythng-All that is needed were said through his eyes as I stiffend feeling my heart heavy.
this is rejection..
I could feel tears swell up in my eyes as I felt myself running away from him.Away from his room..Away from it all…
Unknown P.O.V:

Taking a deep breath I stepped out of the black Mercedes benz as I scanned the large white mansion.
I could feel my nervousness taking over me but swallowed it as i placed my black shades in my black suit taking a step 2wrds the large white door.
I didnt know how they would react
I didnt know how she would react.But I had to see her.One last time I just had to see her.I know I commited a grave mistake but nothing is compared to her forgiveness.
Opening the large door I stepped inside the large hall looking around the place I once called home-but I am interrupted out of my thoughts as I heard small footsteps running down the stairs making me look up as I saw her.
I finally saw her after all this time running down the stairs as tears spilled down onto her cheek making me clench my jaw.
She abruptly stopped as she stood a few feet away frm me ..her body stifenning…as her eyes widened nd her lips parted..

Nandini’s P.O.V:
As a young child I’ve always lived as a quiet nd good little girl never crossing any boundary lines that will get me in trouble nd for that i am glad because I hated attention-Iam not one to obess over attention nd so as I stared at the man infront of me with dark brown eyes nd small rough beard I could feel my heart fall.
This man is the reason why my life is twisted upside down.its because of him that I now have to suffer in a loveless marriage with the most cold hearted person to walk on the face of the earth.

“Nandini?!”he softly whispered stopping my trains of thoughts as he took a step frwrd making me walk back as hurt flashed across his face nd hs eyes softened lukng at me.
“Nandini I -I’m sorry I-“he started when suddenly loud footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs as I wiped my face from the wetness of my tears nd slowly strtd tying my hair up.
“Dhruv?!”came Manik’s dark voice as Dhruv ‘s head snapped upwards lukng at Manik as he came 2wrds us standing behind me as I found myself standing in the middle of two brothers.
“What the f*** r u doing here?!”manik spat darkly taking a step frwrd as his body pressed against mine making me stiffen as Dhruv’s eyes landed on me ..his eyes flashing wth guilt..
“Bro I came to apologise to nandu”he started when suddenly I felt Manik’s warm breath next to my ear.”Nandini..Move now…”.he muttered darkly as I stiffend feeling my heart drop with fear nd disgust..”Nandini I told u to move dammit”he spat darkly as Dhruv stepped forward grabbing my hand as my eyes widened in horror as he pushed me to the side pouncing at Manik who is too fast launching a punch to Dhruv’s jaw making him fall on the floor.
A scream of horror escaped my lips as I stared at Manik straddling Dhruv as he repeatedly punched him whose eyes r glued at me”DONT TOUCH HER EVER..NEVER IN UR LIFE…TRY TO TOUCH HER U STUPID”Manik roared as tears fell down my face lukng at him.

Long gone was the man I knew…as he is replaced with a cold blooded thirsty monster”MANIK STOP IT PLEASE”I screamed running 2wrds him as I tried pushing him off while he repeatedly punched Dhruv whose face is now swimming with blood”MANIK PLEASE LEAVE HIM MANIK PLEASE”I cried as he stiffend sumthng snapping at him as his dark eeys snapped to mine…….a horrid look taking over his face.
“You cry for him”he spat as he abruptly got off Dhruv now standing next to me ….his tall figure intimidating my small one”Manik No I-“i whispered as he cupped my cheeks his blo*dy hands brushing against my cheeks as I felt the weness os his blood imprinting my cheeks.

“Dont ever tell me wat to do Nandin especially when it comes to u”he snapped as I stared at his blo*dy nd bruised face feeling tears run down my cheeks as he brushed them away when”Isnt that what you told Alya Manik huh?!”came a dark voice as Manik stiffened taking a step back.
“Has he told you who Alya is Nandini hm?!”Dhruv mocked standing up wiping the blood from his face as he glared at Manik who now looked at me with a cold look.
“Manik bhai..that stupid crossed our territory”screamed a voice as the large brown doors are suddenly pushed open nd in came a group of men that abruptly stopped walking as horrified look took over their faces.

“Manik?!”came the tall hench man’s voice as he looked at Dhruv b4 his eyes landed on me nd quickly averting them”madhyam when did it happen?!”Manik spoke as Madhyam walked 2wrds Manik who had a cold look taking over his face.

“Last guessing-“he spoke as Manik stiffened his hand..reached 2wrds mine as he turned around blocking me from the men’s view”GO UPSTAIRS”he spoke darkly making me glare at him as his jaw hardened his eyes blazing wth fury.
“Not now Nandini “MELA PO(Go upstairs in tamil)”he spoke as I turned around shaken wth the events that took place as I turned around going up the stairs feeling all eyes on me as my eyes slowly glanced at Dhruv as he gave me a guilt luk as Manik cleared his throat his eyes glaring at me
Lukng at the purple ceiling I lay emotionless as I felt tears running down onto my cheeks slowly sliding on to the now wet pillow.evrytym I closed my eyes I could see their fight nd their faces oozing wth blood.But wat frightened me morre is Dhruv’s words.
Who is Alya?I remember Manik mentioning her last nyt but y she is a such a touchy topic.y did Manik cry out for tis strange unknown woman nd more imprtntly y do I seem to care so much it isnt like i love him or sumthing?
I am interrupted out of my thoughts as my phone rang making me luk At it as Abhi’s ID flashed on it mAking my heart jump…

“Hello!”i whispered clearing my throat but it is obvious that I’ve been crying as Abhi’s worried voice came from the other end”Y r u crying?”Is it because Kyy finished last night(just assume) cause I swear even Rishu nd mum were bawling their eyes out?”he muttered in a hushed voice as I heard snickering in the background making me gulp
“Haha no its yeah sorry yeah it’s cause it is finished”i spoke lying as he sighed frm the other end”Stop lying nanu…bhai hu mein tera….itna tho jantu hun mein tere baare mein….(Stop lying nanu…im ur brother….that much atleast I know u…)i know Dhruv came back nd I know a blo*dy fight tuk place between them but the question is -did those idiots hurt u?”he spoke as I sighed running a hand through my hair.Nothing passes abhi.
“Its just he came to apologise nd well Manik strtd hitting him bcoz he touched my hand pulling me away frm Manik just as they were about to strt fighting”I spoke as silence echoed frm the other end b4 abhi finally spoke”nanu carefull manik is sum1 i dont like..i know he’s ur husband but…”he strtd as I cut him off..

“abhimanyu murthy…listen carefully…i dont like him..”I yelled as he sighed agaiin as I could imagine him rubbing his forehead”babydoll..I know but he is ur I cant do anythng or tell anythng…but main thing b careful wth them specially Dhruv..he is a player”he muttered harshly making me roll my eyes

“nandu I have to go sweetheart but just remember wat I said nd love u nanu”he muttered cheekily making me groan”luv u too”i spoke as he chuckled ending the call.
I felt a smile spreading over my face as I recalled ABHI BHAI’s silly behaviour as a giggle escaped my lips recalling this 1time he flirted wth a girl at the mall just to find that she was getting married the next day-poor bhai I thought but my smile faltered as my eyes landed on the door way to find Manik leaning against the door frame his dark eeys glaring at me.
“Who the hell were u talking to nandini?”he spat wth anger lacing through his words as he walked frwrd standing next to my bed.
Oh Ayappa-this is not gud….

Done wth epi.Do tell me how is the epi..voice ur opinions pls…..coz im updating fr u ppl only so pls lemme know…..luv u all

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  2. Awesome awesome awesome Praha.. As I have already said n will always say.. Both the ff so far urs r my favourite one… Toooooo good… N Manik he kissed her… What is going on with Manik.. One moment he kisses her the the other moment he is angry on her.. Reveal this mystery soon.. Love u.. Tc plzz.

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