Manan-Is it destined to be? (Episode-6)


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Manik stared at the girl infront of him as she swiftly moved putting all the dishes away trying to avoid his gaze.
He knew she is trying to ignore him but it didnt work out as he stared at her like a predator lukng at its prey waiting fr the right moment to pounce.
He knew he acted like a stupid earlier but God this girl did drive him to frustration ,he just wanted to slam her against the wall nd have his des-
“Manik”sum1 yelled as he raised his eyebrow nd lukd at his fuming mum who glared at him”What did u dot o Nandini?”she spat as he shrugged his shoulders glaring at Mukti who lukd away smirking at him.
She being a stupid had to blurt all it out.God he hated her ..too bad she is his sister
(Kidding he luvs mukti to the moon nd back)
“Nothing”he muttered all the while glaring at her as she lukd at her husband who gave her a blank luk
“I dont want u mistreating her.. u hear me..I have raised u better nd I have most certainly told u how to treat women”Nyonika growled aas Manik stood up abruptly loosing his cool”Yeah u told me how to treat women not some stupid teenage grl”he roared as his mother gasped horrified”You made me marry a f****** stupid girl who is not even over her stupid Shahid kapoor crush-ridiculous..Mum ur favourite son disobeyed u nd u put all the misery on me”he yelled darkly as a soft gasp came frm sum1 but he could care less as his dad Raj stood up..his dark green eyes blazing with fury nd anger.
“How dare u speak to ur Mum like that-Nyonika we r leaving …Mukti get ur stuff”he growled as he walked 2wrds his son but stopped as his eyes widend slightly nd he luks ahead of him making Manik turn around nd mentally groan.
Nandini’s P.O.V:
I couldnt comprehend wat Manik did this morning as I picked the plates putting them away feeling my heartbreak.In all my 18 years never has any1 raised their hands on me nd here my so called husband harshly threatening me fr mistakes his brother committed.
All day I could feel his gaze on me and it didnt help that Mukti had heard evrythng nd told aunt Nyo.The girl could never keep a secret.
Sighing ,I washed my hands feeling home sick all of a sudden as I felt my eyes burn wth tears when suddnly
“AND I MOST CERTAINLY HAVE TOLD U HOW TO TREAT WOMEN”came a harsh yell as I found myself walking 2wrds the middle room hearing a loud voice as I stiffened.
I hope evrythng is okay ..I thought as I walked inside the room seeing Uncle Raj sitting on the leather sofa glaring at Manik as his back faced me.My eyes travelled to aunt Nyo as she glared at him as Mukti sat quietly lukng guilty.
Yeah u told me how to treat women not some stupid teenage grl”he bewailed darkly as I stiffend feeling scared all of a sudden as he continued ……”You made me marry a f****** stupid girl who is not even over her stupid Shahid kapoor crush-ridiculous…Mum ur favourite son disobeyed u nd u put all the misery on me”he roared darkly as I felt my whole body go numb.
Manik…How-how…why-how could he say that?!
Am I really that bad?!
I thought as I felt an unfamiliar feeling tugging at my heart.
“How dare u speak to ur Mum like that-Nyonika we r leaving …Mukti get ur stuff”uncle raj spat as he walked 2wrds Manik when suddenly he stopped in his tracks as he lukd at me his eyes widening slightly when suddenly Manik turned around his eyes landing on me as he stiffeend his eyes washing wth different emotions as he quickly covered them by storming away frm the room.
Lukng down I could feel his eyes on me as Aunt Nyo rushed 2wrds me embracing me in a hug but-y did I feel lyk this?!
Surely Manik didnt mean anythng to me…Did he?!
“Oh my baby I’m so sorry”she whispered kissing my forehead as I gave her a sad smile shaking my head”Its not ur doing aunty-pls dont go …stay na?!”I whispered as uncle raj shook his head..
“we cant stay-I’m sorry doll but we r leaving”he muttered coldly as he stormed out of the room with aunt nyo as mukti walked 2wrds me apologetic”Choti..Im sorry”she whispered as I felt angry when my eyes landed on her…my anger vanishing away”Its ok..Its not ur fault”I whispered aas she strtd when suddenly uncle raj yelled fr her as she gave me a sad smile b4 walking away as I heard the door closing.
Oh ayappa wat is happening?!

After Raj uncle had left I stood at the doorway for a gud 15 min trying to get my head around evrythng nd here I am heer at 12 in the mrng looking blankly at the faint white nd lavendar ceiling in the dark tryng to figure out lyf.
What has it come to?!
I whispered feeling tears burn up when suddenly there is loud knock on my door making me sit up in fear not knowing who could be knocking at my door at this hour”Dear it’s me Sanjana-I need ur help ..the young master is very ill.I need u to tend him”she spoke as I quickly rushed 2wrds the door opening it nd Sanjana stood there panting.
“Quickly miss….he is in high fever”she spoke as I nodded feeling nervous all of a sudden.No matter how bad he had done I didnt want this happening to him.
“Here”Sanjana spoke as she opened the door to Manik’s room as I gasped lukng at it.It is a nice plain room with black nd red evrywhere.
“I’ll go get some water nd medicine “she spoke walking out as I stared at ehr leaving form when all of a sudden I hear a grunt as my eyes land on manik who lay on his bed his face burning up.
Slowly sitting down next to him awkwardly I slowly reached 2wrds his forehead as his eyes opened makingme stiffen all of a sudden.
I could feel his gaze on me as I touched his forehead which is burning up rapidly.He shouldnt be wrapped in those blankets I thought when suddenly
“Dont leave please..Alya”
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  1. Superrrrrrrrrr and a wonderful update❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????

    1. Praha

      thnk u kyy

  2. Ok…… so he like Alya….. poor nandini……
    One suggestion…. plz write manik’s pov also….. it’s imp for readers to know what he was thinking while marriage and all……

    1. Praha

      may b next or that next update manik’s p.o.v will b there….Ur suggestion will b considered pia

  3. Poor Nandu….

    Areeeee manik… Bechara…
    But ALYA???? ??

    Did he love alya? He is imagining Nandu as alya?? ???
    Now what was that…
    Praha this is not fair….????
    U always last mein keep suspense n end up…. ???
    Aab meri Raat nahi khatam hogi….
    I ll keep thinking about ur ff….

    Ur fault…

    ( aacha I was just joking)

    But neend toy nahi aaigi aur aagai toh I ll be dreaming about ur ff…???

    As I always say.. N will always say… Loved it…
    Last line was suspense wala…

    Loved it..
    Love u

    1. Praha

      luv u too.t.c bye

  4. Omg is manik loved alya that’s the reason he is behaving this much rude to nandu i m i right plz update the next update soon u brought a super twist very nice thank u so much for such an update

    1. Praha

      hm jasi that’s the reason..Ill give the next update by tmrw..thnks fr ur cmpliment

  5. N yah sometime ago I read in the comment box.. About ur sis… Who is ur sis.. N which ff she wrote… I may have read her ff.. But it’s just that I don’t really remember the names of the writer.. Except for urs.. So if u tell me I can relate to that..
    That have I read her ff or not…

    1. Omg… Shit.. I m sooooo sorry.. I went through the privious episodes of meri aashique n got to know about her… She was ur sis n.. No I m soooooooo sorry… I never read the authors name of story’s bt through ur commenting I got to know u… Previously I never read authors name so never got to know about that… Soooooooo sorry.. I m so much guilty for asking this.. M sooooo sorry Praha….. Love u n ur sis.. U both write similar.. She equally used to write good….
      May her soul rip…

      1. Praha

        its o.k.Its been long since she left….Dnt feel guity ..there is no mistake of urs in this issue….i said no sorry no thnk u ryt?luv u too tash

  6. Dhruv eloped with Aliya right…..but manik loved Aliya omg no one cared abt maniks feelings till now neither his parents nor his brother…now nandu should be like banglore days heroine…..

    1. Yeah…yeah…??. Even I was thinking like that only…

    2. Praha

      y u all r thinking that dhruv eloped wth alya …i ddint mention the grl’s name ryt… not xactly luk bangalore days heroine..U will see but im telling u all b4 itself fr sum updates its a dark ff

      1. means aliya is still free……… aww…….its ok dark ff is fine if its prahas ff 😛 😛

  7. Diiiiiiiiiiii!!! Now how’ll I sleep??? Why u always have 2 leave suspense. U r too good at creating suspense. Hats off to u. U r AMAZING. The update was nice. I’m feeling so bad for Nandu 🙁 Manik loves Alya that’s a biiiiiiiiig shock 😐 anyways update soon n keep smiling. 🙂 :-*

    1. Di if u need time take it. No need to rush. We’ll always wait for ur updates. So no worry 🙂

      1. Praha

        tmrw I will give other update mahi sweetheart…..ayyo …have u slept?

      2. I hardly slept di. How can I sleep if there’s sooooooo much things running in my head ;-p

      3. Praha

        oh my sweet heart sorry tmrw Ill give na

      4. No need to be sorry di. :-)) loooooooooooots of love for u

  8. Re he should forget alya and love nandu…

    1. Praha

      lets see wat destiny is planning fr them

  9. Praha pls alya ka chapter close karo… Manan ko milao.. Druv ko wapas lao and manik should jealous.. 😂😘.. Tab maza aayega

    1. Praha

      abhi ab hi meine alya ka chapter shurur kardiya aur apne katam karne ke liye kehrahe hai….pls have faith on me nd s manan only will b at the end…u want jealous manik ah ..done granted

  10. Kavina

    I have many questions. So can you please update soon. I loved the update

    1. Praha

      I will update tmrw kavina

  11. Inu

    superb as always.but soon end this pain in them yaar.

    1. Praha

      ok inu but finally manan is hamesha dont worry

  12. I now think Manik was in love with Alya ..and then Alya left Manik for Dhruv? Is it so?? I really hope Manik forgets Alya and then move on….I really don’t want the Manya chapter…?I hope Dhruv comes back after some problems with his gf and then falls for Nandinis innocense…The angry +jealous Manik would be fun…Nice episode Prahuuu….love every bit of it…

    1. Praha

      NO ANANDI…..u dont want manya ah?can u pls bear fr few updates..pretty pls………tq anandi

  13. Pata h mujhe heart attack aate aate reh gya…..
    Itne sare suspense se……but sach bolo too mujhe apki stories itna pasand bhi isliye h….kyuki isme itna suspense h… next updates naa aane tk bachani si rehti h…..
    Ab kya naya hone wala h….

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    bcoz mere pass too prefect words nhi h….

    Yahi khogi….
    Keep going….
    Eagerly waiting for next part…..

    1. Praha

      nahi I dont want my dear younger sis to get heart attack..i luv u so much that i cant afford it….i cant fill anythng..u only fill for me nd give….

      1. U r praha dii……
        Nd aage se mujhe agar kisi or ki story par compliment Dena hoga too I use ur name for that compliment…….

        Love 2…3…4….nd soo on….dii….

      2. Praha

        omg kavya luv u

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      no flashback scenes will b there but falling fr nandu…still tym is there…thnks

  15. Sindhu_Varma

    I will use my brain today.. If I am not wrong Dhruv nd Manik both loved Alya but Alya loved Dhruv nd both of them went away on the marriage day nd Manik is left with Nandu.. Hayee I used my brain ? What happened to ur jiju is he fine ? Update was tho superb awesome marvellous ?

    1. Praha

      no u r wong….nd ya jiju is o.k

      1. Sindhu_Varma

        That is y I don’t use my brain in ur ff??

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    1. Praha

      thnk u khe fr ur compliment

  17. nestle joseph

    i thing aliya is dead.pls update soon.

    1. Praha

      nope..Ill update

      1. pls update

  18. wow…nice suspense. seriously u leave the readers mesmerized by ur story. thanks for making such amazing stories. keep it up

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