Manan-Is it destined to be? (Episode-4)


So,here is the 4th episode of the ff..Ignore typos..Criticsm accepted..Suggestions welcum..Luv u all.T.C.Bye..
“You won’t know the worth of something until it’s gone away”
“Mrs.Malhotra…ur brother is on the phone”came a soft voice behind me as I finished practising my veena,slowing folding the mat as I turned around to find Sanjana standing infront of me with the house phone in her hand,a small kind smile plastered on her face..
The sweetest person in this house.Bless her..
“Thank you”I said taking the phone off her handas I brought it to my ears hearing all the familiar voices aruing in the background.”Ha wat tell me the reason fr ur call?”i spoke as I Abhi’s voice greeting me”Hello Nandu,i’m fine how r u?”he said pointedly making me smile,feeling heat rise up my neck.
Oh Abhi!!!
“Sorry Abhi..How r u”I asked as he replied back b4″Amma is just asking,when r u coming back home?You know it’s been 2 days since the wedding and well the…..”He started when suddenly I heard shuffling nd sum1 being whacked nd a loud thump b4 “Honey…Nandu baby when r u coming home…I miss u..”Amma spoke as I giggled hearing her cheerful yet annoyed voice
“How r u amma?nd I dont know to b honest..Uncle Raj hasnt called yet”I said as she sighed mumbling sumthing.
“Nandu baby,give the phone to Manik,ur dad wants to speak to him”mum said as I stilled in my position not knowing wat to say.”Why?”I spoke after a while as mum sighed in frustration.”That’s regarding sum business,hurry up baby appa needs to go out”Amma spoke as I sighed feeling nervous all of sudden.

(Nandu’s thoughts):
I hadnt seen Manik for xactly 2 days.the day we had our marriage nd came here.He had totally disappeared off to sumwhere..And hasnt come back nd mind u today is Friday.I know this sounds horrible but I absolutely hate this man.He thinks it’s okay to leave an unfamiliar girl in a large house with no knowledge of it whatsoever.
Luckily I had Sanjana nd Sachith,who is Sanjana’s husband nd the caretaker of this mansion.I cant believe that this whole 2 storeyed mansion along wth a garden and all is reserved just for this 1 man.I mean this house can fit 3-4 families.
(End of thought)
“Nandu baby are you there?”Amma spoke and with that I came into this world again from my thoughts nd moved to the door nervously not knowing wat xcuse to come up with.
“Amma give me a sec”I spoke b4 running towards the stairs hearing the door open
I guess he is home!!But y am I feeling nervous all of a sudden?I thought as I took a deep breath walking down the stairs seeing Manik’s broad back facing me as he placed sumthing on the table near the door.
“Manik?!”I spoke slowly as he stiffened his whole aura changing as he slowly turned around making me still as his eyes stared at mine directly making me look down.
I could feel his heated gaze as I tried speaking but couldnt form any words.
“Is sumthing wrong?”He asked slowly as I raised my head shaking it slowly hearing amma’s voice in the background as I bit feeling nervous all of a sudden.
“Appa wanted to talk to u”I said as he nodded lukng at me firmly as I slowly took a step towards him raising my hand as I handed him the phone bit it seemed that he is lukng at sumthng as he lukd at my hands seeing my red bangles b4 taking the phone making me xtend my hand all of a sudden feeling an unfamiliar tinge throughout my hand.
“Namaste uncle nandkishore…ha naan nalla irken..Neenga epdi irukinga?(I’m well …How r u?…(in tamil)){To b noted manik nd nandu both know punjabi nd tamil as there families r friends from long time}Manik spoke as I felt myself lukng at him through my thick eyelashes as he ruffled his soft looking hair.
Wow it looks so soft.i thought as I felt his eyes landing on me a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth making me blush as I turned around going upstairs trying to hide away from the embarrasment there.
“Nandani?”came a voice as I stiffened half way feeling my anger take over me.Turning around I closed my eyes taking a deep breath”Abhimanyu Nandkishore Murthy My name is not NANDANI”I yelled feeling a relief taking over me as I opened my eyes to see an amused lukng Manik satnding there with a smirk on his face…
“First of all I’m not ur brother Abhimanyu and secondly dont shout at me NANDANI”he said smirking at the end as I felt aggravated”NANDINI”I gritted as he rolled his eyes”whatever u say nandani”he muttered walking off 2wrds the front room totally ignoring what i had said.
How rude!!!
I muttered following behind him remembering wat amma had said.Meanwhile my bangles struck to the fabric as I groaned trying to pull them nd watching that suddenly I felt myself walking 2wrds a hard wall that has ….HANDS?
“Nandani stop following me..”I heard a voice making me frown in confusion.Walls cant talk…Not even in Harry potter..(Hehe).
“Oi up here..”I heard the voice again as I lukd up my eyes landing on the chocolate Hazel ones that had a hint of green.Wow those are some pretty eyes.
“Thank wat do u want?”came Manik’s firm voice as I felt myself blushing.i’m such an idiot.
“Sorry it’s just erm….Appa asked when I’m going back home?!”I asked as I saw his face harden his eyes darkening slightly”what do u mean by going home?…u r married now…Nandini MANIK MALHOTRA….”he said darkly making me look taken aback by his sudden rudeness.
“No.Its just ..when u get married ..after a couple of days ,u go mack to ur maiden house,spend sum days with ur family b4 u know..going back to their sasural”I said nervously stammering as I felt his heated gaze on me as he sighed b4″PRINC….nandini I’ll speak to mum..she’s coming here in a bit”he said as I lukd up at him xcitedly”you mean nyo aunty is coming?”I asked as he nodded his head lukng at me weirdly……
“Okay thank u”I spoke feeling giddy all of a sudden as I ran 2wrds the stairs eagerly.if aunt Nyo is coming that means Mukti is coming as well.Mukti Raj Malhotra is Aunt Nyo nd Uncle Raj’s adopted daughter but she is amazing nd also my best friend.
Stopping in my tracks I looked around at the unfamiliar stairs.
Uh oh..
Turning around I found Manik standing in the middle of the room with raised eyebrows and a pointed look.Feeling embarrased I looked down walking 2wrds Manik as I heard a deep chuckle frm him making me blush furiously as I ran past him and up the stairs as his chuckles got louder and I wished the ground would just open up and swallow me in.
God what is wrong with me?
Ok…done wth 4th episode too..AND all my dear readers there is something weird and fishy in Manik’s words of conversation..Search nd if anyone finds it do comment nd voice ur opinions..the one’s who guess it correct will b dedicated the next update to themselves.If no one is correct i myself will reveal in next update nd ppl if Im wrong just lemme know I dont know wat mistake i have done but one of the readers said that I blabber things in a negative way nd that i wont accept criticsm…Its not lyk that at all ppl but if u want me to stop writing or change anything let me know…

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  1. Really nice one ? I won’t guess anything coz I know ur storyline will be better than my imagination(though I think manan has some childhood connection n manik is so much in love with nandini since forever?).I m eagerly waiting for the next episode plz update soon till then have a nice time ?

    1. Praha

      tq khe..Ya next update will b given tmrw

  2. Awww….I just loovee this ff. .I think this has started to become one of my favorites….I love your style of writing and presenting..I think Manik has been in love with Nandini for a very long tym and Manan had been childhood friends or something…I feel this bcz, even though Nandini is afraid of Manik…she still blushes at his remarks and jestures n all…there must be some old connection between them.. pls update sooon….waiting to read more from you praharika…..I’ll call u prahuu… :).

    1. Praha

      tq anandi….tq fr all ur compliments..ha wait nd watch..ya u will get next update tmrw…ya sure u can call me prahu…all my frnds actually does

  3. Nice one keep going

  4. Sindhu_Varma

    Prahaaaaa the update was stupendouslyfantabolus ingore the spelling I wrote what came in my mind nd Han I am a lazy bump so I won’t use my brain I knw I am prasing myself but what what to do.i am self obsessed ??? next update plz can’t wait

    1. Praha

      haha tq sindhu…wait unti tmrw

  5. Praha dear…..kya ho yar ap……seriously…..u r not just amazing writer but I believe that…..u r such a mind blowing person too……

    Khaash hum frds hoo sakte……me apko ise comments box bhi jaan sakti….
    as a frd, as a fan,…..

    Waise too mujhe koi idea nhi h apki upcoming story ka…..but itna jarure confirm h ki joo bhi hoga woo unexpected nd mind blowing hoga….
    Keep going dear ……

    1. Praha

      kavya dear “aap “nahi chahiye mujhe refer karne ke liye…sirf “tum” kaafi hai….thnk u fr ur compliments by the way..ya v can b frnds…

  6. Marvelous….. I think manic love/likes nandini from a long time and have some connection. But he is angry with her due to the circumstances between them…

  7. Ya i find……. manik was going to call nandini as princess……. aww….. he loves her……. am I right..??????

    1. Praha

      pia…..sweetheart ..ya u r crct ..he is about to call her princess but luvng her I dont know…wait for it..

  8. Inu

    superb epi praha.

  9. Well I think Manik has feelings for Nandini. That’s why he don’t want nandu going to her home leaving him I guess n I think he was about to call nandu princess. Anyway the update was good. Can’t wait for the next update. Take care. Hope u won’t mind if I call u di: ): ); )

    1. Praha

      mahi u r also correct he was about to call her princess and rahi baat about luv u have to wait to know it..tq fr ur compliment nd I wont mind at all if u call me di nd Im actually happy wth it

  10. i am ur silent reader
    update was really nice
    some words are little difficult to understand
    but its ok
    r u a tamilians
    i felt happy to see the conversation in tamil
    i am from pondicherry
    and u r from?
    great job please update more and long update par day
    thank u

    1. Praha

      oh I’m so glad that I made a silent reader comment nd ya Im a tamilian from my father side…but we dont live there anymore.Appa is from Karaikal..From next tym I’ll try to make the words simple nd easy..Tq fr ur compliment.happy to see one of my readers is also a Tamilian.Ill try to update more updates if i can..tq

  11. thanks for ur reply
    and i would happy if u use more coversation in tamil
    just a simple request if u can
    where do u live
    do u know tamil well
    what r u studying
    sorry just out of curoisity
    sorry for bla bla
    thank u

  12. Praha

    its a pleasure nd i’ll try to use if possible..I actually study at university of Massachusetts,Cambridge but my parents live in tiruvanantapuram,kerala.I do my undergraduate degree programme here in Computer sciences nd ab i ‘m in India bcoz of my summer break..y do u say sorry even i m happy to share my personal info..Its not any prob..luv u ..bye

    1. Praha

      nd ya I know tamil very well

    2. Wow…? Massachusetts dude it’s my dream university I want to do my msc there after I m done with my bsc in EEE ? I hope I get chance to study there….? sorry I spoke too much but I guess its okay as we are friends right????

      1. Praha

        superb khe nd ya its awesum here..U didnt speak too much nd its completely fine nd okay as v r friends as u said

  13. Sorry for commenting late.. I was actually busy somewhere…. Ur today’s update was awesome,mind blowing, superb,cute,excellent,marvellous,out of the world… Air kya kahu… Words khatam ho Gaye… N yes manik was going to call her princess but stoped… I think manik has some feelings for Nandu but never said.. N Nandu also unknowingly lyks manik but haven’t realised it…. Maybe…a anyway I will leave everything on u coz I know u will write the best… But ur story always are so unique ke jo socha Hota hai vo kabhi Nahi hota n something unexpected happens n that ir the best part about ur ffs… Loved it…
    Love u
    Take care

    1. Praha

      hey tash i was actually waiting fr ur comment…its ok even if u comment late yaar..nd thnks fr ur cmpliments…nd yes manik was about to call her princess nd as I said rahi baat luv ka u all have to wait….thnk u fr having so much faith on me…luv u too..T.C.bye

  14. Ur updates was fantastic
    Cn u plsss give ur 5th update this is killing me nt able to concentrate on my studies also plssss?☺☺☺

    1. Praha

      I’ll try to give dear

  15. Prahu…are u a malayali!….? I’m a malayali… I’m from Calicut…I thought u were a north indian…

    1. Praha

      ha anandi my mom’s mom i.e my ammumma is a malayali nd my mom’s father is a telugu person so I’m like a tamilian frm my father’s side nd a teluug nd malayali frm my mom’s side.My parents live in tiruvanantapuram.No,, I’m not a north Indian nd y have u thought so?

      1. No. I find very few malayalis over here…so I just guessed that u were a northie…the guess went wrong…?anyways happy to know..:) ??? is it hard to get into Massachusetts? I really wish to get into MIT or CALTECH for higher studies…

      2. Praha

        ok..ya its a bt difficult to get into MIT nd caltech is a bit easier

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