Manan-Is it destined to be? (Episode-3)


Hey ppl,Praha is ready with third epi fr u..Luv u all.T.c ..Criticsm accepted..ignore typos..Suggestions r welcum..nd as one of my readers mentioned do u have any problem wth age of nandu getting married at 18..If u have do let me know depending on majority I’ll chnge..My reason fr keeping it lyk that is that loan debt help which has to be cleared to raj by nandkishore quickly nd the other reason u’ll get to know soon….nd the reason for manik accepting that quickly also for his brother’s bride will be revealed in later updates..So ,as far now take a chill pill regarding that issue…bye
Silence is the only thing that is lingering between us as I looked out,at the forest of trees passing by in a blur.The entire car ride is silent as I stared out of thev window tears blurring my vision…(past to that day morning)
This morning,I had woken up in hopes of a new beginning..Yes it may have not been a dream come true because of the sudden situation but still it is meant to be my new beginnng,a new life..
The beautician had spent xactly two hours getting me ready and doing my hair and as soon as mum walked inside the room she couldnt stop the tears flowing her eyes.
Abhi,Rishu and aaru didnt want to come in and intrude but couldnt help themselves,as they all slowly walked inside my bedroom,an awed xpression taking over their face and as for Appa.Well he couldnt be more proud and that’s all i wanted.I wanted Appa to be proud of me.
I loved my Appa beyond imagination.
I can still hear the words of Uncle Raj ringing in my ears as he read from the letter,whilst I held on to Aunt Nyonika who sobbed quietly.It said he couldnt go with it bcoz he is in love with another and they already planned to marry.He said he didnt want to ruin my life and hoped I find sumone better.
What a selfish person!!He didnt think how my family or I would be feeling.
Sighing softly I closed my eyes letting everything sink in.How could such a big event that changed not 1,but 2 lives happen in just mere hours.How I am supposed to live with my life knowing I’m gonna get married to a stranger I’ve met only twice.
Manik had always been a distant person ever since he was a child.As he grew up he ehad this intimidating aura surrounding him and bcoz of that people began to fear him,and it wasnt until he came home with a blo*dy face one day,with large bulky men trailing after him did we realise Manik isnt the man once we knew.
Manik is known for his ruthless behaviour and his notorious acts.It is safe to say here in London ,he is the most feared man amongst all.Many hated him and many loved him and being a wellknown gangleader ,people often stayed far far away from him unless they wanted trouble.(Back to present in car)
And somehow through this twisted fate I ended up getting married to him.The last man I ever thought of is now my husband.I thought as I wiped my tears away just to have a heated gaze on me making me squirm.
“y r u crying?”came a firm voice in punjabi as I jolted up slightly in my seat and looked at him,his piercing dark eyes string at mine as I shook my head looking down at my hands.”Are u missing ur family?”he asked again as I looked at him nodding unsurre.
Why is he asking me all these questions.
i thought he hated me.
“Where are we going?”I whispered seeing the car drive past the sea of trees when all of a sudden it came to a halt,making me grip on the seat infront of me”TO THE LAKE HOUSE”he growled glaring at me all of a sudden,his voice is now dark nd cold as he picked his ringing phone,bringing it to his ear.
“Call them I’m nearly there”he spoke muttering his words as he started the car again b4 driving past the large forest.I could see the muscles on his jaw tense 2gthr as he gripped on the steering wheel,his face masked into a scowl as he took a turn driving right 2wrds the large willow tree infront of us.
“I…u’re driving 2wrds those trees”i spoke loudly as he continued ignoring me driving 2wrds the large tree in front of us.
I could feel panic taking over me as I gasped feeling the car speed.What is wrong with him?Is he planning on killing us both,or worse killing me whilst he jumps out of the car like somekind of comical superhero?I thought as a loud scream is rapidly bubbling its way up and just when we are about to hit the trees he stopped the car and got outside
What’s wrong with this crazy man??
Ayappa I could have died.i mentally whispered petrified feeling my heartbeat wildly against my chest.
What seemed like a long time but are mere seconds,he got back inside the car muttering sum very colourful words.”As soon as u get inside the house dont talk to any1 and go upstairs”he muttered glaring at me as I looked taken back,seeing his large form sit down as he started the car again,roaring the engine to life.
Why is he he being so rude!?
i thought quite hurt as I looked down at my white gown and coincidentally we both have the same kind of ring (which I have from my childhood)-not that I cared.
The car soon soon came to a halt infront of a large two storey villa with many tees surrounding it,as a large fountain with a dove sculpture remained at the centre,a few feet away from the main door and is placed in the middle whilst the water is flowing out of its mouth,splashing against the ground below.
Closing the car door behind me,I looked around for Manik but he is nowheer in sight so with great effort I managed to open the car deck and grabbed my bag b4 walking towards the large long white gown trailed behind me whilst i clutched onto the huge bag in myn hand,feeling it ache.
I should have taken the offer (given by bro long back)and gone to gym,i’m somunfit I thought grumbling silently.
I am now standing infront of the large brown door as it opened with its two doors splitting,going into its seperate sides.”Come in”came a voice as I looked at the person and my eyes landed on a elderly lady with a long grey saree on as she smiled at me whole heartedly,her eyes twinkling slightly.
“Namaste beta.Come inside”she said opening the door further as I stepped inside,smiling softly at her.”Namaste aunty”i said smiling at her as she reached for my bag but I declined the offer,even though my hand is killing me.
“Oh no please it’s okay I’ll carry it”I spoke as she looked surprised b4 nodding her head.
“My name is Sanjana Mehtha.I’m the cook and also the cleaner of this house,please come inside”she said as I noddeed again and walked further inside the large mansion,b4 entering into a hall as I stared at the purple nd white marble patterns around the walls and the large stairway that is in the middle of the hall leading up the stairs,quite like my old house..
Oh how I miss home!!!
I thought as I followed Sanjana as she walked up the stairs”Mr.Manik requested that you are to be escorted to ur room…I will bring u food nd fresh clothes and u can bathe”she spoke as we entered a large bedroom and u can only imagine my surprise as I stared awed at the room..
A large chandlier hung above the king sized bed which illuminated its dark satin sheets.two large mirrors are placed behind the bed which is next to the wall and another large mirror is palced opposite the bed.
A large plasma T.V is also opposite the bed and large wardrobes are at the sides and two large doors besides each other”I’M assuming u like the room?”Sanjana spoke as I hmmmd walking inside.”Come child take rest I’ll get ur clothes and food”and with that Sanjana left as I sat down on the bed siging b4 laying down.
I let my thoughts consume me as I gasped,feeling lightheaded.I cant believe I got married today.How weird is that?I’m a married woman and that to Manik Malhotra.
Ayappa,how will I survive with this man?
Done wth third epi,Voice ur opinions nd comment any doubts or suggestions

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  1. As I have already said u r one of the best manan ff writer n will never get tired saying that…. Just marvellous how u describe each n every thing in detail… U keep each n every small thing in ur mind… U r awesome. The update was just sooooooooooo awesome…. Thanku for today’s episode.. T.c bye

    1. Praha

      tq tash tq so much…t.c luv u

  2. Amazing epi. I don’t have any problem with nandu’s age. Keep going n take care.:)

  3. Sindhu_Varma

    This is cheating.. U can’t write an ff like this it is very difficult for me to describe arey yaar I have to search in dictionary for words which is highly impossible ? But ff is superb…….. As I said I can’t describe ?

    1. Praha

      haha..anyways tq fr ur wonderful compliment

  4. Just fantastic…. no words. U make us want fr more…

  5. Keira

    no doubt its fabulous more than expectations and according to its title

    1. Praha

      tq keira

  6. Praha dear……

    Aj NO COMMENT…..
    Bcoz mere pass fir se words nhi h……sach me…..hope soo ki mere bina kuch bole ap smjh sakte ke apki story kitni different nd unique h……

    Thanks for this amazing update…..

    Love u loads…..

    1. Praha

      tq kavya….luv u too

  7. Raksha.manan

    amazing i have no wrds for this ff

    1. Praha

      tq raksha.manan

  8. M a silent reader usually don comment…bt i do comment wn i cannot resist myself from commenting….ur story is awesome loved it to the core…keep it up

    1. Praha

      tq nee fr ur compliment

  9. Its nice but its very explanatory and is having very less incidents and its literally seeming like Manik is a villain kind of and I didn’t understood the car sequence its all confusing u have a nice collection of words but…..are not used properly I like ur way as u say criticism accepted so hope u accept it and actually its directly not a criticism….??

    1. Hey.. u know what this story is sooooo high-fi story.. it will take tym bt gradually u will understand it.. trust me…. n sorry fr commenting..n m sure she will clear all ur doubts. I m jst telling.. ok!!! Plz don’t mind… bye

      1. Thanks….TASH but it was just a advice it wont matter to me if i stop reading a single ff and yah sorry that u felt bad and commented back although u r not the author u felt so bad that u had to write down ur feelings well for me it was strange weird and funny as well…….

      2. Praha

        tash Im xtremely frm my side that I had got u involved in this sorry tash

    2. Praha

      nikita ji yeh hya hey nah I like to keep things clear so i give xplanation ,jyada hua tho frm nxt tym Ill make it short..Manik ‘s character is lyk that and as all of u said that only makes this ff different from others nd as all of us know kyy start mein manik is se bhi jyada villian aur monster hey na? sequence that’s y i kept in brackets to past nd present lyk that……ya I accept it nd never mind..Im glad u r actually voicing ur opinions so that i’ll clear ur doubts or can improve myself..tq

  10. Amazing as usual keep going

  11. nestle joseph

    amazing update.update soon.

    1. Praha

      nxt updatae tmrw…

  12. Its ok yar………..I just mentioned casually……… as a writer u can take it or ignore it……… don’t worry I will definitely continue reading whatever u write………. description is soo good and its just like megh…….ur writing can reflect that u r sister of megh……… keep updating and I will be reading…………….love u praha………

    1. Praha

      hey priya…i didnt feel bad..i just asked others too coz may b they also might think lyk u..if u felt bad sorry yaar….tq fr ur cmpliment…luv u too

  13. Hey I was silent reader but after this episode I could not control my self “this episode is amazing”

    1. Praha

      Glad that I made one of my silent readers comment.thnk u fr ur compliment

  14. aww praha..its amazing ..i literally imagined the ff and enjyed it whl heartly n best ding was nandu’s fear filled face wen manu was driving d car rapidly n sh was lyk” ayyappa he is gng to kill both f us” dts so cute..i request u to update regularly n don miss plcccch..n thumpz up dude

    1. Praha

      tq hina…thnks fr ur compliment….haha even i luv that dialogue …even I laughed a lot when I was writing that..ya mostly I’ll update evryday

  15. Great episode
    And thank you for the regular updates

  16. Awesome yaar ur something different i love the episode and u too keep going

  17. Praha u know what I like this way of yours u r actually blabbering things in a negative way then suddenly by the last two lines u impressed me like u r in favour but yah am not an idiot sitting right over here I can understand things and obviously neither it bothers u nor me that weather I read ur ff or not if further I will not like it I will stop reading it it actually doesn’t matters at all#better✌

    1. Praha

      nikita ji i didnt take anything in a negative way..i actually said in a positive way only if it seemed anythng wrong to u I’m sorry nd rahi baath about reading this ff it’s ur wish nd I cant force u

      1. Praha it’s totally ok.. In fact I myself got envolved it’s this convo… Actually I like ur ffs to such an extent ke I cannot bear anyone.. Writing stupid things about it… Anyways.. I am sorry for getting in between this convo.. But I just wanted to support Praha… N btw NIKITA u spoke really harsh.. Ppl may feel bad too…

      2. N I didn’t understand fr u feeling strange funny n weird.. ???

      3. Praha

        luv u tash..thnks fr ur support

  18. Kavina

    I love it

    1. Praha

      tq kavina

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