Manan-Is it destined to be? (Episode-22)

Back wth a bang….ignore typos..criticsm accepted…suggestions r welcum..i was unable to rply to each nd evry 1 in d last update ,so dont mind ppl…frm this update i will again rply to do comment nd let me know how the update is…this update is dedicated to es nd also all the ppl who commented on my last update…
recap:manik referring nandu as nandini manik malhotra.

nandu p.o.v:
An overwhelmng feel set at d pit of my heart as my body shivered frm the impact nd d intensity of his dark eyes.
His strng hold kept me secure against his arms nd god it felt felt so right as if i cud remain in his arms forever as if this is it..but sadly reality came crashng in as i lukd up at him turning my face frm his gaze.
“manik put me down..pls”i whispered hoarsely as he stiffend walkng around my bed b4 placng me there slowly his dark gaze on me throughout d process…
An unsettlng silence fell on us as i leaned against d headboard whilst he sat on bed near me his gaze fixd on me..
“I wasnt lyk this nandu,once upon a tym i was nrml lyk other guys,i was nrml as u call it but fate is cruel nandu and fr it to give sum1 so soft,precious like u,I ……Nandini ..Alya has always been a part of my lyf…She is a vry imprtnt figure..She hlpd me thru the dark days Nandu i know u hate me,all this but there’s a reason to evrythng”he strtd as i lukd at him skeptically not knowng wat to say..
“Alya is very imprtnt to me nandini..we were about to get married but i got a call all of a sudden frm dad sayng dhruv is gettng married-i was shocked to say d least when i came into d room via rishab’s instructions to see u dressed in that white frock”he spoke wth an unknowng luk dat made my heart clench
“nandu i dont deserve u..will u,can i”he spoke…His eyes swarming wth hundreds of emotions,yet i knew,y wait fr the obvious.He is gng to do it either way,whether i am happy abt it or not..
He has sacrificed his luv,heck Alya ahd to sacrifice him.Seeing manik gettng married to another is shatterng..My heart cud imagine how heartbroken Alya must have been knowng she cant marry manik bcoz he is marryng a woman his brthr is supposed to marry..(author p.o.v:sorry gys…i always had a tiny soft corner fr all in kyy…she suffered a lot ..frst of all orphan,later manik left her,then dhruv his insecurities,her bulemia,then varun…ya ya she made sum blunders too lyk sending goons after nandu nd all but still..)

Lukng up at him i felt my voice disappear as his dark eyes twinkld at me..
“Ofcourse u sorry manik i came in btween u…I…I didnt know i’m sorry nd i hope u nd alya find ur hapiness”i whispered not knowng y i said dat..Y did i say that?I MENTALLY ROARED ….but part of me knew manik cud nevr b mine ..He never was…

I will treat u wth utmost rspct nd i swear i will give evrythng u want,anythng ur heart desires I will give it u,anyday, will still have all priviliges over me.(dont bash me…did is a dfrnt kind of story as i said b4 itself)”he said as i stiffened lukng at my hands..
If i asked him i wanted nthng but him wat wud he say?my subconscious whispered as i lukd up at him giving him a weak smile…
“manik y dont u leave me..its easier datw ay”i whispered lukng at my hands as his body stiffend when all of sudden i felt his fingers undrneath my chin makng me luk up at him his dark eyes roarng wth anger.
“DONT.EVER.SAY.THAT.NANDINI..DONT..”he whisper yelled darkly as i shuddered moving my face “y manik y?i mean u wil…it will work out..wont it?”i whispered as i felt him closer b4″there r things that u dont know–I can never give u princess..y cant u understand..That ….”he spoke darkly as i shivered lukng up at him.
manik p.o.v:
“Dad cares too much abt uncle that i can never do it to him”i muttered to her loudly but how can i tell d truth to her,how can i ..i never wanted her to leave will b most fatal to her…princess y r u doing this to me…im tryng this hard but u r making me weak in my ..u cant….
nandu p.o.v:i felt my heart break…wat he dsnt know is my dad will b even more shatterd when he hears d news..
“when r u ..i mean wen r u gettng married to her”i asked as he stiffnedd lukng at me..His beautiful face now in a slight scowl b4″adatha friday(nxt friday) may b”he spoke as i nodded feelng empty.
i dont know wat to say…wat i was gng to say..
so do lemme know through ur comments how is the update…pls regular readers do comment nd even silent readers pls do lemme know ur view or any where i need to u ..bye

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  1. Praha

    Hey guys, I have given the last update of manan Meri aashiqui and with that I have also attached the prologue o my new supernatural story ALPHA MANIK ….So,pls do have a luk at it and comment ur views to whether continue the story or not….

  2. Kavina

    Loved it.

  3. Awesome as usual….but when are you going to unveil the secrets and suspense….the suspense is killing….prahuuuu….pls update soon if possible…waiting for more awesome updates

  4. Wat yar…even am getting mad at dis Manik…wats going on in his mind…

  5. Please unveil the suspense.

  6. Is he going to marry her oo tat not good why can’t he just give nandani divorce than this toucher .

  7. Nandini went back to her parents house for three month and manik didn’t call her all contact her were was he at alys is she sick or pregnant I don’t understand why he really want to marry her and not leave nandini or give her a divorce. How is he except nandini to say yes ,she can’t now because Aly has been very rud to he how is he expect them to leave together ,all share the same husband .

  8. Nandini went back to her parents house for three month and manik didn’t call her all contact her were was he at alys is she sick or pregnant I don’t understand why he really want to marry her and not leave nandini or give her a divorce. How is he except nandini to say yes ,she can’t now
    because Aly has been very rud to her how is he expect them to leave together ,all share the same husband .

  9. Manik is gting married to alya??? Der is sm big twist in story waiting fr it..gud update

  10. he dont wanna leave nandu but will marry alya. what is the mystery dear. why he is hurting nandu so much. n the slaps????

  11. Sooo much suspense superbbb part dear

  12. I couldn’t sleep last night after finishing reading the update l was pained for nandini like it me.

  13. Sindhu_Varma

    well look who is back me tada! missed me.? sorry dear for not commenting on the previous chapters but i am sorry i was busy with my studies u knw na how boring they are! And a big congratulations to u on ur engagement i am really happy for u and nivaan (i hope the spelling is right ) and the updates are marvellous this manik na very bad u knw i just u hate u for leaving ur chaps at the cliffhanger, but i am enjoying it, how is ur hand.? is it doing well.? dont stress much and when are the wedding bells going to ring

    1. Praha

      Sindhu……missed u a lot dear nd ya nivaan s name is crct …my hand is a bit o.k know..ya I know how boring studies are nd of course experience to hai Na …u hate cliffhangers but wat to do I luv them sweetheart…tq so much fr ur wishes nd ya the wedding is on feb 2

  14. hai praha
    happy new year to u and ur family
    congratulations for ur engagement and
    advance wedding wishes to u praha
    i wish u that u will have all the happiness in ur life
    which syle is ur wedding tamilian or north indian

    the story is very intresting and please open the suspense
    please update regularly
    i know u r busy its my humble request
    take care bye

  15. Hi Praha how you we are waiting for the update l hope today we going to get one please.

  16. Hi praha how are ,l know u are very bizz this time but just one update a week will do please you know we love to read ur update and we love you .we will be greartful because neo we are still waiting please

  17. Praha are still they we are still waiting for your updates please how are and how is the wedding preparation l hope you doing well.waiting to hear from please don’t let us down this week please l beg

  18. happy pongal to u and ur family
    please update
    thank u

  19. Praha who far now we are waiting l can’t sleep just once .

  20. Praha please can tell us what is going on are you alright is your hand OK now l hope you are fine you need to replay us so that we will know that you are still around

  21. Praha

    Sorry all my dear readers,these days I know I’m being very mean without giving u regular updates and I didn’t even reply to any of ur cmnts…it was all because I was busy in the wedding arrangements….I’m so sorry for dilse ppl and today I’ll give u an update no matter wat

  22. when u are going to post waiting eagerly lovely ur story is amazing

  23. Wow wow that good news in my ears are invited for the wedding though l am in UK l will find time .

  24. We want a very long one please.

  25. Still no update .

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