Manan-Is it destined to be? (Episode-20)


hola… so much overwhelmed by the lovely wishes u all have bestowed upon me nd nivaan..thnk u so much ppl….luv u all..criticsm accepted…suggestions r welcum…ignore typos..
recap:call frm alya’s house to manik nd nandu’s zid not to takeoff the flight..
A ghostly wind swept by as small droplets of water fell frm d heavens.D little beads clashed onto d dark windows as d car sped by fightng against nature’s cry.
D clouds lukd dark nd grey as hearts ver broken nd shatterd in dismay.Bonds ver made,fates ver playd wth as a loud thundr roard in skies shakng d earth cores.
“ma’m where wud u lyk me to drop u offf to?”d driver spoke lukng ahead of him as i slwly raised my head 2wrds him feelng a spitting headache takng over.
“can u pls take me 2 my parents house?”i spoke hoarsely as he nodded lukng ahead.
D rains were spittng against d windows as i turnd around feelng my heartbreak.It happnd so fast i cant even regstr my head around it.
Mayb i over reactd!may b if i shud have stayd none of dis vud hav it wud nevr xpalin nd justify as to how he quickly dropped evrythng nd ran fr her..
Deep down i felt jealous of her.Deep down i wishd he cared fr me as he cared fr her.But dat ws a wild wsh dat cud nevr b true..
“Mam v r here”he spoke as i slwly sat up lukng at d large white house i call home.
“tq”i spoke opening d car door as d rains clashd against d grounds soakng me wet..
“here i’ll take dem”i spoke as d driver nodded b4 gettng inside his car nd drivng off.A roarng thundr eruptd in d sky as i gaspd felng tears run down onto my cheeks walkng 2wrds d lrge house as d doors opened nd abhi bhai dere wth a heartbreakng xpression as i walkd 2wrds him enguulfng him in a hug soakng him as he wrapped his arms around me makng me sob as i felt my body shake uncontrollably..
“sh…enaku ella me terinjuchu..its.o.k..alladhu kanna(.i know i know baby doll..its okay baby…princess…dont cry baccha)..”he whispered as i saw mum stndng behind abhi bhai ,her eyes swellng up wth tears..
“nee un tiripi paaka maaten(u r nevr gng to see him again)”abhi bhai spoke darkly as amma walkd 2wrds me pullng me in her embrace as i cried allowing my tears to fall down as i felt weak all of a sudden darkness takng over me..nd i heard abhi bhai’s faint shouts….”baby doll…………….”
.nivaan kapoor’s p.o.v(author):
im not a tamilian…watever prahu said i had to type…but as i have prblm wth typing tamil..pls xcuse if any spelling errors exist in tamil…

Three months had passed nd lyf had chngd its course.Each day flew by in both households as they tried passng thru each day.Nandini.Such a beautiful soul now woke up each day lyk a zombie passng thru lyf wth no purpose.Who knew such a delicate flower cud b dstroyd by such harsh winds…
Nandu p.o.v:
nanni…come sum1 is here fr u”amma spoke shakng me softly as i sighed lukng ahead of me at d lrge garden as d trees danced against d winds “amma…venda…vidu ma..(amma…not required..leave me ma..)”i whisperd havng no strength in me as she sighed sittng nxt to me..”
“kanna…u need to stop dng this…its been 3 mnths nd u ‘ve shut urself frm d wrld…baby evry1 is askng abt u”she spoke as i sighed lukng at my fingers as they played circlng patterns against d mattress..
“nandu ..y r u wastng ur lyf was a small fyt , happens in marriage lyf…baby stop dng this..go out there nd njy ur lyf lyk ppl of ur age do..i knw u luv hm wth all ur soul nd heart but hw about gng out there nd shwng him wat he’s missing..”amma said as i lukd up at her makng her gicng me an encouragement smile..
“so u have a guest waitng fr u downstairs come on…they must b gettng impatient”she spoke as i groaned gettng off d bed as i walkd 2wrds d lrge bathroom closng d door behind me..
I have begged abhi not to tell amma nd appa d real reason as to y i have cum home..they think I’ve cum bcoz i had a small fight wth manik but wat dey dnt know is its much more than it..
Staring at d reflection infrnt of me i cudnt recognisse d person infrnt of me.lng gone was d lyt in her face nd d sprkle in her eyes as i stared at her thin cheeks,her cheekbones visible…
Walkng 2wrds d shower,i slwly put it on lettng d waters drip against d cool surface.
3 mnths..its been 3 mnths since dat day nd not once has he called to check-to see if i was even alive..Abhi bhai made sure he doesnt keep any cntct wth me nd i think amma nd appa were gettng quite suspicious now but didnt say anythng..
Sighng softly i walkd out of d bathroom wth a large towel wrapped around me nd fished sum clothes nd tuk a grey joggers,large white shrt wth a large cardigan.I know i lukd lyk an idiot wearng so many clothes but honestly i cud care less….
Lately evrythng seems dull..Its as if dere’s no lyt in anythng..evrythng seems astray.There’s no purpose in anythng anymore i whspered mentally as i walkd 2wrds d door grabbng my scarf…
Walking down d stairs i cud hear voices talkng makng me stiffen as i heard deep laughters echoing throughout d house..
I hardly came downstairs anymore so its no surprise as i walkd inside d large room dat evry1 stilled nd lukd at me as if i was an alien visitng d house..
“Baby doll…?”came a voice as i lukd up at abhi walkng 2wrds me b4 engulfng me in a large hug as he kissd my forehead makng me sit down on d lrge wyt sofa..
“nandu”came a cheerful voice as i lukd up my eyes slytly widening as i stared at sujatha infront of me wth a happy xpression on her face as she walkd 2wrds me engulfng me in a bear hug..
“where have u been?i have tried ringng u many tyms?”she spoke cuppng my cheeks as i gave her a faint smile makng her tap my cheeks”i have missed u nandu..woah nd u have chngd so much?y r u so thin baby?”she spoke lukng at me wth a worried xpression as i lukd down at my hands..
“nandu”came another voice as i lukd up nd stared at d familiar face i havent seen fr many years as a tall figure stud infrnt of me smiling wth sincerity..
“vineel”i spoke breathless as he smiled at me a bretah takng smile as he glared at sujatha(remember sujatha nd vineel frm frst epi of kyy season 1…here they both nd nandu r best friends nd sujatha nd vineel r not in relation) makng her groan as she shftd makng vineel sit nxt to me nd askd”wat’s wrng princess?”,i gave hm a soft smile shakng my head..
“nthng is wrng-how have u been?”i whisperd as he smiled at me his blue eyes twnklng nd said”u r a rubbish liar nandu..anyhow so see as its my brthday 2day v r all r gng out…nd u r cmng”he spoke wth finality in his voice as i smiled shakng my head”sry vinu..i wont b cmng”i spoke as rishu,arav nd abhi bhai sat infrnt of me givng me a pointd luk..
“come on getng old..i need sumthng to remind me i’m still aalive”he muttrdblamely as i gave him a pointd luk “nandu cum on pls”vneel spoke,his blonde hair fallng on his face as i sighed not havng in me 2 go anywhere..
“u cant waste ur lyf bcoz of a stupid fyt..jeez…it happens”sujatha spke as vineel tnsd lukng at me sumthng flashng in his eyes…
“i’m not suju…i just dont want to”i spoke defeated as she sighed placng her hands on my shoulders givng me a reassurng squeeze b4 “nandu lets frgt evrythng fr dis oaf is 23 today”she spoke as abhi bhai gave me a reassurng smile makng me nod as vinu yelled out in victory makng suju scowl nd muter “idiot”…
vineel thought it wud b a gud idea to take us to the most posh restaurant in d town fr his brthday where v could have satyed just in home nd have dinner..
i honestly ddint want to cum 2day..not 1 bit but it wud have been rude if i kept redfusng nd frm luks of it abhi bhai is sick nd tired of me gettng locked in my room.
“nandu..oh…seeems dat opposite ttable u have an admirer”suju muttrd as i sat nxt to abhi nd rishu while vinu nd suju sat nxt 2 each othr..
“i dont care”i muttrd lukng down at my red sauce pasta.sighng softly i lukd up at d lrge chandlier in d middle of fyn lukng restaurant..
“wat r u lukng at?”suju spoke followng my gaze as she stared at d large chandlier “v had d same one useed to luk magnificient at nyt time”i spoke as abhi bhai stiffened lukng at me nd said”baby..dnt talk abt dat house,u r already at ur orginal home”he muttrd darkly as vineel lukd at me wth a blank luk on his face..
“Xcuse me”i sudenly spoke feelng choked up as i stud up feelng a tight fellng at d pit of my was as if sum1 was squeezng d lyf out of me as i stopped in my tracks nd lukd at d person infrnt of em..
“Dhruv?”i askd as he lukd at me givng me a dazzlng smile as he wlkd frwrd 2wrds me” r u?”he askd as i smiled at him tightly b4 “im gud tq..hw r u?”how s sana?”i askd as he tnsd hearng her name b4 smilng at me whch didnt quite reach his eyes”she ‘s fyn..hey i have to go ..i will see u later i guess”he spke as i nodded whilst he walkd away angrily….
Manik sighd as he sat infrnt of d lrge man satrng at him as if he is alowly peasant.he knew she vudnt agree,but his mthr had enough of him nd his ‘childish acts’ nd so here he is wth his parents sitting in his wife’s parents house waitng fr her as she went out nd njyd a night out wth her brthrs nd frnds..(such a stupid..nevr undrstnds nandu)
Sumthng twitchd insisde him wen he found out dis particular frnd(vineel) had desired to marry his wife b4 but being d oblivious prson she is,surely she dsnt know her frnd’s intentions..
“manik..son these fights happen in a married couple’s lyf but dat dsnt mean its end of d wrld”uncle nandakishore-murthy spoke lukng at him as his dad nodded pattng manik on his back”wat u need to make sure is well my nandu is a very delicate grl nd gets upset over thngs u wont notice..u will nevr guess wen she was 6,nd rishu was 3 turng four ,he fell on ground nd she cried fr 4 hours straight knwng little rishu got hurt”uncle nandkishore as he laughd at d memory makng manik stiffen..
“and one tym,she came running to her mother sayng she wanted to marry manik bcoz she lyk’s his eyes(hot eyes he has got ryt……-praha) who knew dat a little 6 year old wish will cum true”uncle nandkishore spoke as manik gulpd feelng an unknown emotion tingle his rock heart nd he thought y princess…y u make it so difficult always fr me…… i cant think lyk dat..
“manik..son ..dnt break my nandu’s heart..after aryman she..”he startd as his face went red a s he closd his eyes slytly b4 speakng again “after arya v thought v lost nanni but ayappa she’s better now-manik prmise me son u will luk after her..u will nevr make her cry”uncle nandkishore spoke as manik nodded knwng he cudnt prmsie him those…he is a sick stupid nd had made her cry more dan he can count but his train of thoughts stoppd as he heard a soft giggle eching thrughout d house as d house door opened..
“vineel..u cruel pig”nandu spoke makng him stiffen as he heard a deep chuckle as abhi spoke up”nanni baby..dont b sour.. clearly vineel won..u looser”he spoke as nandini came inside walkng backwards so she cudnt see evry1 behind her as manik lukd up nd saw an unfamiliar man lukng at HIS WIFE as if she is d source of his hapiness…Ouch..dat stings…she icant b d source of anyther man’s hapiness…(possessive much ha….)
“no vinu..u cheated nd abhi bhai u r my brthr not his…”she giggled as abhi raised his hands in mock surrender making this ‘vineel’ so called VINU….she called him wth nickname too VINU…my foot…. .he also raised his hand in mock surender as well making HIS NANDINI laugh..wait wat…NANDU IS ONLY MINE
Praha p.o.v:
i guess i satisfied all d ppl who had askd me 2 make manik jealous..nd i felt cute to write manik jealous…hope i made justice
“nandu”he finally spoke as she stiffnd makng abhimanyu luk up nd glare at him as she slwly turn around her afce palng wth horror as he walkd frwrd now stndng infront of her “im sorry BABY(O.M.G seriously baby….too sweet)..i shudnt have done dat..pls frgive me?”he spoke as she lukd at him lyk he is the grim reaper himself…
Since when did he strt sayng PLS ND SORRY?(yeh ladki na mujhe kya kya karwana padta hai uske liye)”he thought as he heard evry1 in room laugh all xcept vinnel,abhi nd nandini as they luk at manik who now lukd at manik who is strokng her face b4 embracng her in his hug..
wat d hell is he dng?

a big update fr u all as a compensation of vanishing these many days nd also in the happy ocassion of ur engagement…luv u all guys…pls do tell me how is d update in d comments pls…i think dis is the biggest update of dis ff..atleast fr dat effort silent readers nd regular readers pls do lemme know how is it….nd who do u all think aryaman is?wat is his past wth nandu?man…cnfusing nd tnsion…so do comment ur opinion on who aryaman is nd d nearest answr will get d nxt update dedicated to u…And once thnks fr ur luv nd support in form of wishes for the story nd also fr us…nd think y does abhi hate manik dat much?yyyyy..nd manik is bipolar much ryt..o.m.g full suspense..
-nivaan kapoor&Prahathika Nivaan Kapoor

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