Manan-Is it destined to be? (Episode-18)


well,many ppl wanna me to write a it is supernatural nd none of u r atleast near to the ans abt who is thhe person ,i said think out of the box but none did so…but this update is dedicated to anandi,tash,kavya nd mahi..luv u ppl….ignore typos..suggestions r welcum…criticsm accepted…a shrt update sry in advance..strday i tried updating bu there was sum server error..sholly
recap:manan romance
nandu p.o.v:
“mum i was going to get it”he spoke annoyed as aunt nyo gave him a pointed luk making him step out of the elevator as i followed looking at aun t nyo( revealed it’s aunt nyo not alya..many thought it’s alya ryt..haha….i know i’m evil…) .She gave me a cheesy smirk in return.God lyk mother nd daughter i remembered mukti’s evil stunt his mrng.
“Have u got evryhtng ready darln”?she askd lukng at me as i gave her a confused luk making her groan as she turned to Manik glaring at himü didnt tell her did u?”she spoke bitterly a she lukd up frm his phone starng at the small woman infrnt of him…
“Forgot”he muttered walkng 2wrds a large door as he swiped a card thru d scanner making it open as aunty turned 2wrds him “manik…u have got red lipstick on ur lips”she laughed as i blushd beetroot making him slam d door behind as aunty laughd wholeheartedly walking 2wrds d elevator.
“nandu dear..mukti pckd ur suitcase…ur raj uncle nd me r sending u luv brds to dubai”she spoke as d lft doors closd b4 i cud speak makng her grin at me..
Great!just great i thought as i walkd 2wrds d door mank wen tto,b4 knockng itself it opened nd revealed a shrtless manik(oh my gosh!1) making me gasp nd quickly luk dwn.
Ïm just gonna err….go down”‘ï whispered as he opnd d door frthr more indicatng me to cum in “‘get ur thngs any if req b4 d flight”he whispered as i lukd at him shocked b4 walkng inside..
Why was he actng so nyc yet cold at d same tym…
Walkng inside d lrge room i was awed at its beauty as a lrge king sized bed is placed in d middle wth two tables at each side.
“Flight is at 2:30..chnge into sumthng cmfrtable”he said as i nodded lukng at a blck suitcase on d floor wth my name on it as manik walked inside to wat Im presuming d washroom leavng me alone.
God he was shirtless-I felt so embarassed i thought gingerly as i walkd 2wrds d suitcase seeng it lckd makng me contemplate whether i shud tell to mukti or not..
Deciding against it i rang mukti as she pickd on d third ring her cherie voice cmng thru d other end”sup nandu”she spoke as i heard loud music in the background makng me sigh”mukti have u packed my suitcase,if s where s d key?”‘.she said ïts wth manik”‘…..I felt dizzzy nd caught d bed end coz i was abt to fall..
He came frwrd nd caught me nd asked “nandu r u okay””..v stud lyk dat until v hrd a voice” d door…”,then manik went nd opened d door to reveal rishab in a blck suit grinning at us nd said to me”ü luk pretty..anyhow d car is downstairs waiting fr u..”casually walkng into d room plopping beside manik on d couch…. nd manik scowled at him…rishu strtd wth his taunts until he teased me sayng my pants r inside out…nd i gasped horrified lukng down only to realise he is pullng my leg nd then he s rollng on d floor laughng.
ïf u r done laughng u can get lostï muttered as he wiggled his eyebrows b4 “‘y so that u can get sum ALONE tym”he spoke teasngly nd i glared at him..”No.dat’s not true…”i muttered xasperated as he raised his hand in mock surrender “‘as u says so”‘he roared in laughter as i gasped at his audacity
“‘rishab krishna murthy u rude young man get out or else i will tell abhi who u like””…i spoke smrkng at him as it fell wth his nxt wrds..”nd i ‘ll tell manik u had a crush on him fr 5 yrs nd”‘he strtd as i launchd at him ready to grip his arm wen all of a sudden strng arms wrapped around my waist spinning me around as i yelled at rishu who ranout of d room lyk a chckn makingme scream in tamil”stupid…run im gonna tell abhi that…”‘i strd as i felt a lrge hand on my mouth making my screams come out muffled as manik stared at me intntly b4 placng afinger on my mouth….
“mmmm..”‘i yelled pushng him off as he stepped bck raisng his hnd in surrndr makng me glare at him”how *poke*dare*poke*u*poke*manhandle*poke*me*poke*lyk that *poke* u bear*poke*?i screamd as he chuckld wholeheartedly makng me freeze..
This is the frst tym ever i have seen manik laughng nd it sounded really gud”wow nandu u had a crush on me fr 5 yrs?!”he spoke teasngly as i glared at him “no ofcourse naan en unmela crush vaittikiren(y will i have crush on u?”i spat smrkng at him as his face fell makng hm step closer “Ha it is manik nd no Parth Samthaan…(haha)”I spoke lovingly at d thought as manik growld slightly stndng ever so close to me..
“Dont talk abt other men.YOU R MINE DARLN…”he muttrd as i glared at him pushng off him nd said “atleast i dnt go nd b wth othr grl after gtng married”glarng at him,he pushed past me nd grbd d dsuitcase
i knew i shudnt have said dat but i dnt know y i wntd to get bck to him nd it didnt hlp bcoz he is being to his moodyself again ,i huggd mukti nd she said”i’ve put sum buks in ur will hlp u later on “grinning at me as i gave her a confused uk b4 gettng into d car she yelled”LATERS BABY” makng me gasp as ppl around her stared at her as aarav spoke lukng at her “did u just quote dat christion grey dude?”he askd as mukti strtd bickern makng d 2 argue as d car engine roared to lyf makng me luk at mum nd wave at her as she blew me air kisses…
Staring at manik i saw him on d mob txtng sum1 as my mob rang makng me pick it up”OMG….ur brthr knows who christain grey is…man i shud b worried”mukti spoke as aarav yelled in background..”i think he ‘s seen d movie”she whispered makng me giggle “nandu u shud go watch it wth manik”she spoke loudly as manik turned around nd lukd atme smrkng as my eyes widened in horor turning my face to d othrside i whispered angrily at her “im not watching 50 shades of watever…”i strtd as manik took d phone of me nd strtd talking to his sistr.
“mukti r u implyng u’ve watchd d movie?”he spoke as mukti strtd mutterng sumthng frm d othr end as i lukd down at my hands in embarasment”i see …so nandu is watching it?’he spoke lukng at me makng me gasp horrified”mukti u drty liar dat isnt true”i yelled as he gave me d mob makng me glare at him..
“u little…”i stsrtd as she chuckld closing d line as i grwld slammng it against d leather seat.
Stupid cud she say dat…
“I didnt know u r into all dat”he muttrd takng his mob out aas d driver took a u turn “into…no im not ayappa..have sum shame manik..”i shoutes as he lukd at me raisng a prfct eyebrow “darlng dear.there’s no shame when u r speakng to ur wife sweetheart..”he whispered as i lukd away frm hm feelng strnge all of a sudden..
D rest of car ride is silent as v reachd into a lrge clearng ouside an airport as i gave manik a puzzld luk making me get out of d car nd walk 2wrds 2 men in pilot dress as dey both greeted him nd manik strtd talkng to dem makng me sigh,as i walkd out into d cool air of nov,oh how d tym flies-i thought as manik turned around lukng at me b4-“get inside” he muttrd gesturng 2wrds a lrge private jet as i gaspd in wndr lukng at manik as he now gave me an amusd grin”v havent got all day”he spoke walkng 2wrds it as i followd him in walkng up d little stairs as i gaspd enterng inside..
How rich is dis guy?i mentally whispered as i lukd awed at d caramel furniture on d large t.v on each side of d comfy leather seats “close ur mouth …flies will get in dear”he muttrd aitting casually as he put his seat belt on makng me close my mouth nd nod at him speechless”sit down nandu”he spoke nonchalantly as i nodded again sittng opposite hm b4 puttng d seatbelt on..
“i didnt knw u had a private jet”i spoke as he shrugged opening his mac wch he had grabbd frm one of d seats”well now u do sweetheart”he spoke payng no heed to me nd stud upa ll of a sudden walkng 2wrds d bathroom as his mob strtd ringing.
“nandini pick d damn thing up”he yelled makng me flinch at hs tone…he desrve d award of d year fr being rude i muttrd darkly as i reachd fr hs phone not lukng at the id…
“hey baby..its me i wantd to say i luv u nd come back soon…mummy was askng when v can arrange our marriage so dat she ccan invite guests…anyway i have to go…luv u baby…muawh…muawh…”
nd pia dnt worry the p.o.v wch u askd about manik will also b given …may b in nxt update…Im working on it…luv u all.t.c.bye…But ur evil writer again wth a cliff hanger…

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  1. Superbbb update I think none of us think that it is nyo but we like your shocks and cliffhangers as it makes your story more interesting amazinggg update take care love you loads

    1. Praha

      Thanks pia dear…luv u

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    Loved it. I wonder how this trip is going to be

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      wait nd watch

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  5. ?How are you .l hope all is well & take care yourself. I miss your story so much. You are really good writer. I must say. ???

    1. Praha

      I’m fine dear…tq fr asking..tq fr ur compliment…luv u loads…tc

  6. Awesome…nok jhok btwn dem is supurb love ur story..

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  7. Hahhaaa….U really got us this tym…????Anywaysss thank you sooooo much prahuuu….I’m sooo happyyy… The update was amaaaazing…..Waiting for your update… I hope at least this tym our guesses are true and the call was of alya…..I hope it was not a wrong number nor prank call…?(Just for an interesting twist in the story….I really don’t want alya coming in between Our Manan ). Take care prahuuu…?

    1. Praha

      Yup I got all of u dis tym….evil writer haha…thanks fr ur wndrful comment dear…luv u loads dear Anandi…u too tc dear

  8. Babes I thought you had forget and was about to request you again… thanks for remember it and working in it…..
    Yaad I’m seriously in big delimna… “WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MANIK…?????” just in 15-16 episode the heirs to ignore nandini and suddenly he become A SUGER COTTED CANDY instead of RED CHILI.. and what about the call… which marriage… now it’s gonna be a big problem between them…. but it seems like she was not telling about her and manik’s marriage.. it sounds something diff but don’t know why..???? Let it be let’s it be the way you planned….
    Overall loved today’s episode and shocks too…. especially the 50 shades….lol :×

    1. Praha

      Never I didn’t frgt darkness,but just wrkng on it….need tym to get it perfect dnt worry he will b a red chilli again…dis is silence b4 storm…wow u have really got a wide range of imagination dear…Nd ya don’t know y thought of including 50 shades…just lyk dat…luv u

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    Nd why aliya behave like a real chapoo…:-P

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    Love u dii…
    Take care…

    I m already miss u dii…
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    1. Praha

      Kavya…..dear tq so much…I was actually waiting fr ur comment sweetheart…oh miss u too dear….luv u loads nd loads…tc

  11. A great update
    Lots of cliff hangers
    Dats interesting
    Keep up:-D
    Update sooon

    1. Praha

      Tq vaishali.tq so much

  12. Praha I want to see manik’s jealousy track

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    Well keep writing.. Keep smiling..lovedddd bye bye

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    Di a tight hug for u. Thanks a LOT for dedicating the update to us. 😀 The update was supeeerrrbbb 😀 the 50 shades drama was hillarious. I was laughing imagining Nandu’s face. XD

    Anyway di update soon take care. Kisses and hugs from me. ‘LATERS BABY’ 😛 😀 😉

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    nice update

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