Manan-Is it destined to be? (Episode-17)

hello ppl……………….im just really obliged to u for the luv im getting frm all of u…thnk u tanushree,piya,mithila,aswini durga,kavina,sush,shubhangi nd kavya(my lovely dear sis),luv u all thnk u for ur valuable comments nd luv u shower on me nd sorry if i have left anybody..ignore typos…suggestions welcum…criticsm accepted…
recap:manik ‘s heart to heart talk wth nandu…
Nandu’s p.o.v:
A grand celebration is being held…
Dhruv Raj Malhotra is getting married and all r invited frm far nd wide.
Uncle Raj had said it shud be the wedding of the year that evry1 always shall remember it by.He and dad had gone on a business trip to Dubai nd brought me nd Mukti white long dresses that are mesmerising beyond words.
Dad had also gone to an xtent and brought me a diamond necklace nd I nearly cried frm happiness nd thnkd ayappa fr the mercy he has shown on us all..He is truly the most merciful.
If u ask me how I felt as of right now?I honestly didnt know.Part of me is smiling away tryng to live thru lyf whilst the other part died evryday knowng that manik is nd nevr evr will be mine.I am truly foolish fr falling fr him.I shudnt have strtd lykng him but if I dont lyk my husband I wud rather die than luk at another man.
Its been 3 mnths since our marriage nd manik had only managed to xchange a few wrds btween that tym.he truly is a strnge man,1 min he is angry nd goes all hulk nd smash nd the next he is acting lyk a nrml caring prson but I guess im used it ryt now.most of the days i sit at home either practising veena or helping sanju aunty.the other day i was talking to abhi bhai about strtng university nd he said i shud go for it but honestly i didnt feel lyk doing anythng at all.Strange i’ve always been passionate about wantng to learn more nd more but lately evrythng seems really dull nd dark.
“nandini evry1 is downstairs the pandit has cme.its tym fr marriage”mukti spoke popping her ehad thru the door as i nodded turning around to luk into d mirror.the reflection infrnt of me shwd a woman dat lukd lyk she had no prblms in her lyf,as if evrythng in hr lyf is prfct,1 luk at her nd u’d think she’s the prfct grl but no1 knws truly wat’s gng inside my heart.Its as if I’m breathng but I’m not living.Wen did all dis happen?y do i feel so miserable?
Mukti thought dat mayb dhruv gettng married vud somehw affect me but to b honest it didnt.yes he is marryng the same grl he lft me fr but honestly i didnt care.and quite frnkly i vudnt ever care.
Sighing softly i pulled my white dupatta so that it wont struck to my earrings vch vud b a nytmare .Picking my mob frm table i made my way 2wrds the door b4 closing it slowly behind me.
A lot of ppl r invited to dis wedding so dat meant me nd manik had to stayin aunt nyo nd uncle raj’s house fr a few days nd help wth the decor.I saw mom dis mrng wen she came nd i cudnt b more delytd spending sum quality tym wth her bt unfortunately manik had cum just in tym as dad sat down wth us nd ofcourse dad made manik sit down nxt to me nd mum askd sum awkwrd prsnl ques that even to think i turned scarlet.
“nanni hurry up”mukti muttered usherng me to cum quickly as i sighed rolling my eyes b4 walkng 2wrds her as she grbbd my hand leadng me 2wrds the frnt door “u r gng wth manik as there’s no space in our car”she spoke hurriedly b4 running off as i glared at her running form.She prmised that she wud cum wth me.Way to go much fr the 3 hour reassurance i bitterly thought as i walkd out onto the lrge yard lukng at the black nd sum wyt cars driving away as 1 in particular remained making me gulp slytly.
Evry1 had gone.There is no1 in the house xcept me nd manik,i sighed shaking my head at the awkwrd circumstnce.
“nandini?”came a voice as i stilled slwly turning around as my eyes widened at the man infrnt of me.There stud manik dressed in a traditional sherwani in offwhite nd i immediately lukd down seeing his intense gaze on me..”I-I was ditchd by mukti”I whispered mentally face palming myself..
Ditch?Seriously Nandu!
I thought as he sighed his jaw hardening “come”he spoke sternly as i nodded walkng towards the red Hennessey Venom(world’s speediest car) as he stared at me making me tense.
I opened the back seat makng him shake his head as i stared at him cnfusd b4 he muttered”sit at the frnt so i can keep an eye on u”lyk an adult scldng a child.
God he needs to stop treatng me lyk a baby i muttered as i opened the car door sitting in the frnt seat as manik strtd the car ,the engine roarng to lyf making me turn 2wrds the seatbelt a si sighed pulling it but it is of no use.
“great evrythng is gng wrng”i muttered as he sighed reachng 2wrds me ,his strng arms brushng against my body making me stiffen as his intoxicatng aftershave collided against my perfume”stop dng dat”he spoke hoarsely as i stared at him shckd not knwng wat he was talkng about.
“doing wat?”i whispered as his face came closer inches away frm mine making me stiffen even frthr as my cheeks flushed nd my entire body burning up-never has anyman come dis close to me as manik did now.
“This “he said as his thumb brushed against my bottom lip nd i gasped feeling my heart flutter as his knuckles brushed against my cheek making me close my eyes in dis unknown feelng when all of a sudden reality came crshng down nd i slowly moved my face away frm his making him stiffen nd he moved back to his seat strtng the car again nd driving off in an agonising speed making me grip onto the seat as i faced the window lukng at d blurry view outside.
I didnt know wat over2k me but at dat moment i detestd his touch as i sighed lukng down at my hnds.Lst nyt was mehendi nyt nd i was made to sit fr 2 hours as they put mehndi on my hnd nd by d tym dey finished my arms were aching nd stiff but luckily fr me,i retired to bed early nd lukng at it ryt now i saw the little ‘M’ initial on my left hand.The woman who applied said dat my husband had to find it nd although its nthng traditional its sumthng ppl do at weddings but unfrtunately fr me i dnt think manik even wantd to glnce at me.
“manik?”i whispered suddenly lukng at him as he gruntd keepng his eyes on the road as his jaw stifend”y do u hate me so much”i whispered lukng at my hnds as he sighed silence falling upon us “i dnt hate u nandu”he fynally spoke as i bit my bottom lip lukng up at him “u didnt have to- u know marry me datd ay”i whispered as he lukd at me ,his dark eyes falling on me as i quickly lukd down frm his intnse gaze “i know”he said frmly as he took a turn nd v arrivd at a lrge house infront of us…
“r u gng to marry her?”i blurtd outas i mentally slpd myself.wat the hell is wrng wth me..”if u r finishd wth ur 20 ques game v have a wedding to attend”he said as i stiffned lukng down at my hands b4 opening the car door nd slamming it shut.
I hate him..i mentally muttered as i sighed seeing mukti stndng outside the larhe wyt house grinning at me…u little…”how was it?”she spoke grinning as i glared at her storming past her making her laugh.

Dhruv’s wife Sana(sorry ppl fr no dhrulya…sorry dhrulya fans if any)is gorgeous.There was no mistake that dhruv was smitten by her nd as much as u cud tell uncle raj didnt luk the idea but he surely lykd the grl as she smiled shyly on the large stage frm the large crowd lukng at her.Dhruv lukd at her in awe as he smiled at her making the grl blush.Bless them….
“Man they act lyk luv sick puppies”mukti muttered as v plcd the round trays filled wth sweets on the table infrnt of then making me grin shaking my head “so erm where’s abhi?”she muttered as i lukd at her b4 smrkng at her nd she gave me an innocnt luk..
Sum1 definitely has a crush!!!
“I know dat luk nanni nd no i dnt fancy him”she spoke making me grin as i lukd at her putting my hands on hips arching my eyebrow in mock luk “wat ever u r talkng abt?”i askd her mockngly as she gaspd in mock horror b4 giglling as i saw sum1 approachng us nd abhi now stud behind an oblivious mukti as she rambld on”i mean i’m just sayng i havent seen abhi”she strtd but was cut off wth abhi’s voice as he finished the sntnce off fr her”and i miss him nd i cant live wthout him”he muttered as mukti stiffend turning around as she went beetroot glarng at him bt failed miserably.
Laughing to myself softly i walkd down the stage walkng 2wrds d table filled wth food when all of a sudden a figure stud infrnt of me making me stiffen as i lukd up at a strngr infrnt of me “well hello there-u must be the famous nandini manik malhotra ryt…im shahid”he spoke as i lukd at him in confusion b4 walkng away as he spoke stiffening me”if u rlukng fr him…he ‘s not here..he wnt to visit his lvr”he spoke again nd i gulped feeling my face pale frm its color “see dat wasnt so hard..heere i got sum info fr u ,so take my card nd cntct me fr more info”he spoke frthr,i glared at him when all of a sudden a dark voice spoke makng shahid stiffen as his eyes went wide in horror”.She dsnt need ur cntct blo*dy idiot..get out of my sight..”he spat nd grabbed my hand pulling me 2wrds him nd i now faced him feeling tears burn my eyes..
“come”he muttered as he gripped onto my hand pulling me 2wrds the large french doors b4 walkng 2wrds the elevator as ppl glncd at us in curiosity”manik lemme go”i muttered as his grip tightened on me nd the doors opened,manik got inside pressing the 29th button making the elevator come 2 lyk when all of a sudden he slammed me against the elevator walls,his mouth slamming against mine making me gasp as he groaned deepening the kiss.An unknown feelng build at d pit of my stomach makingme gasp as his mouth lft mine his dark eyes lukd at me saying”U.R.MINE.”wth punctuation nd gripped my hair again his mouth slamming into mine making me go weak as i gasped my arms snakng around his neck when all of a sudden.
I felt my blood run cold as i remembered wat the man has said nd wth all the might i pushed manik off me as he lukd stunned nd surprised b4 sumthng dark tuk over his face nd wthout a thought i slapped him across the face hard as it echoed thrughout the empty elevator as his breathng as his breathng came out raapid nd heavy his eyes darkening..
“how cud u…after evrythng u’ve done to me how cud u say dat-I hate u Manik”i spat as he walkd 2wrds me makng me stiffen as my back met the cold elevator walls.”U R MY WIFE”he spat as i glared at him silence surrounding us”Yeah fr how long?”I spat as he glared at me b4 he said”FOREVER NANDU…FOREVER”(Writer p.o.v:OH MY GOD…Manik said forever…..o.m.g i cant believe…..)darkly as the elevator doors opened making us both luk up when suddenly a feminine voice spoke up making me stiffen..
“Manik baby u frgot ur phone”……………

Alittle bit of manan romance….is it the strt of sumthng new….nd luks lyk someone is possessive over sum1 haha…jealous manik…nd gosh…kiss…..they agained kissed….seems lyk sumthing is in the air….nd man…she slapped him…but y……nd ya in last update i mentioned harshad as groom nd not alya’ s brthr but im changing it now he is alya’s brother nd the groom’s name is Arihant..nd note this chnge ,it will b used in nxt updates…so remember harshad is alya’s brthr nd evil only …..batana zaroor how is this part…tried sumthng new…so pls do comment nd let me know how is this part nd manan romance(cute romance) nd hu do u think was the person came at the end of the update …do comment the nearest answer will get the nxt update dedicated to them..nd ya think out of the box not general..i gave u a clue…Longest update…my hands r paining…atleast comment fr that silent readers pls,im taking lots of efforts….

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  1. Amazinggggg part loved manan car moment your story now taking interesting turns superbbbb part take care dear love you loads

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    1. Yaaaayyy…yaaaaay thank you sooo much prahuuuu….I was sad thinking that u had forgotten me….I’m soooo happpyyyy….I reallllyy reaaalllyyy luvd this episode…it came with a surprise…infact a shock….waiting for more manan moments….The person who came at the end of the the episode must be Alya…who else can it be…ryt…???. Anyways thank you soooo much prahuuu…I’m sooo happy…

      1. Praha

        How can I frgt u dear,u ,Kavya nd Tash r the ppl who always comment no matter wat…thank u fr that sweetheart

  3. -Dii….u make my rest of the day…..
    Manik say forever… Means manik also have some feeling for nandani…..

    Great…. Waise bhi apki story me itna too feel hoya h mujhe ki manik ko nandani par crush bhut phele se h…. Yaa bachpan se h…..

    It’s just mind blowing update dii…. Sachi….
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    But still take care of urself dii….
    LOVE U LOADS…:-)

    1. Praha

      Tq Kavya darling…but I don’t think manik has crush on nandu…may b I don’t know…wait dear…luv u 2 lots sweetheart

  4. It must b alya only coz she is da one who is always behind nandu. She must hv cme to create misundrstndngs betwn them. As fr da romance it was awsome again… ??

    1. Praha

      Way b u r crct or mayn’t…Shud wait fr it..thank u tanu

  5. You know what I am eagerly waiting for your story. When you updated. And thank you so much to include me. By the way I am from Bangladesh.

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      oh very sweet of u mithila..hi I’m from India itself but I live in u.s

  6. Aswini Durga

    Nyc dear…but can’t believe Maniks love over Nandhini. .y sudden change in Maniks behaviour

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    Superb and a fantastic update❤❤❤❤❣❣❣
    Loved it ??????
    MANAN kiss was shocking I didnt expect it….
    But loved it the way Manik said to Nandhini

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  10. Came back with a bang loved it dear

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    Ok ok!! Jst kidding.. m not angry

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  13. Hi praha, long time yaar….
    How are you now, how is your health..?????
    My exams are going on, so was not able to put comment in comment box… well babes super episodes I was thanking till 16th epi.. what is going in your mind… well still in thinking the same….
    Babe I’ve a request can you fulfill it..??
    Actually i like this episode much the was nandu backout from his touch in car was superb… I could feel his anger on her that action… CAN YOU PLEASE WRITE THE EXACT SAME EPISODE BUT WITH MANIK’s POV….???? PLZ…. PLZ…PREETY PLZ…. actually I wanna read how manik feel when she ignore his touch.. when she was talking to shahid.. when she pushed him away…
    OMG….How much I talk… kya kru buri aadat hai jaldi nai jati….???

    1. Praha

      Sure I’ll try to write his p.o.v dear….luv u lots
      ..nd ya I’m fyn,tmrw 2 updates u will get

  14. Thanks love… I’ll be waiting…??

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    Di….. Remember me?……. I’m feeling like I’m back after ages…… Any way di leave that coming to your updates they’re not amazing but

    More then amazing XD. Did I scared you? Sorry. 🙁 but truly di it was more then amazing. You’re doing a fabulous job. It’ll be superb if you post a supernatural love story on manan. Take care di. 😀

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      ofcourse i remember u darln…u seriously scared me u know but relieved later….thnk u dear..nd ya suggestion noted..thnks darln

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