Manan-Is it destined to be? (Episode-16)


hey again….not feeling well,viral fever so late update (nd still suffering)…nd i waAnna ask ppl again wch story u want me to write after meri aashiqui,a historical or supernatural(i.e) werewolves nd vampires….ignore typos…suggestions accepted…criticsm welcum..
recap:raj nd nandu’s dad confronting manik..
nandu p.o.v
“An ear piercing agonising scream screeched thrughout the large house as manik jolted awake alarmed lukng around his surroundings..Darkness surrounded him as an uncontrollable sobs echoed throughout as he quickly got up nd swtched the lyts in his room b4 opening his door as the screams got louder nd louder…
he thought nandini……
walking fast 2wrds her room in the dark,her screams shook the core as she screeched nd sumthing wthn him snapped…pushng the door open he glanced around the room as his eyes landed on her shaking form,her face drenched in sweat as she trashed her hands screaming in pain nd fear.Her screams are so loud nd wrenching that he cud feel his cold heart reactng to them…
nandu…nandu wake….wake up dear”he yelled walking 2wrds her bed as he shook her as she trashed her hands,tears streaming down on thoseeee beautiful cheeks nd he stiffend”nandu..princess wake up””he spoke shaking her awake as her eyes slowly opened nd his heart stopped for a split second…tears pooled in her eyes as she stared at him nd did the unthinkable as she shot up huggng him as he stiffened not knowing wat to do”manik pls…pls dont go….pls…”she cried holdng onto him cryng as he felt an unknown feelng rise in his heart….
I wont nandu-I promise”he whispered softly as he slowly stroked her hair feelng as if this is right as if…No he had Alya waiting fr him but this girl here is pullng strings that no girl has ever done”go to sleep nandu”he firmly spoke as she slowly released him frm the embrace her black hair stckng slowly against her wet-stained cheek nd urgd hmself to stop but he cudnt as he slwly reached over nd strkd it away”im sorry fr evrythng…im sorry”‘he finally whispered as she lukd at him,her eyes glowng in light as she gave him a heartbreakng smile ,she shook her head nd said “its ok”as her eyes slowly closed nd just lyk she was out cold as he stared shocked at this grl…
Manik p.o.v:

He had taken her to his Harshad’s wedding but he didnt know Alya was there(here he isnt her brthr but aunt’s son) somehow nandu had disappeared off nd he lukd fr her evrywhere lyk a fool just to have alya’s aunt give me the stink eye b4 telling me she had left wth her brthr cabir.he had immediately left to luk fr her to cum home seeing her sit in d living room wth cabir as he had whispered to her in hushed voice making d grl shudder wth fear as tears brimmed her eyes.Sumthng inside of him snapped as he launched at the stupid cabir giving him the right blo*dy treatment he needed…
But he is frozen rigid as she yelled pushng him off a sshe cried telling him sumthng abt not knowng anythng b4 passing out cold nd so he grabbed cabir some frozen peas b4 taking her upstairs to her room…
Slightly softly he slowly stopped up when sumthng held onto his hand as he slowly turned around seeing her hand clutchng onto his hands as she slept peacefully..
blo*dy what am I doing?

Nandu’s p.o.v:
A bright lyt shun against my closed eyes as I shftd uncmfrtably opening my eyes to b met wth lyt surroundng my room…Slowly sitng up,my head strtd throbbing as I sighed rolling of my bed slowly stndng up as I felt slytly dizzy ,a heavy feelng seekng my heart.Oh ayappa wat happened i dnt remember anythng i thought as i sighed when all of a sudden relief washed over me as i realised that IT WAS ALL A HORRIBLE NIGHT MARE..Abhi,dad nd raj uncle hadnt come..Manik hadnt married that evil home wrecker..It was all a nasty dream..
“‘Óh ayappa tq”I whispered as i opened the nbedroom door walkng down 2wrds the stairs as smelt sumthng cookng in the room making me inhale deeply at the heavenly feel..I didnt know that Sanju aunty wrkd on sundays..i thought as i walked into the kitchen devourng the heavenly smell as i close my eyes running my hands thru my messy hair..”wthout seeing i spoke hello sanju aunty..wat r u famished””only to b encountered wth a rough husky voice”im sure i dnt luk dat old”,then i stiffend turning around to b met wth chocolate brown eyes,i gasped taking a step back but it was of no use as i was against the kitchen counter….”manik?”‘i gasped as i lukd down feeling pained all of a sudden,then i felt two fingers raise my chin making me luk at him”‘r u ok”?he whispered strngld as i lukd at questioningly”s y wudnt i be?”i whispered feeling strnge all of a sudden as he stared at me fr the longest tym b4 nodding..
“nthng”he whispered taking a step back as sum1 cleared their throat making me quickly uk down as maddy came nd lukd down averting his gaze”‘hello manik nd hello sister-manik ur meeting is due”he spoke as manik nodded nd maddy walked out slowly making manik sigh..
This man is acting strange-for sum odd reason ..he is being xtrfemely nice.Is he bipolar or sumthng?i thought as i turned around sighing when—Oh no….
Lukng down I am horrified to find myself in snowwhite short nd daisy tank top..Hey a girl gotta luv her disney even though how much old she is nd then i realsied that is why maddy averted his gaze frm me..”My parents r cumng tonight-Dhruv is getting married “‘he spoke as i stiffned turning around nd lukng at him as he stared directly at me as if waiting for me to react but none came as I slowly nodded walking away frm the kitchen…
he spoke”‘i know u hate me..i have treated u horrible nd i realised this isnt how iam supposed to treat my wife nd neither my parents taught me this..i have to care fr u nd respect u nd it goes on nd im ashamed fr the lack of my behaviour..Im sorry nandani…””
So,wat do u think is the reason fr manik’s sudden change of this gonna b strt for a new bond?wat do u thiink?do comment?or is he just faking it?
ppl as i said this is a diff manan story…dont hate manik may b he is doing all these with a purpose,motive or he was forced…think think think…nd chappals,tomato’s r accepted fr making u all tensed with malya(manik nd alya ) marriage…bt uff….wo tho dream tha….
luv u all….pls do comment how is it or wat to improve..bye

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  1. Wow…really heart attack episode it was. But this was good thanks fr making it a dream

    1. Praha

      Tqq tanushree

  2. Suprrrr amazing ggggvpart and its okkkvdear take care of your health first nice part take care dear

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      Tq piya..luv u

  3. Tc of UR health dead
    N wat could b d change…no wild guesses .waiting for Tom update

    1. Praha

      yup already updated nd tq aswini

  4. I’m eagerly waiting for your story and please update soon if possible.

    1. Praha

      updated already nd tq fr the luv mithila

  5. Tc of UR health dear…

  6. Kavina

    Loved it. I am mad at you. Why are you writing when your sick!!!!!!!!! We could wait, so what’s the rush. Get well first then write. Hope your feeling better.

    1. Praha

      coz i luv writing ..nd yup now im much btr..tq f rur luv nd care kavina

  7. Episode is really awesome dear take care of your health get well soon

    1. Praha

      tq sush……luv u 2…thnks fr the comment

  8. Get well soon

    1. Praha

      tq shubhangi

  9. Prahuuu…take care of yourself…how can you be so reckless…we’ll wait for you until u are perfectly nhealthy…the update was surely awesome…but take care of your health too dear…take care…

    1. Praha

      It’s o.k anandi I’m fine now…thank u fr yr care nd luv 2wrds me

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