Manan-Is it destined to be?(Episode-12)


Hola ppl,Praha is back wth an update that too after a cliff hanger..iss update padne ke baad dont kill me…I know u will throw chappal nd tomatoes on me…sabhi accepted hai….Nd Im so sorry i was busy nd unable to reply to each nd every comment in Manan-Meri aashiqui…i just hope ki all those readers read this too nd so here Im replying ….My special thnks to priya(who wished me an awesum weekend nd i wish an awesum weekend to u too priya),aswini durga,manan 0206,knight angel,tanushree,anumita nd ofcourse my dear lovely,cute,ever supportive nd my lambi comment wali sisters tash,kavya,mahi,piya nd sindhu…Sorry if i have left out anyone..a big thnks for them too…ignore typos..criticsm accepted..suggestions r welcum..luv u all.t.c.bye…O.k as many ppl wanna me write manik’s p.o.v it will be in the next epi…
Nandu’s P.O.V:
a deafening silence fell upon us as I stared speechless at Mukti.It is as if evrythng in that moment I knew came crashing down b4 my eyes.everythng precious that I held to is smashed as the tiny little pieces fell on to the floor destroyed.
i couldnt deny the fact Manik had evry right to marry as he never loved me but..But y didnt he say anythng.y did he hide the fact?y didnt he just tell us,or tell me that day?
Nandu I….”Mukti strtd as I raised my hand up slowly not having energy in me to talk as she sighed rubbing her forehead.
“Well the thing is-they r not xactly married….”mukti whispered as my ehart strtd to beat frantically.As if it is about to jump frm my chest.

I snapped my head 2wrds her lukng at her curiously as she strtd..
“Manik has been in a live in relationship wth alya from a very long time until Dad found out-he suggested that the families all come nd meet so they can arrange wedding dates nd all but sumthng happened that day nd all of a suden dad said no to Manik nd told him he doesnt approve-harsh i know but honestly I didnt knw wat happened nd well since then it’s been a quiet thing but Manik is still wth her but my parents doesnt know nd I’m guessing one day u will get free frm him nd he will marry her or either he will frgt her nd u will b happy…I personally hope fr the 2nd one nandu…i know either bhai or u doesnt take this relation or marriage seriously but nandu ..try to make it work…Im not forcing u though.”she spoke taking a deep breath as her words sawned upon me.

A long silence fell upon the room again as I tuk a deep breath trying to relax my breathing.So manik isnt married…well not yet nd “wait who is alya”‘I spoke as mukti lukd at me like I have grown two heads”Nandu I just told u…”she strtd as I cut her off…
“I mean who is she?details?”‘I asked as she shrugged her shoulders”Alya saxena…sister of harshad saxena …Her father Krishna saxena is a hindu nd her mother Bella saxena is a christain….heiress of saxena industries”‘she said nonchalantly whilst holding my hand in assurance.
“is she pretty?ï whispered as mukti lukd at me smiling”not as pretty as u”she whispered nd it is then that I felt tears brimming my eyes nd as if xpctd mukti embraced me in a warm hug as i let the tears fall making her rub my back.
“If god wills bhai will luv u ..nothing will happen ..nd u nd manik will live happily ever after”she spoke as I hicupped letting my tears fall..
Ï really really like him”i hicupped hugging her as she rubbed my back in a comforting manner nd she stared at me in shock
“‘what u like bhai….so u will never let him go…u will give him a chance ..this relation a chance….u know wat this means?”‘she asked as i released her frm embrace wiping my tears as she smiled at me nd said”‘ït means shopping nd food”she mumbled making me chuckle as she placed her hands on my shoulders
“‘listen me up baby doll..we r gonna make sure nothing happens but fr that to happen v need to make manik jealous”she spoke as I stared at her confused not knowing where that came from..
ah..come on nanu..dont u watch movies-where the girl saves her true love frm the grips of an evil monster girl”she yelled adding a maniacal laugh making me raise my eyebrows at her in disbelief.
“You mean manik?nd me saving manik?”i asked in disbelief as she nodded her ehad like a five year old.

“yeah i dont think so…”I muttered not pleased wth her so called plan ..”‘s…omg it could so work-o.k here picture this”‘she strtd as the house phone again rang making me get up nd walk 2wrds it as she rambled on about her genius idea.
Oh mukti when will u grow up?For an 19 year old girl she sumtyms act like a 5 year old but i guess age dsnt define the playfulness of heart.
Sniffing slightly i walkedc 2wrds the glass table b4 “hello”‘i spoke picking the phone up as silence came ffrm the other end”hello”‘i spoke again as silence echoed frm the other end nd just b4 i could put it down a deep voice spoke making my body still”‘im coming come..tell sanju aunty to make evrythng ready”was all he said as the line went dead.
I could feel my heart picken ..its pace as i stared emotionless holding the phone.he is coming…..he is coming after all this tym..but y he is so cold 2wrds me?
“nd so then we can go all kung-fu nd wait nanu who is on the phone?”came mukti’s questioning voice as I turned around nd lukd at her dazed.

“Manik is coming home”i spoke loud enough fr her to hear as silence fell upon the room making mukti walk 2wrds me wth a mega watt smile.
“‘Its tym fr sum action nanu..”‘
When mukti said she wanted to go out nd shopping she isnt kidding.this grl went crazy frm going to one shop frm another nd poor aarav nd me had to endure it.
yeah aarav my brthr(chacha’s son…given in epi -1) decided to tag along bcoz he didnt have college 2day nd wud rather go shopping wth me than sit wth mum as she skypd my grandma in haridwar,india.
oh poor boy!!!
“‘Is she hungry”‘aarav muttered elbowing me as i glared at him but he is ryt.mukti had been at it fr hours nd even suggested we go into forever 21 b4 aarav threatened he would walk away..
“‘hey nd aarav will get sum dinner fr us downstairs..i’ll order u a burger or sumthing”i spoke as she waved us off picking sum other dresses frm shelves.
“‘She is weird”‘aarav muttered getting his mob out as he strtd texting sum person making me giggle when suddnly”‘Oh my god..that’s her….Manik Malhotra’s wife”‘came a loud voice as me nd aarav stilled in our place nd lukd up at ppl staring at us.
“‘Erh this is a bit fishy”‘aarav muttered as sum grls strtd walking 2wrds us when all of a sudden a large figure stood infront of us blocking their view..
“‘madhyam?”‘(haha..many of u xpctd manik ryt…always hero wont b there ma….)I questioned as he turned around nd nodded”‘ma’m pls go to the car..i’ll hold them back”‘he said as i stared at him puzzled.

“‘y would they?”‘i strtd as aarav grabbed my hand leading me 2wrds the exit where a few ppl wth cam stood taking pictures of us”‘Aarav?”‘i pleaded lukng at him as he rolled his eyes.
“Dude dont u know who ur husband is?he’s lyk the leader…The top boss nd authority of the city nd the most richest guy in london”‘he mutterd as if I am supposed to know that…
“Yeah great aarav thnks”‘I spoke sarcastically as we reached the black range rover …Mukti is driving when all of a sudden the doors opened.
“‘baby doll.get in its me cabir…”‘came an all to familiar voice as i lukd up shocked at who i am seeing squealing in delight I stared at my cousin cabir(mama’s son) as he gave me a bored look”‘cabu”‘I yelled as he rolled his eyes making aarav nd i get in the car.
“wat r u doing here?”‘I spoke xcited on seeing this stupid after years”‘I dont know saving ur look-come on lets get u home”‘he strtd as i spoke in between “‘wat abt mukti”‘…i said
“‘she’s coming wth maddy”‘cabir said grinning at aarav who wiggled his eyebrows making me luk at them in questioning manner but b4 I could saying anything cabir strtd driving away frm the car park nd away frm those stupid photgraphers.
The car ride isnt long as aaravnd cabir strtd talking about sum messi–a football player..i think who recently retired..personally I’m not a fan of sports but wat that guy had an awesum career nd apparently according to aarav he is really generous nd the best ..Evrytym I tried speaking they waved me off so it is best that I shut up nd ignore them…Cabir is my mama’s son(mother’s brthr)..he is my first cousin nd he practically grew up wth us until he decided he wanted to go back to India nd stay there fr a while.More like he wanted to see sumone but that’s a diffrnt story
“Right come on out u get”cabir spoke as he got out holding the bags in his hand b4 placing them on the floor making me groan as the two merrily went inside the house leaving me alone.
Stupid boys.
I grumbled closing the door behind me b4 picking the no. of bags nd walking inside the house.
“‘Cabir nd aarav u btr save urselves frm my whoopings..u idiots..”‘i yelled placing the bags on the floor as a deafening silence echoed throughout the house when all of a sudden a large hand grabbed me harshly nd a loud voice roared.

came a roaring voice frm behind me making screech out nd scream in horror as cabir nd aarav rolled on the floor laughing
“‘Oh haha oh very funny”‘i mutteerd placing a hand on my heart as I glared at them who in fell into fits of laughter clutching onto their stomachs as cabir wiped hs tears away nd grinned at me giving aarav a hifi but b4 I could say anythng..
“‘What ‘s going on here?”‘came a dark voice as I stilled in my place slowly turning around as my eyes widend lukng at manik standing infront of me in a dark suit ..his eyes now dark glaring at me.
“‘Oh hey bro we r just messing about”‘cabir strtd ruffling aarav’s hair a she elbowed him shoving him away making him growl loudly.
“‘cabir nd aarav can u just wait downstairs…i need to have a word with MY WIFE..”‘he seethed glaring at me making me stiffen.
oh no!!!

No manan today sorry..but this part is imprtnt fr showing nandu nd mukti bond nd also fr the story….As tmrw is a sunday i want to know wch ff u wanna me to post….so pls do comment wch update u wanna read tmrw..i will wait untl tmrw afternoon 2 fr ur votes…So pls lemme know otherwise i will write whatever i like..Pls do lemme know how is 2day’s episode…voice ur opinions in comments..luv ua ll

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