Manan-Is it destined to be?(Episode-11)

Hey,as i said another update….Ignore typos..Criticsm accepted..Suggestions r welcum..Luv u all…T.c.Bye
Nandu’s P.O.V.:
Silence can determine a lot.It can determine a victory as evry1 stared awed nd it can determine defeat nd loss as u see evrythg around u fall nd crash down b4 ur eyes.
I stared stiffened at the phone emotionless feeling empty inside as the voice came frm the other end bringing me back to reality”im sorry wrong number”I whispered closing the phone as I heard her mutter a chorus of hello but I didnt have it in me to deal with this.
He lied!He said he was going on a business trip-but instead he’s gone,he’s gone to see his lover.
“Nandini?!”who was that”Sanjana aunty asked cautiously as I looked up at her feeling my appetite disappear as I pushed the plate away frm me feeling the deafening silence dawn upon us.
“Sanjana aunty who is Alya?!”I finally ased as she froze in her place her body stifenning.she hesitated as I stared at her waiting for an answer.If it took her that long to answer then I’m guesiing the news isnt gud.
“Mrs.Nandini its not in my place to tell”she spoke sorrowful facing me a guilt luk on her face.It isnt her fault.why is she even feeling guilty?
“Thnk u sanjana aunty.Im just going to head upstairs”I spoke getting up frm the stool nd walking 2wrds the large hallway , I felt an uneasy feeling settling in my heart.
Iam not a child nd I knew xactly now who she is but it just hurts to know that he would do that after evrythng-but then again he didnt want me Iam lyk a burden to him nd as he had clearly said to his mother the other day-iam nothing but a small little grl in his eyes.
A loud knock erupted throughout the large mansion as I stilled in my position lukng at the large brown door.iam hesitant at the beginning not knowing wat to do because usually its the workers that open the door however this tym there is no one around nd doing wat any normal person would do I walked down 2wrds the door to find a familiar lukng man.
He wa steh man I saw yesterday wth Dhruv and Manik I thought remembering him as he quickly lukd down in respect”Namaste Ma’m Iam Madhyam ..Manik’s cousin..i jsut came to deliver this….”he said handing over a white bag as I took it hesitant b4″Tq”I spoke as he nodded b4 walking away.

Wat a nyc person-who wud think such a soft spoken person is related to HIM
Taking the bag inside the house I slowly opened it to see a white envelope saying
“To MR.Manik Malhotra nd Mrs.Nandini Manik Malhotra-a small gift frm us”
I didnt know knw whether to open it or not but decided to do so as I opened the white envelope feeling a leap of xcitement of not knowing wat is held inside.
What I found next shocked me as I stared at the photos infront of me.
It was photos of my and Manik’s wedding day.
Holding them closely I made my way upstairs nd walked inside my room b4 sitting down on the large neatly done bed as I sighed slowly lukng at the pictures.
I sat there for hours lukng at the pictures when suddenly I came across a particular one.
It was taken afetr our marriage ceremony as we walked innside the large hall.It was picture of me staring ahead at sumthing as the faint fairy lights shined brightly in the background .Bu wat shocked me the most was as I luks ahead at sumthng ,there was Manik sitting nxt to me lukng intently at me wth an adoring nd dark luk wch made my heart flutter,he lukd as if he had solved teh enigma b4 him.His face was masked wth his usual luk but his eyes.It said it all nd it was then that …that I realised.
Iam truly madly nd deeply in love wth my husband.
Iam irrevocably nd unconditionally in luv wth Manik Malhotra.
One month later:
One month had passed since Manik left.
One month of no contact frm him,nothing whatsover.and one month of me staying at hme trying to figure out my feelings for him.
Winter is upon us nd November had already started as I started ahead at the dark gloomy sky.Its harsh wind running freely throughout the land in merry as each individual clasped onto their coats nd hats tightly afraid of loosing them.
It is indeed a cold day nd surely this winter is going to be harshest one so far.
Sighing softly I walked 2wrds the middle room feeling islated all of sudden as I sat on the sofa closing my eyes tightly.
Last week I had gone home nd stayed fr a week.It was so beautiful nd normal to ba round my family nd I loved each moment but I guess we all have our lives nd so as the week fly by I knew I had to b back nd altough amma threw a tantrum I knew i had to come back because I couldnt bring myself to lie to my amma nd appa respectively.
Abhi,rishu nd aarav had been reluctant nd although they proudly wouldnt admit it they missed me dearly nd promised they would me as soon as christmas holiday strtd.
Lately I have been thinking of going nd applying fro a job.i mean although I am eighteen I had graduated early nd could get a job but I dont know I just dont feel like doing anything.
Iam suddenly interrupted out ofmy thoughts as I heard footsteps walking 2wrds the room making me stiffen when “Nandu?!”yelled an all too familiar voice as I stood up seeing mukti walk inside the room wth the biggest grin on her face.
“Awwwww hows my favourite sis in law”she spoke engulfing me in a hug as I giggled hugging her back “Hey mukti wat a pleasant surprise”i spoke as she grinned taking a seat as she spread her arms out wide closing her eyes.
“oye…im hungry do u have food?!”she spoke as I grinned shaking my head making sanjana aunty smile as she went 2wrds the kitchen probably getting food for mukti.
“so have u heard frm manik?!”she asked as I shook my head making her roll her eyes.
“mukti can i ask u a question ?!”I asked as she nodded smiling at me when it all of a sudden faltered hearing my ques “who is alya?’I asked as she lukd down her smile faltering “pls mukti tell me I have the right to know”I whispered as she lukd at me wth a heartbreaking xpression”nandu i…..pls dont make me”she whispered as I shook my head making her sigh as she bit her lips nervously.
“well my parents dont know but Alya…..”
“She ‘s erm….mmm….manik’s wife…”
o.m.g wat is this?alya manik’s wife???shocking ryt?my lovely readers do comment nd wait fr the next update of this…lv u all….bye..t.c

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  1. Kavina

    Why!!!! Cliffhanger. Nice update. Please update soon

    1. Praha

      Coz I luv cliffhanger……haha…tmrw I’ll give next update

      1. Kavina

        Me too but in a book I read till I figure out what is the result of a cliffhanger. Anyways seems we have similar interest

  2. Omg! Who’s alya!!!!! Can’t wait! Dyi g with suspense! Update sooooooon! *waiting* *biting nails*

    1. Praha

      Tmrw nxt update

  3. Praha whats this is nandu maniks second wife …unbelievable… is manik dumb or what ….how could he marry nandu if he married aliya already….cant digest this…worstthing is mukti and even sanjana aunty knows this…i pity u nandu….this manik spoiled 3 lives… sorry if i hurt u but i cant encourage a man doing like this….

    1. Praha

      U seriously think ur writer.will separate Manan???have faith on me pls….

  4. OMG!……..
    SERIOUSLY dii……ye too hoo hi nhi sakta……
    May be mukti majak kar rehi hoo nandini ke sath……may be manik ka crush hoo aliya par….kuch bhi acceptable h……
    But ye nhi……


    1. Praha

      May b …NAhi I don’t want u to get heartattack kavya dear….just have trust on me nd wait fr the nxt episode….luv u

  5. Never ever thought Nandu wil b Maniks second wife…y Alya eloped wid Dhruv…update soon dear

    1. Praha

      Aswini dhruv didn’t.elope with Alya ….I never mentioned name so pls dnt imagine…nd lets see

      1. Aswini Durga

        K fyn babe…

  6. Love your story… plz update fast waiting for next episode plzzzz….

    1. Praha

      Tq nd next episode tmrw

  7. Tash

    What?????????? Like seriously??? Manik not only broke nandu’s poor heart but he broke my heart too…… Y did he do that… I already didn’t like Alya… N now I hate her…. Poor Nandu…..
    Prahaaa… Again suspense suspense suspense… Jaldi nxt part… Now I won’t be able to sleep….. Toooooooo good…. U r awesome… Always what a storyline…. Awesome…. Ur stories are sooo very different… It is never reputated but always unique… ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Tc love u….

    1. Praha

      Don’t bash Manik yaar…have faith on me nd u will get a reason soon fr Maniks behavior…luv u too.t.c

  8. Di how it is possible. say me this is all lie. what the hell i can’t tolerate i got a heart attack plz don’t do this plzzz love u

  9. Sindhu_Varma

    What the heck!
    Alya Manik’s wife yuck not a good combo but but.. Some puzzles are yet to be connected right ? Plz update it faster nd last update was superb aur right in Manik’s PoV also plz

    1. Praha

      Sindhu dear I can just sat trust me …that’s it..nd thanks fr thinking there r puzzles still

      1. Sindhu_Varma

        I trust u Praha ?

  10. Hey, I was silent reader of your ff…. wanna confirm one thing…. as u say alya is manik’s wife and mentioned in last ff that manik went to alya for 6months…. so it means he went there to complete divorce … as I know for divorce husband wife would have to live 6 months together…. am I right..????? Btw… I love your this ff a lot….. it’s going fab….??

    1. Praha

      Hey I’m really happy that one of my silent readers commented..thanks a lot yaar…this gives me evenn more. Inspiration to write nd no he didn’t go fr divorce..thanks fr ur lovely compliment on my ff

  11. omg…hw can manik marry nandu then. he should have been clear to nandu then

    1. Praha

      Wait nd watch babe

  12. Amazing Di keep going

    1. Praha

      Tq piya dear

  13. Mahi13

    Ur updates give me BIG SHOCKS. U never fail to shock us right? It’s Impossible to say what’ll happen next in this ff. Manan 1st sudden kiss was a shock n now Alya being Manik’s wife is a heart attack. I’m falling in love with ur cliffhangers 😛 I love ur this quality the most that u never fail to amaze ur readers. It’s good I didn’t
    read ur updates last night or else I couldn’t have sleep 😛 How is ur health now di? I talked a lot today sorry for bothering u 🙂 Plz plz update soon n take care of ur health.

    1. Praha

      Haha luv u MahI..fyn I’m gud….u didn’t talk a lot infact I luv urs,tash s ,kavya s nd sindhu s comments..they give me the energy nd boost to write

      1. Mahi13

        Glad to know that di. 😀

  14. Deeeep! Now Nandu is falling for Manik….and thats something interesting…I’d love to see the angry and jealous Nandini…I’m sure u’ve planned an awesome twist and suspense for us prahuu…waiting for nxt episode…

    1. Praha

      Thanks ft ur faith on me anandi….luv u

  15. 22222 excited 2 read ua next ff….pls update it soon …wth lods of love…???

    1. Praha

      Luv u 2 sweetheart…tmrw u will get this update…2day meri aashiqui

  16. Praha plz for once write manik’s pov from marriage to till now…. even many of us wanna know what ‘ll be his pov when he got married to nandu or even what was he thinking when manan kissed.. when he saw druv and even when he heard nandini saying love u on phone……. all this is creating an unknown suspense……. btw happy to know that my reply inspires you…. keep writing… waiting for next one…..

    1. Praha

      O.k if all want Manik’s p.o.v I’m ready to write…luv u tmrw is the nxt one

      1. Thanx yaar….. waiting for the next part from morning….. I know it’s silly but can’t handle it…..????

  17. Praha we are waiting for the update you thr whole day i was waiting buy nothing why please dont do this .

    1. Praha

      Hey es this update according to.schedule is only tmrw and today is meri.aashiqui yaar nd I updated it I guess it’s under review still

  18. Okay thank you gpr letinh me know

  19. Still waiting for your update….?Prahuuu…where are you…update soon…eagerly waiting for nxt uppdaate…maniks part…??

  20. I think is going to be very long today

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