manan; a business rivals new love story (Intro)

just an intro;
dont miss the begining
Its malhotra mansion:
All three men and niyonika are sitting in there chairs everyone are tensed and waiting for Manik’s answer

“Manik! comeon speakout damn it! we are waiting”
“Mom! i know but its rediculous! u know me and God its you who is asking me to kidnap and use a girl for threedays and leave her to her mercy so that anyone on road can smoch her”
“totally insaan which i will never let it happen may its about our rivals its impossible” said manik in anger
“fine then its decided call some local
goonds to do this” said Arnav malhotra
“chachu! no!”
“I will do it! but on one condition she will be my wife i will marry her on fourday”
“impossible manik! she will kill you” said nyionika with terror
“thats your choice mom either drop the idea or accept her as your bahu”
“bhabhi! dont worry its ok we r ok with it” said Arunav
manik was in irritating mood still cant do anything he was in such an anger that he want to kill himself for saying such words nd accepting their praposal
“Manik tomm morning you are flying to mumbai nd meeting murthy’s nd his daughter nandhini”
“ok!” ” but! is it necessary to be physically abussive with her we can just kidnap her nd bring her”
“no manik! murthy has to go through the same pain which his father gave it to us”
“its decided nd his destiny nd that nandini murthy’s fate”
manik came out of the room nd straight away went to his room nd took out his gutier nd start playing it with anger
“i had to kidnap a girl nd physically have her nd then marry her whom i never saw nor met” “is this true??? iam hoing to do this??? is it her fate or my destiny to marry her??? will she ever forgive me for what iam going to do??? will accept me to marry her???? can i frist kidnap her???? damn it !!!!!! its impossible????? god!!!! what am i thinking????? i had to do if not conquences will be more worse i had to do it”
“miss nandini murthy get ready to get tourchered by manik malhotra nd to become mrs.nandini manik malhotra”

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  1. Damn interesting

  2. omg…..nandani is going to be kidnap by manik….i cant imagine what will happen next…..

  3. Interesting. …..continue your story

  4. Wahhh awesome story yaar

  5. thanks guys for ur response

  6. extremly intresting story dear….
    keep writing..

  7. Oh wowwww sunitha dearrrryyyy, what is this….I’m in damn shock…si interesting story. …manan r rivals n manik going to kidnap her n abuse n then marry…. whoa…it’s really unique and thrilling plot….just loved it very much. …keep it up…all the best. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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