manan; a business rivals new love story (Episode 8)

manik kidnaps nandini

Nandini was shocked hat happened was out of her imaginations she looked around it was un sensible she is unable to recollect in state of shock
manik called her”nandini”
she gained concious “yah its fab5 ok ” see guys whats happening? why you guys got me? see i had to go turn back my appa may be worried he will be panic so please drop me at home”
manik took a deep breath come on manik be strong actual punishment tarts from now”look nandu our families have some issues for which i brought you from this very moment you are just mine only mine you are not going to your house ”

“iam not able to collect your name but see my appa will be panic let me go”
“nandini get your sensces iam not going to leave you and your appa if dies i …….nandini slapped manik with full force evrything went silence manik opened his eyes broad open
“you are not getting i need my appa right now”nandini spoked harshly
manik holded her hands in anger his teeth are crushing with angry he is unable to control himself “look miss nandini murthy u r been kiddnaped by me to tourcher you appa and be loud nd clear u r not supposed to see your appa till ages and i will marry you after iam owning to nite today”
nandini was horrified her mind and her sences r fighting she lost conciousness and fainted
“manik are you mad is this the wayto handle things? you are owing her o nite?nd y did you should she is in shock let her digest things”cabir nd mukhti shouted at manik

manik looked at her took her head at kept very slowsly nd carefully on his lap his eyes filled with tears “if i wont be harsh she start begging which i cant bear”

car went to aliyas house manik lifted her in his arms nd dropped slowly on wiped her tears nd siad these tears we kill me daily from now pls nandu dont forgive me never
manik! hugged all four
mukhti and aliya remove her dresseverything on her body i kept a bag there make her wear them druv call docter i think she need it

manik called narander murthy”work completed iam sending things to”
“ok! how is chutki?”
she fainted i was too harsh at her
manik please takecare my daughter she is too sensitive
mr.murthy why are you doing this to her?
becoz your my frist choice for her i know she will be in pain for sometime but after that she will love you all.The person who want to take revange on me comes to me and say takecare of ur daughter i had to kidnap so avoid it please? when i said take her away you asked me permission to marry my daughter what else a appa want more
then talk to nandu
no! todays her pain gives her strenght to love nd please never say this to ur chachu r mom
i cant
ok takecare
manik sat on sofa his mind is totally messed up

twodays passed still nandini is unconsious manik is tensed everyone r worried docter kept drip she was murmurring please leave me i want my appa manik kick the stand hard his hand started bleeding “why to me? why to nandhu? i cant see her like this if she would have killed me that would have been more better iam saddist insaan ”
manik manik calm down see from now on nandi is your responsibility dont forget you have to bear much much more so bebrave”
manik nanidini got into consious everbody went to see her manik looked her and ran to her nd hugged her tight ‘thank god’ u r ok
i want some water please

aa yes mukhti gave her glass she drank whole glass i need some more she drank
“how much time passed you guys bought me here?
its long twodays nd u r unconcious since
can please just say how si my appa?
first you take rest we will talk later
is appa ok?
she slept evryone came out leaving her to take rest

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  1. i lost one episode guys i will upload it again

  2. What her appa knows about it

  3. Amazing yaar…but what is this o nite?

  4. i think you missed a part before this kidnapping….. pls upload the missing part.

  5. guyysss try to read my other story manik malhotra _ its my love story its fresh clg lovestory full of romamce nd love

  6. We will

  7. Ur storyline is great !
    Keep going with it but plz edit it properly before uploading.
    Most of the times it is messy and difficult to understand .. you hav to read it 3-4 times to understand it.
    Sometimes sentences do not make sense .
    So plz read it once before uploading and edit it properly.
    Ur ff is a bigg thumbs up .
    If u take my above suggestion i would be grateful .
    Thankyou !

  8. awesome dr…

  9. good one dear can u plz add commas(“) it gets easier that way to understand the convo
    hope u dont mind and hey i read both stories and are very good plzz keep writing and keep smiling love uuu tc

  10. It’s just mind-blowing dear…..
    Plz keep going…..
    Update missing part as soon as possible…..

  11. hi dear… i think u missed a prt… bt its amazing dear…
    i read both ur ff… they r just amazing… keep writing dear..

  12. epi 9 plzzzzzz

  13. Awesome episode, it was amazing, i you missed one episode. ..will wait for that….you ff is very interesting n exciting, just need some improvements in writing. …I hope you don’t mind…as Mahi n Niri suggested…it will make this ff very beautiful. …I’m reading your other ff tooo that is also very good. …keep it up. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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