manan; a business rivals new love story (Episode 7)

guy iam sorry one episode skipped so plz excuse me for that iam writting it once again
this is actually 7 th episode nandi’s kidnap drama sorry for inconvience;
manik was sitting infornt of laptop
nandini dressed up for puja at siddvinayaka temple she was in orange lahnga on waist a thin chain having diamonds on it big ear rings two hands full bangles ahe looked herself in mirror
“ok mandini murthy your beautiful
ummmaaa” kissed herself but as cc was instaled infront of mirror its like she is talking to manik directly nd the kiss it
made manik to feel the escences of it
“o god! u r killing me”
nandinis house is full of people
background music of mrudangam is playing all started to temple in mini bus only nandini and mr.murthy are going by car

guys come on
druv and reach your hours

mukhti what is traffic update?
asusal heavy
cabir what time you will take to drive?
one hour
ok cool
miss nandini murthy we are coming

all reached temple puja completed prashad is distrubuting nandini donating money to poor
“mukhti come on”
mukhti went to nandini
plz nandini go away dont cme pleasess
manik! what i heard is true? r its my illussion???
she dont deserve this tourcher

mukhti fell on nandini she holded her
r u ok???
ya! but can you drop me to car? iam feeling drowsy
both came near car manik caught nandini’s car nd dragged she bended to see manik kept his other hand on her head nd dragged totally in mukhti jumped into car cabir started the car
everything happened in factions
manik called arnav “she is with us “

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  1. What he is trying to do

  2. what a awesome kidnapping

  3. amazing episode… fully planned kidnapping…

  4. thank u for d updt.iwas also confused

  5. Awesome kidnapping….wowwww. ..thx for uploading this episode. …love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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