manan; a business rivals new love story (Episode 6)

manik got up the morning nd said to cabir “today show me ur talent i want to fix cc camera in nandinis room i want to know each nd everything about her”
“oho! bro spying???”
no! need closer
ok! give one hr i will catch you with equipments
alya u call nandini to prepone our programe on sangeet not on marriage
but it only twodays
yes! we meet nandini as fab 5
mukhti next day is the d day so i want u to be ready to execute the plan

ok! manik
guys here the plan starts
ok! group hug
hugged everyone nervous is frist time they playing something really bad which they never did
Manik only three days to go are you ready???? should i send anyone? v
no! no need chachu everything ready but you takecare of police nd what about marriage preparations???
they are going on
ok chachu! i had rush i have some
ok take care manik
manik closed his eye for a minute he is stressed totally but clear in one point that he want nandini its clear

cabir fixed cameras
alya fix date for concert
mukhti fixed everything for kidnap like vechicel, area where they had to do, road way to travell with nanidini after kidnapping, every single bit
manik decorated the stage nd druv took payment for it

Before widing up things manik want to see nandini once he went to her room she was searching for thing its about 7in the evening manik in his bluetooth said “cabir go for it”
next in two mins power gone manik went to nandini hugged her tight and send her ears “i dont want to hurt you but i have no choice and let me clear to you i love you and i cant see anyone with you not aryaman”
before she could shout r scream this happened nd manik left the room
power switch on

Nandini was totally in shock what happened is real r just an illusinssion??? who was it? what was that???? she was trying hard to recollect the words but they are just scattered but the touch was not really new she already felt it before but where????????????

manik and gang prepared for concert whole nite they slept early in the morning till noon all woke up and jammed once agin nd got ready for concert in murthy’s mansion

nandini, harsad, aryaman,nd navya welcomed them
for frist time was manik was playing someones marriage cermonies they ususally do concerts for big occassions as its for charity
programme started all oldage home people somany celebraties common people came to concert
manja song played

next jeena jeena played
after that ishq bulava
they about end mr. murthy requested to play afussion with his daughter
manik agreed nandin played veena and maniki guitar zahanaseeb song played for that druv and alya danced everyone enjoyed a lot

mr.murthy overwelled with performance nd asked them have dinner but fab5 denied nandini came and requested “please manik we will be thank full if u have dinner with us”
manik was just sliped his heart beat by listening his name for frist time for her
they had dinner and left

precap; nandinis kidnap drama

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  1. very nice

  2. I lyk ur story..its diffrnt n intrstng..keep going girl..gud luck

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    Waiting for next part….

  5. manik’s confession prt was amazing dear…. n d concert too..
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  7. guys iam so sorry that i disoppionted you people with my story i think i should stop posting as very less rrsponse

    1. dnt stop its so unique

  8. dont stop please continue

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  10. Ayyo nandhu so sad

  11. Awesome episode, it was soooooooo beautiful, manan hug in dark n manik’s words to her were awesome. ..the concert was fabulous, all the songs were lovely specially manan zahenaseeb I really loved it in the real serial tooo…you nailed it my dearrrrr sunitha. …plzzzz don’t stop my sweeeeeet friend. …I just loved this story, it’s superb n very interesting n unique. …plzzzz continue dear. …love you soooooooo muchhhhhh, muaaaaahhhhhh

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