manan; a business rivals new love story (Episode 5)

manik arranged for flowers
nandini was playing with parth they were fighting for toffies manik was on ladder fixing flowers suddenly some patels dropped on nandini she saw up manik was in his own work she just scattered the flowers nd playing again manik saw her dropped some more petals
this time she didnot check up
manik dropped some more she was in her own game he was just checking her
nandini is soft sensetive smart nd attractive mostly she is helpfull to everyone
harsad came “chutki come on lets go for shopping i will buy you new wardrobe”
“chutki! come with me i will buy you jewels” said abhishek
“chutki! ww buy new shoes nd chppels”said sradha w/o abhi
“chutki! lets go to restaurent”said navya nd aryaman
wait guys what happened to you all? iam not going anywhere i will play with parth
we will take parth tooo
frist we will go for shopping then jewels then shoes then restuarent ok
no bhai! iam not intrested
shradha hold her made her sit on chair and asked “what happened baby? whats bothering you? why you look dull from morning? we all are trying to make you happy thats it”
“i know bhabhi! but i dont know iam not in gud mood y i dont know?”
“may be you are stressed with marriage?”
“if you want we will postpone marriage”said aryamaan
“no! its not that just iam feeling odd that i had to leave my appa i dont know how i can manage things with out appa”
daily mrg he wish gm nd wakes me up he waits for me jogging we play tennis we bf together he drops me college he picks me up whatever work he has what busy is he, he is der for me hamesha! before i open my eye my way is filled with rose petels to walk by him now i had lead a life away from i dont how he will live without me??? i may be busy with my new life but he has only me”
iam his world he do business for me he lives for me why i dont know bhai my institution is warning me that iam going away from him soon verysoon nd may be we may not see eachother meet eachother for long long time
“no nandu! my house near by you can see ur dad daily you jogg with him you can do whatever you want iam not taking away from your dad iam adding myself to you both” aryaman said
“chutki! its just a fear not reality you we will never leave you alone”
all were in tears manik drvu looked eachother

manik was in irritating mood he is playing guitar from hr he is unable get rid of nandinis words she is have institution about loosing her family which is going to happen soon nd iam the one to do it and that aryaman manik was one who was watching aryaman placing his hand on shoulder which made him get irritated that is also bothering him

manik!!! r u mad ?? see you already broke the three strings? leave it!!!! drvu said cabir took his guitar
what is bothering you so much??? frist say it whats in your mind
“i dont know zillion things”said manik with anger
ok!we drop idea of kidnap we will try to get her marriage work out after that what ever happen we will manage
“no!screamed manik i cant let that aryaman …… manik got strucked akh! what am i thinking????
shit bro! you are in love with nandini murthy cabir said
all are shocked “what” manik shouted
yes bro! you are not bothered that you hurting not like this let me explain you are bothered but you are more worried about nandini marring aryaman
no! not at all! may not be! am i????? manik said in confusion
mukhti said ” its unbelive able manik u r in love did u remember soha our college beauty she was mad at you not was it’s is you rejected her what is special in nandini then???
she is beautiful like a fresh flower
she has spark in her smile which make other smile
she is kind hearted sensitive nd sensible
so caring
mostly she is one who can influence me totally
o ho oh!!!! manik malhotra is in love finally shouted druv
so its not kidnap exactly its elopping said alya

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