manan; a business rivals new love story (Episode 4)

Manik was sitting alone in hall seeing nandini
nandu! all call her
she is beautiful innocent nd have a spark in her smile
what is special in which atteacted me in frist sight??? when she was sleeping in her appas lap nd just looked at him
may the thought that i want to marry her may be r may not be????
she is attractive
if i dont marry her nd only kidnap her nd leave her then still i have the same feeling???
really i have feelings for her??? y i dont know but iam not guilty for doing so
he leaned back thinking he slept

next day
manik got ready as yesterday kept glasses wear a odd shirt not trimed his beared looked rough nd careless
he went murthys house he was searching for nandini while working she came out after an hour
nandini was wearing a gagra choli lemon yellow colour with sky blue colour chunni
she was just gorgous
she straight way came to him and said
“cabir! can you do me a favour”
“yes nandini”
“i want you to pick some things from top floor as i cant reach to them nd i need it you are tall enough so can you?”
both went to her room manik looked arround
room was neat nd tidy

with her smiling nd laughing photos with all the family members
cabir! come here see on top there are some boxes i need them
manik try to reach but cant so he said ” if u dont mind shall i hold you so that you can”
she stared at him once and said ok
manik holded his hands on her very thin nd soft waist and holded her high
she got a little jerk nd then turned towards the top and took the box he slowly dropped her down she was totally touching him with her body while dropping down her heart lost a beat both are starring at eachother its manik who gained conscious nd left her and walked away from room
manik was totally in trans he was still feeling her in his arms
drvu came nd asked whats up buddy???
“she is just too hot nd s*xy”
“what????”asked drvu

manik recollected and said what?? what??? did u bring those hangings for decore
yes but what did you say??? who is hot????
what did i saw nothing its hot here thats it!!!
then harsad came there both turned towards him
“i want my nandus sangeet look beautiful she loves everything natural so decore with flowers rose nd lillys her fav so please can you guys arrange? and i need jasmins i know its not season but if get them i can see spark in her eyes so please do it i will pay any cost”
ok sir we will said manik
so she loves jasmines manik said to himself

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