manan; a business rivals new love story (Episode 3)

precap:manik enters murthys house nandini asks him to prepare pasta nd coffee

manik after coming out of the room breathes o my god!!!! i died almost!!!! she is damm sick she asked me to prepare food thanks to that aunty she did it
druv smiled ” mr. manik malhotra to get marry u r doing all this think after marriage whats your position??”
“seriously buddy i will die what if she makes me chef???” o no i cant!!!
druv was laughing
manik too
“but druv did you see them how cute they are all r treating her as princess they dont know that in a weak iam going steel her from them forever nd her smile too”
even your buddy” hugged manik with care
ok! druv lets start the job
both where seriously doning decoration

Delhi malhotra’s manssion
Arnav was on a call he had a weiked smile on face he hanged the call nd turned around nd said ” bhabhi! manik is on
work he enterred murthys house all fab5
are planing so soon we will win”
listening this nyionika is tensed ” Arnav! we will win but what about marriage???
i cant risk manik”

“no bhabhi! the girl nandini is innocent nd very sensitive girl she is perfect for manik
” though she is our enemy’s daughter narender gave her good ethics nd morals she will become our bahu nd u know our family by seeing this she will surely understand us dont worry”
Arnav i cant live without manik he is life kkeep that in mind

malhotra’s massion mumbai
manik sat on sofa watching the all day video cabir was checking the rooms nd lane for kidnap plan
alya nd mukhti are watch nandini “she is really is angel her smile her behaviour its near to you ur idea of kidnap is not bad u can steel her she is worth steeling”
“you know she run a oldage home called amma”
“what” all three screamed “its totally strange” said cabir
“she is one wrote letter to me to perform on her wedding to raise the amount for amma” said manik
all three asked curiously
“i got it tendays back nd i said to you people we thought of meeting for that event did u all remember”
“oh! yah!” said mukhti
“cut in short she is manik malhotra’s replica in charecter”said cabir
“no!she is mr.manik malhotra’s heart throb dilbahar jaanaman” druv said
“saallo! iam loosing my temper u r playing at my cost”
“no yaar dont say that but we are doing same”
all four started teasing manik

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  1. Wow yaar u r really make my sunday happy thank u

  2. Awesome dr but so short

  3. Superb concept…go aged and make it lengthy yar plzzz…

  4. awesome

  5. amazing dear.. plzz make it a bit lengthy….

  6. awesome yar.when will u update next episode.its simply superb

  7. You concept is really too good…..keep going……

  8. sujatha muthukannu

    Superb but too short, love it. Keep gng..

  9. Awesome episode, but short…loved the dhruman convo n also fab4 teasing manik…nyo n arnav convo was pretty interesting, they like nandini as their bahu n right girl for manik….wowww. curious for the upcoming episodes. …love you soooooooo muchhhhhh

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