manan; a business rivals new love story (Episode 2)

nandini was in her casual dress slept on her dads lap playing with teddy
narander loves his daughter extreamly he live for her she is total house ladli
nandini has two brothers eldar is abhisek
and second one is harsaad
abhisek is married and have a son named paarth
haarshad is going to marry navya on the same day of nandini
navya nd nandini r best friends
aryaman is also best friend he praposed her on fussion concert for which she asked father to reply nd result is the wedding bells as navya nd harsaad r loving eachother since two years nandini want their mrg to be on same day of her
as everything is perfect but nandini is not so happy she dont want to leave the family after marriage especially her appa
narander on otherside is also not so happy about nandu marriage as his frist choice was someone else.

both where in their own thoughts manik nd druv enter the room
“sir! we are wedding organizers our manager has send us here to complete the work” said druv
narander looked both once and asked what is ur name??? seeing manik
manik got tensed by his question nd took a pause and said cabir sir
ok! u both can start work
nandu looked them casually nd took her teddy and about to go to her room she turned back and said “appa! i need 2 lakhs”
“ok! nandu”
“why???” asked her mother coming with coffee cup
leave it madam its her marriage may be for shopping
“ni! its nit good frist say the reason and ask you are going get married you have to learn how to talk nd how to behave”

madam you are exaggragating
appa! she is ur madam dont arrgue with her weaste of energy you cant win
look amms money is for my oldage home amma i want to buy new clothes for all of them for my wedding
nandu! iam ur amms so i brought new clothes for everyone along with workers of ur amma so dont worry
see appa i said na she is ur madam
nandu hugged mother nd kissed her ” its from appa”
“aaa! nandu! shameless”
“what happened amma” asked harshad coming from outside
ntg u say did u distributed all the cards?
yes amma can i get coffee please???
yes bro i will bring said nandini
no! all together screamed nandini got scared “y????” she exclaimed
“see nandu till u get married u r not suppossed to do any work u order everything will be at your service you are our princess ” said jarshad hugging her sweatly
“that means i can order anything??” she gave a naughty look
“yes” said all together
ok then ask this man to make a cup of coffee for me along with some pasta showing manik
all turned to him harshad ask manik who is he?? narander answered that these both wedding organiser came to do work
ok! then u cabir go and prepare pasta and teo cups of coffee my sis loves mushrooms so add little more

druv was watching manik terrified ” the manik malhotra who have plenty of workers at his tips who doesnt know how to boil water prepares pasta nd coffee??? impossible
druv shouted no! i will prepare
why are you shouting??? nd nandu want him to do so he will said harshad with anger
manik holded druvs hand nd said yes sir i will
saying this he went back of sulochana to kitchen
do you know to cook?? she asked seeing manik
no mam replied manik politely
she smiled and said ok see i will show you how to do you follow
thank you mam replied manik with smile
in 30mins pasta nd coffee is ready he brought it nandini took the plate nd coffee said ” thank you me.cabir nd sry that iam rude to make you cook”
its ok mam replied manik

not mam iam nandini address me with my name i like it
manik smiled nd both druv nd manik went out to work

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  1. manan scene was awesome n plzzzz make it longer……

  2. it was awesome n plzzzz make it longer……

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    u v become the greatest version of urself
    keep it up

  12. Omg it was really awesome episode, so beautifully narrated, loved it very much. ….nandini’s family convo n their love for her was just awesome….manik cooked for nandu…lol…so cool yaar. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  13. The each manan image with this ff is super cute. ..I just love them all…thx dear

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