manan; a business rivals new love story (Episode 1)

manik was calm nd just looking at the picture of nandini
“she is damm innocent what am i going to do???? its insaan i cant!!!! when is this all happening???? the past cant be changed but for that she is mot responsible neither me but y r we both getting this punishment???? i know mom is not wrong we lost our dad becoz of them we lost our bhuwa as they took her in same way they had to be punished but why nandini???? she didnt do that she is innocent ”
“manik! dont think do it if not chachu will
do as he said so do it manik” manik was hold a glass which broked in his hand while he was think all came to him
“buddy see we all know what you are going through but this not the way to deal with this be calm nd think again” druvu was trying to convince manik
“no druv! i had to do nd by seeing her i will do this may be she is my destiny”
“ah! druv chod yaar! may is in stage of love at frist sight wala pyar”
“salla i will kill u”

“on serious note guys come on we will all desperse nd complete the works but we have one problem”
what???? all asked at a time
iam the manik malhotra everyone knows me even we all we r fab 5 last week we gave performance which rocked and all channels internet media published us so how can we go to murthys house???”
“i have a solution” said alya
what?? screamed all at a time

“make over guys iam a stylist so i will do to you both then you can go to murthys mansion without any probs!”
ok! said manik with smile
“keep smiling manik your smile is fantastic”said mukhti
ok no melodram plz come on alya do it
fast i will arrange camaras to ur dresses so that we can plan for resque when ever we need it cabir said it while fixing
mukhti was arranging neccasary items like flowers decorative items so that everyone has to beleive as they r wedding organizers
everything was ready nd both started to murthys family
murthys mansion;

everyone are busy in wedding works
narander murthy is sitting with his daughter she was on his lap sleeping nd playing with teddy
“appa! why are send me away from you??”
“no! nandu iam not sending you away from our family but iam introducing me to new family along with ours u have two families to make you happy nd satisfy your wishes which i try to fulfill”

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