Manan broken strings (chapter 4)


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So the episode starts with all the mukbir and drulya shocked on seeing something….
The screen shifts and shows two bodies which did not seem to be two… They saw manik and nandini… Rather I refer manan sleeping on the couch in others arms… Nandinis head on his chest, hands on waist…. Maniks hand around nandinis shoulder..another hand on her her which is on her waist and his head on her head…( same as in cover pic but with little change)
Fab 4 never expected this from manik… Manik Malhotra who hates girls and got all red due to anger when any girl touched him exelt mukya(munkti n alya)…
Now the same manik was sleeping cuddling a girl… Wow!!! I mean isnt it a great shock…
Suddenly nandini suddenly jerked on sleep..
Manik woke up due to the sudden movement but without opening his eyes he said to nandini- arre yaar!! Kitna hilti ho tum neend me..(hw much do u move in sleep) dhang se so na(sleep peacefully na)
Am very sleepy and don’t disturb me..
Nan-in sleep with eyes closed-shut up manik.. Don’t irritate me… I couldn’t even sleep properly last night because of you.. Now lemme sleep.. N she patted maniks cheek in order to make him sleep..
Manik took her hand and held it and slept again….
Nandini also slept in the worlds most safest and peaceful are…

After few hours nandini woke up completely and first looked towards the pressure she was feeling on her head.. It was maniks head… Manik too woke up completely and looked at nandini… Both of them had an intense eye lock which was the key to the new found treasure of unknown feelings….
Both were about to kiss when they heard coughs..
They turned their heads(still cuddling position) and saw straight… They saw fab 4 with their elbows on table and chins in palms.. Staring them..
Man-kya Hua… Y r u staring like that….
No response…
Nan- guys kya Hua?? All ok? Y r u staring us like that??
All point down to their hands through eyes and Dhrulya and mukbir hug and act like sleeping…
Manan didnt understand and looked at their position… Nandini blushed while felt happy and both unwantedly separeted themselves but neither of the showed…
Bot stood at the extreme corners of the couch…
Fab4- what was all this…
Nan-kya? Wat r u all saying bout… Am sorry bt v didnt get it.. Hai na manik?! And eyed manik…
Man- ha? Haa..ha.. Right.. Wat r u speaking about… Guys haven’t u had enough sleep? V gotta fresh up… Bye am getting ready.. U all guys too get ready.. We r leaving to Mumbai in an hour.. Go….
N he ran to his room…
All were ready to bombard questions at nandini….
Nan- guys.. Wt r u all doing.. Go n get ready…. Am toh going.. Bye..
N she too ran into her room…
Muk- dal me kuch kaala hai ( somethings fishy)
Cab- arre puri puri ki dal hi kaali hai (everything is fishy)
He said looking at dhrulya who were holding hands…
(guys dhrulya are in a relation but fab3 doesn’t know about this)
Listening cabir they separate…
After a while everyone come down after getting ready for having breakfast…

At maniks room-

Maniks pov
Gosh kya tha woh… How can I… Crab man!!! Manik Malhotra cuddling a girl that too his fan.. Of course she’s my friend but how can i man???! What must she thinking about me?? Gosh!!!!
Nandiniii!!!!!!! What have u made me??
Two months back when you met me.. I couldn’t sleep that night.. Infact from two months u have been coming in my dreams!! Like seriously.. Manik Malhotra dreaming about a girl.. Like wow… And yesterday.. How peacefully I was sleeping may b cuz u wer with me.. Yeah Infact ive never slept so peacefully…. U have something u… U r very special…..
End of pov…
At nandinis room
Nandinis pov…
Ayyapa!! What just happened? How can I do that? I mean I haven’t even did like that with Maddy too but manik.. Ayyapa how peaceful and safe I was feeling in maniks arms..wait nandini WTH r u thinking… How can u even think like that… But I cant even ignore what all happened… Manik for the first time I felt Goosebumps by being so close to someone… U r very special.manik…
End of pov…

At the dinning table..
There were 7 seats…..
3 seats at either sides opposite to each at the edge
Adjacent to both sides….
Mukbhir and dhrulya come down and sit waiting for manan…
Cabir sat in the centre seat(the one at the edge adjacent to both the sides…)
Dhrulya and mukhti occupied 3 seats at one side…
Nandini came down and sat at the corner most leaving 2 seats beside cabir…. Manik came down and was about to sit near cabir but cabir wanted threw water on the seat..
Cab-arre arre… Sorry manik… Actually I was taking that bowl.. Am sorry..
Man- its its okay…..
N he hesitantly took the seat beside nandini…

The seats were so close that when 2 people sat they bodies would often brush at each others sides….
Nandini was on maniks left….
And manik being a left handed… When ever took a bite.. His elbows brushed nandinis side… Always when this would happen.. She would let out a giggle dealing ticklish… Later she would feel butterflies… No one understood the reason for her behavior except manik… At a time he wantedly brushed nandini due to which she started laughing like a maniac…
Dhr- nandini.. kya Hua tumhe?? U okay??
Man- ha ha say nandini what happened… He winked and smirked at nandini which cabir noticed…
Nan-feeling embarrassed- woh.. Woh…woh…
Cab-manik can u plz control beta.. Kal raat ka dose Kafi ni tha kya? Ha? Jo ab bhi chalu ho gaya?
Man- cabirrrrr! Shut up okay… And guys.. We will leave in 10 so be ready..
Saying this he left the table..
Soon all got ready and came to the car..
In the car it was like… Manbir at front, dhrulya in the middle and mukni at last… Mukti sat back to give company to nandini…
They started…
They all were chit chatting… Suddenly they started singing songs… Manik saw nandini in the mirror and remembered their sleep… Cabir noticed him and asked him to sing… Without hesitating he began to sing which was unpredicted by fab4 as he never sang alone…
He sang… By looking at Nandini through mirror..

Saari raath aahen barta
Pal pal yaadin me Marta
Mane na meri man mera…

Tode tode hosh
madhoshi si hai
Need behoshi si hai
Jaane na kuch bhi na man mera..

Khabhi mera tha par
Ab begaana sa he
Deewana Deewana samjhe na..

Kabhi chup chup rahe
Kabhi gaata ye kare..
Bin puche Teri taarife
Sunnaya ye kare..

Hai koi hakikat Tu
Ya koi fasaana hai
Kuch Jane agar toh
Itna ki ye Tera deewana hai
Re man mera…
Mane na man mera….

Rag rag me samaya mere
Dil oar woh chaya mere
Mujphe woh aise jaise jaan…

Gire barsaath me
paani jaise..
Koi kahani jaise..
Dil se hi dil tak Jo bayaan..

Aashiq dil Tera puraana hai ye
DeewanaDeewana samjhe na…

Kabhi chup chup rahe
Kabhi gaata ye kare..
Bin puche Teri taarife
Sunnaya ye kare..

Hai koi hakikat Tu
Ya koi fasaana hai
Kuch Jane agar toh
Itna ki ye Tera deewana hai
Re man mera…
Mane na man mera….

Tujhko Jo dekhe
Mujhko ye leke
Bas tere piche piche bhaage

Tera junoon hai
Tu hi sukoon hai
Tujh se hi baande dil ke dhage

Kabhi chup chup rahe
Kabhi gaata ye kare..
Bin puche Teri taarife
Sunnaya ye kare..

Hai koi hakikat Tu
Ya koi fasaana hai
Kuch Jane agar toh
Itna ki ye Tera deewana hai
Re man mera…
Mane na man mera….…aa…..aaaaaaa…..aaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

He ends…
All praise him while tears roll down from nandinis cheek.. Donno why but she wanted to cry..
But she managed herself..
All forced her to sing but she completely disagreed saying she was not comfortable..

With lots of masti all reached Mumbai… They first nandini to her house..
She introduced all to chacha and chachi…
Everyone liked chacha chachi…
Muk- nandini tumhare mom dad??
Chachi- wo they r not here…
Nan- chachi its ok they r my frnds u can tell them.. I’ll get freshened up and come.. Excuse me guys…
N she goes up..
Manik notices tears in her eyes…
Meanwhile chachi tells them about her parents a d rishab(same story like in the actual story like they r dead during comet shower)
Chacha- bhia bhabhi ke death ke baad nandu was broken..
From that day she hates herself.. She has even stopped celebrating her birthday….
She had lost her charm… Later on she became normal but donno why amma(amms) is saying that from the last 2 months she became same like she was during at bhaia bhabhis death…. Infact amma also saw nandini crying during the mid night…
Fab 5 looked at eacher as they knew the reason Maddy!!!
after some time

Manik- chachi now we will leave…
Chachi- arre wait till nandu comes na..
Alya- no aunti actually today v have our college and v r already late.. V vil come.some other time…
All support her.. Except manik as he wanted to c nandini very badly…
Chachi nods n all bids bye to chacha chachi and sit in car..
Manik was still not starting the car and was holding the steering and eyeing to a window which his heart said was of nandinis room..
He waited for a while… Loosing hope of meeting nandini ever again be sadly eyed down. Just nandini comes to the window n sees manik….
Manik doesn’t see her and starts.the car nd turns….
As he turns the car sees nandini in his rear view mirror…
She waves him bye with a big smile…(like in aashiqui 2 climax)
The screen freezes…

PRECAP- nandus first day at college.. Happy moments…She runs out of the crying and runs into a room…. Fab 4 scared by manik….

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Credit to: Lara

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