Manan broken strings (chapter 3)


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so todyas episode…
The episode starts with nandini shaking her hand with manik….
Both felt some electricity passing through them with each others touch…. But both ignored it…
They drove to maniks farm house… Where all fab 5 were partying.. Manan entered while others all were busy guessing who she could be..
Manik came and introduces nandini as his fan come new friend..
All narrow their eyes saying new friend!!!
Manik whispered to fab 4- don’t think anything wrong…
(normally) mukhti can u give her a dress of yours actually her dress got drenched in coffee…
Mukti nods and takes nandini for changing… While others sit in the living area…
Mukti comes after giving her a dress…
Mukti joins others at living are..
Cabir- not a bad choice manik but I dont think she speaks a lot…

Manik- I too think so.. Wait.. What did u say.. Choice? R u mad.. Never.. She’s just a friend.. ND she is not even my type ok..
Later he tells all the story about his and nandus meet…
All smile and mean while nandu comes…
Manik just dropped his jaw seeing nandu…
She wore a denim and a sleeveles brown thin top exposing almost of her perfect waist.. Her hair left open and flying due to the cold breeze…
Cab(to manik)- mu band karle beta.. Flies will enter..
Manik composed himself…. She sat and all started talking on random topics..
Alya- seriously how embarrassing would it be she some one u admire catches you with a crying and puffed up face for the first time….
All laugh.. Manik interrupts and says – how strange.. See even when the second time v met u r crying…

Both laugh..
Manik feels happy on seeing nandu laugh and he himself don’t knw the reason…
Manik- I think god had made me for u…
Nanu stops laughing and sees manik… Everyone look at manik with what?and teasy expression
Manik realizes what he said and covers up by saying..
MAnik- I…i…i mean ki.. May be god has sent me to…to..umm…aa.. Yeah to wipe nandinis tears as a tissue a paper??
Mukthi- woah… Manik ot was a pj.. U r getting affected bt cabir a lot…
Nandini stayed silent all she could say is..
Nandini- guys.. I gotta leave..

Manik was not so happy when nandu said it.. To extend the convo he asked..
Manik- by the way Nandini what were you doing there in that cafe.. Cuz its pretty away from Infact very far from the city.. So??
Nandini- actually manik I was going to Mumbai… And there was a halt there so I went to have coffee.. And as I was enjoying my coffee, the bus left along with my luggage..
Alia – ohh so u r from Mumbai?
Nandini- no.. Actually I belong to manglore.. But am going tomumbai for my studies.. And music..
Cabir- really! Mumbai me where?

Nandini- I too donno where.. All I know is I have to go to my chacha and chachis place.. Then only ill get to know..
All hmm..
Dhruv- so ab hw r u gng to go to Mumbai?

Nan- by bus.. Infact I was just leaving..
Mukthi- but u won’t get any buses till tomorrow afternoon…
Nan- ya bt ill manage..
Manik- what ull manage? I have seen hw u have managed by getting drenched in coffee.. And smirks..
Nan- what do u mean? Mr manik Malhotra.. If u have a good memory track then plz try n remember that it was all because of u..
Man- me? Like really? So did I ask u to hide from me..
Nan-no.. But who asked u to come to that cafe..
Man- ha? Excuse me..
And he stares her.
Nan- wt? Y r u staring like that?
Man- yeah rite.. For this too I must have asked permission…
Nan- for staring me? I have no problem with that.. And giggles..
Manik was lost in her.. When our cabir coughs for teasing manik..
Manan compose themselves…
Cabir- on a serious note we thot that u dont talk too much.. But u.. Gosh.. U r d first one ever who has dared to fight with the manik malhotra…
Nan- cabir am not fighting with the manik malhotra.. Infact i was fighting with my new friend who is just manik…
Maniks pov-
How simple she is.. Even though she is my fan.. She foes not behave like that other stupid girly fans..
Whoever u r miss nandini murthy… U r very speacial.. Really very special…
End of pov..
Cab- anyways.. Nandini u can come with us tomorrow as even we are leaving for Mumbai tomorrow.. We will drop u.. So chill..
Nan- no no.. So nice of u cabir.. But srsly.. It’s ok.. I will manage…
Manik acts as if he is not able to listen to her… So he bends his ear towards her n says- kuch kaha tumne?(have u said sumthng)
Nan- I said ill manage..
Manik- what ( still bending and pulling his ears as if he I trying to listen what she was saying)
What did u say?
Nan- ill manage
Man- ha? What..
Nandini gets angry… And shots literally- okay fine….
Man- ouchh.. Chilati kyu hai yaar??( y did u shout)
While all laugh at this gesture.. Even manan join them…
It was 4 in the morning when all went to their rooms..
all were sleeping while manan were thinking of just each other and the incidents that took place between them… They could not sleep… manik came out of his room and went to kitchen for drinking water…
He herd some sounds from the kitchen.. He thought thieves and silently he went in.. Everything was dark…. He slowly went and hugged the person from back in order to catch him or her..
The person was about to shout but the person recognized the touch and said.. Manik leave me… It’s me nandini…
Man- oh nandini is that you…Sorry I thought that it was some thieve..
Nan- that’s ok but for now leave me..
Man-oh ya.. N he left her..

Man- whar r u doing here at this time?
Nan- ha.. Actually I wanted some water so.. What r u doing here?
Man- even I too wanted some water.. He drinks water…
Both come out of the kitchen.. N move towards living area… They kept talking something or the other.. Both were very happy with each others company..
Suddenly nandini stumbbles with something and was about to fall but manik catches her..
His one hand was on her waist and other under her head..
Nandini held his collar and hence manik came more close to nandini.. He was lost in her and was moving more closer to her face, towards her lips..
Nan- manik..
Man- umm.. Sorry…
Nan- its..its..okay..
Both compose and sit on the sofa.. Man- so y did not u sleep?
Nan- I was not sleepy.. N u?

Man- too…
They randomly talk on some topics….

Next morning… First cabir woke up and came towards living area.. He saw something and just kept his eyes widened and jaw dropped..
Next mukti came and asked cabir wt happened..
No response from cabir so she too looked into that direction.. She too widened her eyes and dropped her jaw…
Next same happened with dhrulya.. All were standing there with their jaws dropped and eyes widened…..
Screen freezes on them…..

PRECAP- embarrassing moment for manan… All leave to Mumbai… First day of nandini at college… Entry of Harshad and Soha…. Nandini runs out of class crying on seeing something….

So guyss… How was it.. I really hope ki you all liked it..
Plzzz keep commenting…
and so sorry for not posting KYY SEASON 3 DIFFERENT FF… actually I was busy with my new college and other 3 ffs of mine.. Am sorry.. But ill post next episode by today night or tomorrow….
Luv u all guys…
Take care?

Credit to: Lara

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