Manan broken strings (chapter 2)


Hello guys this lara..
This is not my ff but nikki’s who stopped writing this ff due to less comments. So I am continuing this ff.. If any one has ant objection then plz let me know…
Following are the links of the intro, prolouge and chapter 1 by Nikki…


Chapter 1-

Anyways I will give a summary of the ff till now…
The ff starts with nandini trying to figure out her special on by closing her eyes… She sees manik but she becomes sad and thinks that the one she loved the most I.e manik has betryed her….

In banglore fab 5 won in the face between them and 1MB that was maddy( madhyam singhania ).
All were celebrating in the green room but manik headed towards his car which parked and there was nobody to be seen…
Manik heard a crying sound from behind his car.. So he checked who it was.. It was a girl when manik saw her for the first time itself he got mesmerized by her charm especially her eyes…
Hesitantly both start a conversation and the girl says the reason she was crying was that Maddy had ditched her on another girl… Manik consoles the girl by saying some heart soothing words.. Later he becomes more awestruck when he comes to know that the girl was his fan and unlike other fans who torture him for photos and autographs, was so cute and silent.. She I troduces herself as Nandini… They have a jovial talk…
2 months later-
In a cafe at midnight, nandini was having coffee enjoying the nature outside.. Suddenly she spots manik entering into the same cafe so she hid herself with a book as if she was reading it to avoid manik notice her as she felt embarrased due to their first meet with her swollen crying Face…. To her surprise.. Manik shared her table.. After some awkward silence, the coffee spilt on nandus dress as it slipped from the table… Nandini put the book aside and started cleaning it with a tisseue.. Manik identified her and called her out NANDINIII??!
So guys this was the summary..
Here goes Chapter 2–
Maniks POV
Damn!! It’s nandini.. I felt that my eyes would pop out anytime.
I mean is she real or am I hallucinating???
I slowly forwarded my hand towards her arm and pinched it..
Ouchh she shouts.. I gotta believe now… She is real.. Yayyyy.. My heart started dancing.. “Waoah waoah wait Mr manik Malhotra.. What has happened to u.. Remember she is just an ordinary fan.. Nothing else.. Get it.. So keep a control on ur self” said my brain. I stood to talk to her in my bold arrogant avtar.. I began ” listen na..” But to my surprise, she cut me off and she began” ouchh.. What the hell manik.. Why did u pinch me.. Aww.. ”
” wow.. She looks so beautiful even when she is angry.. She is not just a fan manik.. She.. She is special..” Said my heart..
As the war was going on between my mind and heart I Just looked at her crystal eyes… Damn!! They r hypnotic… Her button nose.. So cute.. Her soft pink lips.. Mg.. Her chubby cheeks.. Jesse.. I wanna pull her cheeks.. But.. Am I thinking wrong?? Gosh… What’s happening to me… Am I falling for her??? But how? V barely know each other… Plz god.. Help me through this!!!

End of maniks pov

Nandinis pov
Ayyapa.. What is this… Firstlythis manik and this coffee… Y does this always happen to me?? Plzz manik don’t stare me like that.. Plzz.. I closed my eyes tight in nervousness embarrassment but unfortunately or may be fortunately, he spoke up..
” if u don’t mind I may help you nandini” asked he.. I could sense the hesitation in his voice, ” actually u can come with me to change your dress”
I changed my expression like what??
” no no don’t take me.wrong nandini.. U can come with me and wear a dress of alya or mukti u must be knowing that r part of fab 5″ he it all in a go..
I giggled at this and he too smiled at his act
I having no option left nodes yes..

He took to his car, and he like a gentleman opened the door for me. I was truly impressed because the world just knew the arrogant bold and rockstar attitude of his but maybe I am the lucky one to see c his gentleman side..
Wait.. What r u even thinking nandu… Am I falling for him???
No no.. It’s nothing more than attraction a fan has towards his star.. That is.. Nothing else.. And after what Maddy did to me how can I even trust anyone noo.. I cant..
End of pov.

Manik came into the driver seat. He put his seatbelt and asked nandini to put to put on her seat belt. But he got no response he called her out by shaking her she turned towards manik amd a tear dropped from her eye..
Manik became hell scared and in his most concerned voice he asked- nandini r u ok? Is everything alright.. Y r u crying..
Nandini was surprised to his concern and unknowingly a smiled formed on her face..
She said nothing just thought about Maddy..
Manik- Maddy? Like seriously? nandini r u still being affected by that jerk.. Just..just let go off those memories nandini… Just move on.. He was just a passing cloud….
Nadini- no manik I’ve already forgotten that jerk.. The thing which bothers me is…. After Maddy has done that…. I feel like I have lost trust from relations… Infact I have lost faith on love… To be frank.. I don’t trust myself anymore…
N she breaks down… Manik consoles her….
Manik( to cheer her mood)- by d way nandini y were u hiding from me?
Nandini stops crying and smiles a bit- wo…aa..ummm manik, don’t h think that our first meeting was so weird.. I mean I feel so embarrassing….
Manik- ya but I don’t think you need to get embarrassed in front of friends.. So freiemds??(by forwarding his hand)……….

The screen freezes on maniks face….

So guys…
Plz tell how did u feel the episode was?? If u like I only then ill continue..
I knw there was not so much story in today’s episode because it was just a sample..
Next episode would be longer and have more story..
Plz say I I should continue or not…
Luv u guys…
Take care?

Credit to: Lara

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