Manan Broken Strings (Chapter 1)


Hello friends. Thank you for the support. This is my first story ever. So please tolerate my bad writing and mistakes.

Chapter 1

*Two months later . . .*

Nandini’s Pov ~

I wrapped my hands around the mug enjoying the smell of coffee, hum of lights above me, but most importantly I loved watching people. They were quite fascinating. Especially the ones who were brave enough to walk the city streets at the middle of the night.

I looked at the clock on the wall which showed 12:15 a.m. Whenever I couldn’t sleep I headed to this place, Dolly’s Kitchen. Cliché ? Yes, but I liked being here.

Suddenly the small bells hung at the door chime alerting the patrons and staff that a new customer had arrived. I brought the hot cup closer to my lips and looked up to take a glance at the new customer. I wondered who had came her at this time ? Maybe there was somebody else like me. . .

As soon as the new customer walked in I felt butterflies in my stomach. Now you must be thinking what made me feel so. Well, it was him. It was none other than the, Manik Malhotra. He was talking to the lady behind the counter and he didn’t really seem to notice me sitting in the corner.

Thank God he didn’t ! I had met him a couple of months ago. That’s not it. I had also embarrassed myself by crying in front of him over my tragic break up story. Now definitely, I didnt want to get noticed by him.

I let out a small gasp quickly grabbing the book in front of me hiding my face behind it. As much as I wanted to go and meet him again I also didn’t want to embarrass myself again.

From the corner of my eye I saw him smiling at the lady who took his order. He mumbled a thank you and looked in my direction. Dang! I quickly hid behind the book. But it looked like I wasn’t going to get away so easily. Oops!

His footsteps were clearly heard on the wooden floor as he walked in my direction.

“Excuse me?” He asked. I lowered my book a little still hiding the part below my eyes.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Can I sit here?” He asked. Oh god! Why? I thought and looked around the small place. There were four more tables and he could have sat there. Then why did he come to me?

“Y-yeah. . .” I said not knowing how to say no. That would have been really rude of me. He smiled and sat down in front of me.

“uh. . .you . .” He said once he was seated but I cut him off in between.

“Y-yeah?” I asked raising my voice a bit. Why was I so nervous ?!

“um. . .I think you are reading the book upside down. . .” He said pointing towards the book in my hand.

Heck. . .

“I . . . I like to read it that way. .” I said and heard him chuckle.

“Okay. . .” He said. I sighed and pretended to be really busy reading an upside-down-book.

A few awkward silent moments passed and I hadn’t turned a page at that time. Suddenly I heard him clear his throat.

“Actually. . .I think I have seen you somewhere. . .” He said.

Lie, Nandu lie.

“No – no we haven’t seen each other before.” I said quickly.

“Hmm…then why do I feel like-” he said but I cut him in between.

“Even I feel like I have seen you before somewhere. But I haven’t. So chuck it.” I said.

“Are you sure we haven’t. You voice also sounds familiar. . .” He said. I sighed holding the book with one hand in front of my face and used the free hand to grab the cup of coffee. I felt so stupid. . .

I was so nervous that I couldn’t see the cup which was sitting on the edge of the table and I spilled all the coffee on my dress.
Great !

My night couldn’t have got worse than this. As an instant reaction, I kept the book aside and grabbed some tissue paper from the box placed on the table. I frantically started rubbing the stain off my jeans as I noticed Manik looking at me with a complete poker face. I decided to focus on my jeans instead.

“Nandini. . .” He spoke.

Here we go. . .

Manik’s Pov in the next chapter.
A little romance to blossom between them . Keep reading to find out what happens next and how Manik reacts after seeing his ‘beautiful stranger.’
Keep reading and commenting.

Manan forever !!

Credit to: Nik

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