Manan – An Unforgettable Love Forever EPISODE 7


Recap : FAB 5 party to navya’ s surprise.
Manik wakes up in the morning and moves to his wash room to get ready and came back to his room, when he opened his wardrobe he saw that pendent and smiles at it. He felt happy seeing that inspite wat all happened on the previous night, and got charged to go happily.
Navya enters the college with hesitation and then release a long sigh and enters the college and mean while Nandhini was watching navya from some distance and felt happy that is coming to normal.
Nandhini : Hai navya i hope iam seeing the same navya.
Navya : Yes nandhu.
Nandhini : Thats like my girl.
Navya : But nandhu i am very scared of FAB 5, u knw na yesterday how they were looking at us, we should be careful come lets go to the management and inform them.
Nandhini : No, Navya we cant do that.
Navya : Yesterday u only said na that u r going to give complaint agaist them, Wat happen now?
Nandhini : Navya i just said to scare them thats it, becoz of us they cant be punished right. But wat they did is wrong, scary, rude but we cant be like them na, if they get hard punishment means then wats the difference between them and us. So leave for now.
Again whole college is looking at them, Navya and Nandhini does’t care abt it and moves towards the college. FAB 5 enters the college in sometimes and moves towards the college back to Navya and Nandhini. Nandhu and Navya is talking to each other and smiles while walking. In long distance Alya shows Nandhini to Manik.
Alya : Manik, look her she is here Nandhini Murthy, she is the one who insulted us the other day. Manik dnt leave her, i dnt want to c her smile anymore, she also wants to know na who is FAB 5.
Mukthi : Ah Manik yesterday she saved her like a hero, let us c who will save her from us today. I think we will have lots of fun this morning.
Cabir : Its GOOOOOOOODDDDDD MORNINGGGG for us come on lets move.
Dhruv : With disgusting face Manik no we cant do this if Nyonika came to know abt it na then it will be worst than ever.
All this while Manik is trying to look her face. Manik cant c her clearly becoz the distance between them is so far, he tried hard to look her face but he cant, frustrated manik just want to stop her from talking, laughing with navya, so he called her.
Manik : Oie Miss. Merit.
Everyone turns their head towards the voice and came to knw that it was FAB 5, then they knw whom they r calling and went to c their work. Nandhini and Navya also turned back. Manik again called her with the same name, but this time with more anger. Nandhini and Navya now got to knw that they r calling them and stop there seeing them. FAB 5 is moving forward towards them.
Nandhini is also trying to c his face, becoz she saw FAB 4 that night and she want to c FAB 5 now, she was trying hard to c his face but cant. Then the distance between them is reducing step by step both where trying hard to c each other and Now nandhini can somewat c his face and slowly she got a feeling that she saw him before and was trying to recollect her memory. Suddenly she remember that day she was saving him from that accident and was happy to c him in college, Manik came near to Nandhini and she is really happy that he is well and good and she want to ask him “HOW HE IS FEELING.”
Nandhini : With smiling face. How……………….. Before she could complete Manik drags her to the wall and push him against her.
Manik : Oh Miss. Whatever, Wat do u think of urself how dare u talk to my friends like that, remember u r now in FAB 5’s control we r watching u. What do u think? Being a merit student and got scholorship, so whatever u say everyone will accepts it HERE WE R THE MANAGEMENT AND WE R EVERYTHING got it EVERYTHING if not better get it.
Nandhini is not able to trust her own eyes for sometime, the person whom she saved and also lost her prescious pendent to save him is behaving like that to her. Sametime Manik feels some familarity in her touch but ignores. After sometimes she feels the pain in hand becoz of his hold trying hard to get rid out of it.
Nandhini : Leave me its paining Leave me…
Both looking deep into eachothers eyes nandhini is in pain but still she manages to c him into his eyes and tries hard to get out of his grip. There comes nyonika and shouts.
Nyonika : Wats happening here? get outof my sight now everyone.
Manik’s grip loosens her and turn towards nyonika, all FAB 5 is looking her Nyonika comes to them and orders Navya and Nandhini to go to their classes, they moved. Nyonika warned FAB 5 and goes from there.
Cabir : Wat a timing hai yaar tumare mom ki, Humare morning karab kiya.
Mukthi : Ya cabir.
Manik : Dnt worry guys she is also here and we r also. So we get lots of mornings like this, come on lets move.
In class room Nandhini still cant believe wat just happen to her, Navya going on calling her name
Navya : Nandhu…nandhu…Nandhu.. arey wat happen to u and shakes her.
Nandhini : Got into her sense. Wat navya
Navya : Wat happen to u wat r u thinking, i said na come we will go to management and complaint abt it come.
Nandhini : No navya, iam alright now i dnt want to give any complaint against anyone. Infact i should blame myself that i……….. and stops there, leave it na let it me.
Navya : Saw some hand marks in nandhu’s hand. Nandhu wat is this?How will u be with this the whole day.
Nandhini : Sees the same and tries hard to hide it with her stole.
Raghav sir enters the class and everyone greets him.
Raghav : Happy to c everyone and this is ur very first class i think so. I just want to knw wat u all can play and sing, So i let u free for today and tomorrow so that u can give me ur best on day after tomorrow. Wat say guys. All nods yes and he leaves.
Nandhini in Rishab’s room and explains everything happened in college to rishab.
Nandhini : Rishab first time i feel very bad for saving that…that..that MONSTER from the accident. U knw na rishab i kept that pendent very safe with me i missed that in saving him, but wat he give him this and shows the mark to him.
Rishab : Is shocked to c the mark and asks her if she is okay.
Nandhini : Iam okay now no need to worry. I kept him in my prayers from that day i was thinking abt him that how would be his health, how he is feeling and turns to c rishab is irritated by her talking and turns to sleep. Chachi enters the room
Chachi : Nandhu from the day u joined SPACE na u r talking to urself then others, r u alright?
Nandhu : Chachi
Chachi : Okay now go and sleep its already time go.
Nandhu : Good night chachi.
Let me knw how was the meeting of Manik and Nandhini, I dnt knw how it is so u all have to say abt it pls iam waiting for ur comment, negative comments also. PLSSSSSSS let me know how was it.

Precap : Manik hears a song and follows it.

Credit to: Sahana Jessie

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  1. pls dnt repeat the story like kyy. pls make something different. make them fall for each other soon n let manik know that nandu was the girl who saved him

  2. As i expected nandhu regert fr saving him ,,Manik cnt easily knw abt his savior that night First met awsmm ,Make cabiNi bond first plzzzz cabir cn only found MaNan first
    I think its Nandhini who sings
    keep rockzzzzzx

  3. awesome….. plz continue

  4. Manan scene was just awesome…..

    Keep going….
    Waiting for next part…..EAGERLY…..

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