Manan: The 7 Letters (Chapter 1)


Location: Malhotra Mansion, London; Time: 7 am
A boy was sleeping peacefully on his king size bed. He looked no less than a prince and even his room was no less than a prince’s room. Of course, he was actually a prince for his parents. Suddenly the door knob turns and the door opens. A beautiful lady wearing peach colored saree in her thirties enters the room. She comes near the boy and softly ruffles his hair and says,
Lady : Good Morning Ayaan, wake up fast else you will get late for school.
Ayaan turning to the other side: 5 minutes more mom.
Nandini sternly : No 5 minutes or 10 minutes wake up fast. I’m sure you don’t wanna get late to school again.
Ayaan: Please mommm…
Nandini: Ayaan I’m going to wake up Myra and Nyra. When I come back I want you to be at breakfast table.
Ayaan in sleepy tone: Hmm…
With that Nandini left for Myra’s room.

She went inside the room and found Myra sleeping.

Nandini: Uff! even she is sleeping. Why cant they just put an alarm before going off to sleep.

She went near Myra and ruffled her hair.

Nandini politely : Myra! Common baby get up. You’re getting late for school na.

Myra in sleepy voice: hmm…

Nandini: What is hmmm Myra? Get up quickly else I wont allow you to go shopping for next whole week.

On hearing this, Myra opened her eyes with shock.

Myra: What!! One whole week!!

Nandini: Stop panicking baba….go get ready ready fast and come down for breakfast.

Myra: Ya I’m comming.

Nandini left her room and went to Nyra’s room. This was their daily routine. Nandini used to get up at 6:30 get ready by 7 and then wake up Ayaan, Myra and Nyra. Then she had to wake Manik up and then they used to have breakfast after which, Manik used to drop the kids to school and then go to work.
As Nandini entered Myra’s room, a smile crept on her face. She saw that Myra was already awake and totally engrossed in revising her notes.

Nandini: Oh God! Look at you and look at your other two siblings. They are not yet awake and you are all ready and studying at this hour in the morning.

Nyra: Mom, actually the human brain cells tend to be more receptive in the early hours of the day so I’m just utilizing my time and also I can remember things more easily and fast in the morning.

Nandini smilingly: Ok my science book, leave all this and come down for breakfast.

Nyra: Ya I’ll be there in 5.

With that Nandini left for her room.

She entered her room and saw her husband looking a like Greek God, combing his hair standing in front of the mirror.

Nandini: Wow Mr.Malhotra, very impressive. Today you woke up without you wife making you wake up.

Manik: Vo actually, I was thinking to surprise my dearest wife. You know she has to take care of three children na so she gets tired and then me being the sleeping beauty, it’s very difficult to wake me up na. That is why.

Nandini: Oh, so you care so much for your wife.

Manik: Not only care, I love my wife so much.

Nandini smiled at his statement and hugged him tight.

Nandini: I love you too.

Manik smiled and hugged her more tightly. They soon broke the hug.

Nandini: Manik, come down for breakfast, okay.

Manik: Of course my love, I’ll be there in 5.

Nandini smiled and went to the dinning table.

Ayaan, Myra and Nyra were already sitting on the dinning table having breakfast

Ayaan, Myra and Nyra were already sitting on the dinning table having breakfast.

Nandini: Wow! everyone ready on time.

Ayaan: Mom, you know what if i would have been late even one more time to school, dad would have blocked my credit card and I would not have been able to party with Adi. That is why I got ready on time.

Myra in dramatic tone: Ya mom, dad would have even blocked my credit card, then what would have happened to my clothes, shoes, accessories, there is even a sale going on at H&M. No no no no no I cant take such a big risk no.

Nandini chuckled hearing this.

Nandini: Dramebaaz!

All this while Nyra was quietly munching her sandwich and reading her biology textbook. Nandini looked at her and her smile faded.

Nandini’s thought: Look at her, she studies so much. I mean it is alright to study and I don’t mind her studying at all but if she studies all day then maybe one day when she has to fight for herself she wont be able to do so.

Nandini: Nyra, leave your book and eat properly.

Nyra: No mom, I cant. I have biology test today and I wanna get full marks.

Myra: Oh shoot! I totally forgot about the test. Nyra, please you would show me your paper right.

Nyra sternly: Ofcourse NOT!

Myra makes a puppy face and Nyra melts.

Nyra: Okay fine, but only for once.

Myra: Ya.

Just then Manik comes to the dinning table.

Manik: Myra, you are not cheating.

Myra: Dad! Last time promise.

Manik: No

Myra: Dad please. This test is very important please please please please.

Manik: NO. Nyra you are not gonna show her the paper.

Nyra: Yes Dad.

Myra pleaded Nyra with eyes and Nyra blinked her eyes in assurance. All this while Ayaan was busy in his phone.

Nandini: Ayaan, first eat your food and then do things on your phone.

Ayaan: Mom I’m just texting Adi to come over for night.

Myra: Bhai, say him to get Ria along.

Ayaan: Okay.

Soon they were done with their breakfast with a bit of chit-chat. Manik along with kids left and Nandini cleared the table and went into her room.

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