MAN MAYAL part 7

So guys its my birthday and that I had to update coz its my special day. I wrote this in like bits as my finger was broken and that I didn’t get much time either. So guys as per my recap u know its leap time so here we go
5 years later
A car stops in front of a building. A man is seen exiting the car. He gets out and looks around. he takes off his coolers and in a distance sees a very cute fight between a small boy and a girl. He approaches them. Lets hear their cute convo
G: (crying) iche creeaaaammm. waaahh

B: yaar you know I cant buy anymore ice cream. Ok u can take mine
G: I want chocholate not vanilla waaaah
B: well who told u too sword fight with yours (it happened with my bro when we were young)
The man approached them
M: HEY CHAMP and CUTIE what happened
Both looked up at him and there mouths were wide open in shock
B: rockstar Abhi!!! Paro slap me

Paro the girl slapped him hard
B: I didn’t mean it
P: u only said so only I did and again started to cry
A: what happened champ
B: sir our mother gave us money for two ice creams. I bought two but her ice cream fell due to her so called sword antics and I cant buy another one coz I don’t have money and she doesn’t like vanilla so she cant even take mine
Abhi who heard this smiled and said: ok u want ice cream paro right?
Paro nodded

Abhi went to the ice cream stand and paid him some money
He walked back and said now u can have as many ice creams as u want from now onwards
Both of them jumped in happiness and hugged him. They then ran away from their but stopped and turned back around. they looked at each other and ran back to Abhi. Paro signaled him to kneel down. Both of them then kissed Abhi’s cheeks simultaneously and said love u Abhi sir. Abhi too kissed them and both of them went away. Abhi then reminisced his incident with Pragya.

Flash back

It was raining hard. Our abhigya were walking on the road trying to save themselves from getting wet when Pragya’s eyes fell on an ice cream stand. She stopped Abhi
A: what
She innocently pointed towards the ice cream stand. Abhi ‘Pragya don’t act like a child if u eat it u might catch a cold and uncle would kill me.’ She sadly pouted and made a puppy dog face
A: it work this time your puppy dog face said Abhi while he turned around. he thought to himself how cute she looks she is irresistible gosh why me god WHYYY

A: acha ok only this
P: ok go
Abhi got two chocolate ice cream. Pragya how did u know I like chocolate.
A: wild guess
Abhi started to eat like a child so did Pragya. Abhi stopped and was busy ogling at her when her ice cream fell
P: waah my ice cream u did it right
Abhi who was laughing hard at her expressions stopped and said: what??
P: tumhne meri ice cream per apni nazar laga di that’s why it fell
A: nazar kya?? . Pragya was quite sad

A: lets share
Both of them then had the ice cream together
Flash back ends
Abhi’s phone ringed
Abhi ‘ yes. On the other side ‘ where are u Abhi its been an hour and u aren’t here. Abhi’ oh no Purab I’ll be there right now
Abhi then entered the building and went to his cabin. A man was standing inside as the receptionist had told that his manager was waiting inside.
M: Mr. Mehra u are an hour late

A: Mr.khaana stop being so formal. I’m sorry yaar Purab it wont happen
P: u used to be quite punctual. Abhi’ Yaar life has changed outside not inside me. A little changes are there na sorry. Ok so can I read the file you’re holding
P: this had the details of the 2( stressing on it) girls only girls your demands match with
A: WHAT only two Purab stop kidding

P: why are u shocked. Abhi u were being so selective as in u were selecting a girl for marriage like she is too short she is way annoying and chipku. Then u were bored and left giving me a description of your dream gal
A; so only two matched. Well my choice shold be great and who knows that one of them might be my dream gal
Abhi then started to skim through the file without any interest. But when he turned to the next page his eyes opened wide in shock
Purab who was purposefully standing there couldn’t help but to smile coz he was waiting for this reaction. Abhi was even more astonished when he saw her current status which stated SINGLE.

P: what happened
Abhi took a while to recover from the deep shock and said: so when do we meet them
P: they must be at the music studio in an hour.
A: how long is the drive
P: about 1 and half hour
A: then what are u waiting for drive
They got into the car
A:Purab step on it
Purab who was driving slow didn’t budge
A: iss tarah to hum kal tak hi pohancey gay
Screen shifts
A young lady is shown getting ready. She is wearing red jeans with a white top and a black leather jacket .She dries and straightens her hair. Wears her contact lenses. and leaves to another room. Upon entering the room we can see a boy sleeping peacefully.
L: adi wake up beta

A: maa just 2 minutes more
Adi got up and went into the washroom
L: that like my boy
At that moment she received a call

L: yes
P: yes
O.T.O.E: maam u were selected for the audition of rockstar’s Abhi’s next album. Please be at the studio in an hour and ended a call
Pragya in her mind oh shoot I totally forgot and I’m going to be late
Adi from inside: maa no problem come, he came out , lets have breakfast bulbul must be waiting
P: mausi
A: ok lets go
Bulbul was sitting on the table waiting for them
B;oh my champ is awake
A: well I am bubbles I’ll be back
B: di breakfast

P: I have to go bulbul
And started to tip toe towards the gate
A: maa where do u think u are going
Pragya took her tongue out as in pakri gayi
A: maa I know u are getting late but no compromise in health come here and have breakfast.
Pragya who was so impressed came to him and hugged him tight
P: acha baba ok I’ll have breakfast then leave
They had breakfast and Pragya left to the studio. Upon nearing it she coverd her face by a viel and approached the gate
She entered the studio and went to the reception
P: there is an appointment of two girls for the audiotion of Abhi’s next album singer right

R: yes there is a …………… aha riya malhotra and Pragya. Oh I am her biggest fan. Her voice is sooo soothing. Don’t know why a super singer doesn’t want publicity. No one has seen her much but a few pictures of her were leaked.
Pragya who was hearing this smilingly removed her veil and revealed her face.
Receptionist opened her mouth wide in shock. She pinched herself and then looked upwards: I am not dreaming u are actually there.

P: I am so u asked a question well some one told me that to change the world u need something most people think its fame and money btu u can change it even by firstly changing yourself and then with different ways like education, charity or voice. Mine is my voice I don’t sing for publicity but to change people’s POV on life and love
R: that’s why your lyrics are soo touching they have a very deep meaning.
P: yes
R: can I have a selfie

P: sure
After taking 5 of them
R: maam go right and sit in the waiting area right now it’s riya’s turn then yours and even boss is not here . and thank u for the selfie
P: my pleasure
Pragya goes and waits in the waiting area.
Here Abhi arrives at the studio entrance
A: thank u ( sarcastically) and rushes inside

P: your welcome boss
He goes in to the technical area ( you know in a studio on one side the singer and the other is the technical side)
Riya is standing inside getting ready to sing. Abhi awaits for his fuggy to sing. After riya is done she comes out. Everyone appreciates her . Pragya on the other hand is quite nervous. She then looks at the pendent in her neck holds it and says u are my inspiration, my love but I hate u. I hate to love u

An boy comes and takes Pragya to the studio. she is literally shaking. Abhi on the other side seeing his fuggy his PA is on cloud nine. He had not seen her since five years, no one had or that’s what he thought but there were many mysteries to unveil.
Man: u may start

Pragya closed her and imagined Abhi’s face she then sung
Tu aata hai seene mein
Jab jab saansein bharti hoon
Tere dil ki galiyon se
Main har roz guzarti hoon
Hawa ke jaise chalta hai tu
Main ret jaisi udti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon
Haa.. Aa..
Meri nazar ka safar
Tujhpe hi aake ruke
Kehne ko baaki hai kya
Kehna tha jo keh chhuke
Meri nigahein hain teri nigahon ki
Tujhe khabar kya bekabar
Main tujhse hi chup chup kar
Teri aankhein padhti hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega
Jaise main karti hoon
Haa.. Aa..

Tu jo mujhe aa mila
Sapne hue sarphire
Haathon mein aate nahi
Udte hain lamhein mere
Meri hasi tujhse
Meri khushi tujhse
Tujhe khabar kya beqadar
Jis din tujhko na dekhun
Pagal pagal phirti hoon
Kaun tujhe yoon pyaar karega
Jaise main karti hoon
Haa.. Aa..

As she ended everyone clapped for her. Abhi too stood there amazed. On the corner of his eyes were tears but many questions to that he wanted answers too.
Pragya was later informed that she had been selected. purab then came to her and hugged her
P: how are u di
Pr: I am good didn’t contact mehuh so busy
P: no di actually u know Abhi. He didn’t leave me for a second
Pr: so

P: well Abhi has called u too meet him outside in a café.
Pr: why a café
P: I don’t know di but please clear out your misunderstandings do give him a chance and don’t be harsh. Please
P: Purab I know what I am doing and I know the truth so let me handle this.
Purab who was a bit shocked nodded his head and left. At that moment she received a call from bulbul.
B: di adi misses u and he is irritating me

P: oh ok bring him to XYZ café I’ll be there in a while
B: ok bye
Pragya arrived at the café and saw Abhi sitting in one corner of the corner staring outside the window. Pragya came and sat in front of him
P; uhmm
A: oh ‘re here PA
P: good afternoon Mr. Mehra or I say rock star
A: stop being so formal paagal aurat
P: ahh I am being formal u don’t start with this u…..u rock
A: rock is that the best u got

P: yes hard and emotionless like a rock rockstar
A: I like this attitude actually a I love it
P: urrrrr
Abhi smirked to himself
P: ok mr Mehra please stop testing my patience and get to the point what u want?
Abhi was about to start but a voice was heard
‘ma’ Pragya turned around to see adi standing there with bulbul he ran to pragya and she kneeled down to hug him.

P: my sweet boy is here huh
A: ma I missed u soo much
P: how much
A: this much by spreading his hands wide
Pragya laughed and made him sit in her lap
Abhi on the other hand was shocked and felt out of their convo, ignored and malcontented that Pragya even had a child.
P: so mr Mehra u had a question
A: we will talk about this later he left from there
P: he left again even without clearing his confusions ah these men think they know everything and never want there ego to be hurt

A: but her status was single
Screen freezes on Abhi’s sad yet confused face and pragya’s smiling face

Precap: longest flashback
So guys this is it. Will try to update more frequently once done with here are a few things I miss and dedications
Maya: thank u for the wish and love your ff keep it up. Your scribbling’s are so good I think if u are seriously writing something like an assignment those would be AMAZING. Love u

Sowji: so soumaya nice name( if I spelled it right sorry) love your ff 2 hearts are looping in identical live. Thrilling and suspense is a technique u master. And the twists. One thing ranveer and veer are different right and that do tell who portrays which role( coz I know only a few). And yeah MORE UPDATES
Moni aka monesha yaar miss your comment and your ff although I know u are busy please update. Miss u and love u

DI: will try to be on watt pad for sure
And everyone else who commented thank u I will reply too to all of your comments and please do comment

Oh yes I am going to posting this amazing one shot( if it is) so try and guess the name
THE D__________R

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