Man Mayal (Part 2)


Well thank u everyone who has commented and so I decided to give one more short episode
Maleeha it is not the same I will twist the story as I myself hate drag

Thank u prathi,minu,and everyone else who commented I just wanted to post out another to make it clear so that u can get the story it might be short coz feeling quite sleepy

Pragya got ou of bed and told everyone that she would go and check the result
She got ready and moved towards aditi’s house
At her house
Aditi’s mother: I am so happy my daughter got an A its all because if abhi beta
A: mama even I used to study
AB:Haan maa give her some credit hey have u checked pragya’s result
A: oh I will go and check
After some time aditi came back with a sad face
A: Bhai she got a C
At the same time pragya arrived to her house and by hearing it she was shattered to the core she just ran away from there
Abhi who had noticed her ran after her
She was sitting alone
AB: hey pragya I know it’s not a good feeling but please stop crying I can’t see j. Crying like this
P: what will I tell my father
AB: tell him the truth and I will tutor u for next time ok
P: but what about everyone else
AB: u just leave that to me and go telll your dad everything
Pragya returned home and told her dad everything he consoled Cher and asked her to work even harder next time

I know it’s short but I willl give two parts tommmorrow and hopefully they would be longer

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