MAN MAYAL part 19

After they ended their recording. Abhigya went home. Upon their arrival some one blocked  pragya’s vision by holding their hands. ” guess who is it,” said adi. ” RIYA!!!” Said Pragya and turned around to find her in bulbuls arms. She took her and hugged her. ” my chota version arrived,” she said. ” Di yes,” she said. Both of them then with adi went into the room and started to talk about what had happened when she was gone and what had she missed.
“Well she is close with them,” said Abhi.

” Pragya loves children as they were the ones who gave her a reason to live, you know she used to visit the orphanage everyday but after becoming a singer she became quite busy although she donates a huge sum of money to the, and visits them once in a month,” said bulbul.
” she went through a lot and these children were the one stopped her wounds from bleeding,” said Purab.

“But you are the one who,healed them” said bulbul while jumping on her back.
Abhi had tears but controlled them.
It was night. Pragya after tucking the both of them to sleep went to her room.
She found Abhi waiting for her.
“Oye would you promise me something,” he said.

” yes,” she said.
” whatever happens even if I do wrong you will stay strong,” he said.
” Abhi I….. I will try but I can’t make promises,” she said.
” just stay strong ok for me,” he said by cupping her face.
” if there is any other storm in our life I will solve it but you have to trust me ,” he said.
” I trust you blindly but when situation comes please don’t break it,” she said by hugging him

A couple of days later
Pragya was in the kitchen kneading the dough. She wipes the beads of sweat on her forehead by her wrist and continues on with her work. Pragya out of nowhere felt a cool breeze on her face. She closed her eyes in pleasure as she knew who it was. She opened her eyes and looked at Abhi who was standing there with the support of the shelf, bent down and blowing air on her face.
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He then tucked a strand of hair behind her ears which had been irritating her for a long time.
” Need help,” asked Abhi. Pragya nodded her head. Abhi then approached her from the back. He slipped his hands past her waist which electrified Pragya into the dough. He settled his chin on the crook of her neck and started to knead the dough we her. Pragya turned her head a little to look at Abhi who too turned towards her. Both shared an eye lock.

It was broken by the loud voice of dadi calling Abhi. Abhi nodded his head as a no. Pragya gave an expression of go. She the hit Abhi by the elbow. He backed of holding his stomach. ” ouch, ja raha hoon,” he said and left. Pragya smiled at his antics and continued on with her work.
Screen shifts to Purab and Riya who were seated in the room.
“Daddy,” said Riya with a mischievous smile. She wanted the Dairy milk in his pocket which he wasn’t ready to give.
” yes devil,” said Purab who knew something mischievous was going inside her head.
” daddy everyone has a love story right?” She said innocently.
Purab nodded his head.

” then what is your’s,” she said.
” you mean ours ?” He said by pointing towards a photo of him and bulbul.
” no some ghost’s dad of course your’s and mummy’s, although both will be having a different angle but I want your perspective,” she said.
” well like every other love story ours also began with a plate of samosas and chutney,” he said
Flashback begin
” Purab beta go give this to our new neighbor,” said purabs chachi. He took the plate and went to the house. He knocked the door.
” come on in its open,” said a girl.

” that was the most beautiful voice I ever heard in my life you know,” said Purab. Riya was now eagerly listening but in the back of her mind getting that chocolate was the main objective.

Purab entered inside to find a girl with headphones hanging around her neck sitting on the top of a luggage. She signalled him to come forward and gestured him to have a seat beside her.
He did as he was told.
” wow samosas,” she said by grabbing one, dipping it into the chutney and taking a bite. She even offered him although he thought that she would eat all of them as she had already eat 3. Purab readily accepted it. ” hi I am bulbul,” she said by forwarding her hand. ” raj naam to suns hi hoga,” he said and shakes it. Bulbuls started to laugh. ” arrey your name,” she said. ” P…… Purab,” he said while stuttering.

” I think that was the first time I had butterflies in my stomach,” said Purab in a dreamy tone. He was completely lost in the past.

After that Purab used to meet her everyday. He used to look at her from the window. Give her chocolates. She loved chocolates
” even I love chocolates aha mummy’s affect,” she said.
” Well then we grew up and started college. She was the bold one while I was the cold one. If anyone ever got in her way that person would be seen crying later. Once I got beaten up by a bully gang you know na every school has one. She ca,e to know and later they were begging me for forgiveness. I never knew what she did.” Said Purab.
” daddy got beaten up, oh come on dad but I like mummy, girl power,” she said by raising her fist up in the air.
“Well you know your Pragya Di,” he said.

” I met her she was even more rowdier then bulbul but sweet and elegant with her buddies,” he said.
” well you know your mother is a great singer,” he said
” I know by her lullabies,”she said.
” yeah one incident doesn’t leave my mind.
Fb begin
It was the annual talent show. Bulbul had been selected for singing. She was preparing with Purab.
” oye Purab ok let’s do it form the top ok,” said bulbul.
Purab was holding a CD player and he played it.
Bulbul sung
Zara sa jhoom loon mein

arrey na re na re na
Aa tujhe chum loon mein
Please come do it
” arrey Purab please be serious ok” she said.
Fb end

” well we won first prize,” he said.
Riya was now slowly nearing Purab for the chocolate.
” I don’t know if our feeling were mutual but I was falling in love with her deeply.  I thought of confessing it on our end of year formal but that Arjun asked her out before me and I had to go with leena.” Said Purab in an annoyed tone.
” wow villain,” said Riya by clapping her hands.

” well on the formal day I dressed up in a white tuxedo,and she was in a white dress. ” he said.
” After the dance and all I couldn’t stand her with arjun and so I took her outside and………..” he stopped.
” why am I even telling you this,” he said.

Riya had successfully taken out the chocolate. “Because I got my chocolate, ” she said and ran away.
He then looked towards the audience ” wanna know what happened, I’ll tell you later,” he said by winking and left.
Screen shifts to Abhi
He went to dadi
D: Abhi beta have a seat

A: yes dadi
D: beta its high time you should get married
A: ok dadi
D:I have promised someone your hand so you have to marry her
Abhi was shocked
A: but dadi I love Pragya
D : Abhi it’s my last wish won’t you fulfil it my health is quite bad. I want you to get married tomorrow
A: tomorrow
D : Abhi I’ve already had a small heart attack

A:dadiii……… a…… ok but only for you
D : the girl will arrive tomorrow and tomorrow is haldi and mehendi
Pragya who had been coming with a bowl of soup was shocked. The bowl fell out of her hands. Abhi who saw this came out.
” Pragya it’s not the way you think it is,” he said but pragya kept on moving backwards.
Tears welled up in her eyes. ” I…I trusted you,” she said and ran to her room.
Purab who had been witnessing this also followed them,to the room
” fuggie please listen to me ” he said.

Pragya got up from the bed and stood in front of him.
” I thought I got my life back but you agreed for marriage,” she said ” and lied to me you cheater,” she said and started to hit him on the chest. ” i need to marry her,” he said. ”  you can’t do this to me once again,” she sobbed. ” you can’t man ” said Purab who walked behind. ” this is wrong you can’t do this , I have seen di cry for you miss you , I won’t let it happen again,” he said.
” Purab you know dadis condition I have too, ” he said.
” I am sorry ” he said and left.
Pragya broke down into tears Purab hugged and consoled her. ” don’t cry di we will find out the reason,” said Purab Pragya stopped crying and composed herself. ” i shall also see mr mehra that how you get married to someone with me being there,” she said

“You are gonna pay,” she said in a determined tone.
Abhi on the other hand was also crying outside. ” I am sorry fuggie but I have to do this,” he said. He was in the car now Going somewhere ( secret)
Both of them were reminiscing their moments together

Sajda tera kar na sakoon
Toh bandagi kya bandagi
Tere bina jeena pade
Toh zindagi kya zindagi

Kya rang laaya Dil ka lagaana
Kya rang laaya Dil ka lagaana
Goonje hawaa mein
Bichhde dilaan diyaan duhaiyaan
Vey badi lambiyaan si judaiyaan

Tere nishaan yaadon mein hain
Tu kyun nahi taqdeer mein
Nadaan dil hai dhoondta
Qurbat teri tasveer mein

Mumkin nahin hai tujhko bhulaana
Mumkin nahin hai tujhko bhulaana
Dekhe Khudaya do aashiqaan diyaan tabahiyan
Vey badi lambiyaan si judaiyaan

(Ali Ali Ali… Ali Maula…)

Naraaz ho chaahe Khuda
Duniya bhale raqeeb ho
Uff na karun hothon se main
Bas tu agar qareeb ho

Badi lambiyan si judaiyan
Badi lambiyaan si judaiyaan
Judaiyaan.. judaiyaan..

Vey badi lambiyaan si judaaiyaan
Lambiyan si judaiyaan
Lambiyan si judaaiyan
Lambiyan si judaaiyan…

(Vey badi lambiyaan si judaaiyaan…)

So guys here is the update after a long time . Rabul’s love story complete will be revealed in the next one. Rotten eggs and tomatoes are welcome here. But I warned ya. Accordingly I shall update although you never know what the writer may do ???
So people do comment vote and show your support.

Happy birthday haritha

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