MAN MAYAL part 16

The curtains closed. Abhigya stood there still haggling each other. Abhi pecked her forehead,when purab came and asked them to go talk in the room. Abhi who was in full romantic mood just lifted her and took her too the green room. Pragya to loved to be in his arms.
As they entered the room Abhi closed the door with his leg and pinned pragya to the door. She looked away in shyness. Abhi held her chin and turned her face towards him.

The next moment pragya’s mouth was occupied by Abhi’s lips. Their kiss growing passionate by each passing moment. Both of them pulled away due to lack of breath.
P: I missed you soo much and I want to hear those 3 magical words again.
A: I didn’t miss you at all and I love you
P: what say it again
A: I kept on dying to meet you just for once but there were some problem I had to handle.
Abhi’s face tensed.
Pragya who saw this tried to change the topic
P: leave it. U go and sit on the couch,couch potato
A: you called be couch potato, what about you rotten tomato.
P: rotten??
A: always angry and ready to fight so only rotten.
P: you…… you………( pragya started to move her arms back and forth and then pointed her finger towards him) you are and AB
A: AB??
P: African bandar ????
A: African Bandar , what about u PA aka paagal aurat
P: ahh stop texting my nerves

Purab who was standing leaning against the door kept on smiling thinking that to. And jerry have started again.
P: a take your words back
A: well you’re a hot potato
Pragya hearing this blushed
A: wait u are taking me in a wrong meaning not that hot but the idiom. But you do look hot and if you want it then……..( his armsheld her by the waist)
Pragya lightly slapped his shoulders
A: ouch well people are buzzing about you. This album is a big hit all because of u jaan.
P: acha. But ……
A: what
P: it wasn’t possible without you
A: ok now let’s go

Next day
Abhi texted pragya
A: hey hot potato
A: ?? ok let’s meet
P: hey couch potato
A: ??
P: ok let’s meet at the Chinese restaurant.
5 mins later
P: are you alive
A: no dead
P: ok meet you there in 10 mins ???
Abhigya met at the restaurant.
P: so let’s eat some noodles
A: ok waiter one bowl of noodles
P: why one you know I eat a lot
A: we will get another one but we should eat from one plate as by eating from one plate love increases between lovers
Pragya blushed hearing this.

The noddles arrived.
Both of them started to eat. Pragya who was in full romantic mood took took the bite from where Abhi had and placed it in her mouth and then when swooping it a noodle came which was in both Abhi and pragya’s mouth. The two ends in each other’s mouth. Both looked at each other and had an eye lock. Abhigya then swooped it and in the end pragya backed away. Abhi was sad. Both of them were then walking out of the restaurant. They came and sat in the park under a tree.
A: baby I want a kiss
P: where
A: here (pointing towards the cheeks)
Pragya pecked his cheeks
A: once more he signalled
This when she was coming forward Abhi turned his face and pragya ended kissing his lips.
She backed off and turned away shying.
Abhi just hugged her and pecked her forehead.

Precap: where was Abhi when pragya needed him will be told. Then their marriage and a storm might be approaching them.

Guys I am so sorry for the late update but there was an internet problem so only. And my final are in May so I am so slow but trying to give an update on weekends.
And thank you everyone. It’s short but next one will be long.

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      1. no as i must read u ff n comm also…dear..never ever miss it…

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    Supr cute dear?????

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      update soon

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  5. B_Ani

    hi prabhi… great update as usual.
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    ha! but finally glad that i commented atleast now.
    well… this update was no less than great. loved the romance dear.
    and ha ha… loved the silly texting and fighting too.
    i want to tell sth… purab is definitely the only man on earth to understand abhigya!!! loved his part too*ok even if it’s so small*
    precap actually seems so much interesting… i was actually pulling my hairs off thinking of the next storm!!!
    hope it turns to a breeze soon…
    anyways, love u…

    1. Prabhi

      You can expect a kkb kinda twist and thank you for commenting
      It’s a long comment though
      And purab you will get to see more of him in the further updates as an understanding man and helper or I say Cupid
      And his love story with bulbul and his daughter Riya
      About the precap don’t bustle your mind just that something from Abhi’s past is going to come but not for long but surely another twist
      Thank you love you and want to see your updates soon and that my exams are in May so might be really irregular too?????

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