MAN MAYAL part 14

The song ended
Abhi walked out of the room as well as pragya
Now they were in the conference room
A: so what’s the plan
P: so first performance is going to be your solo. Then pragya’s. then a duet. Then your speech
Perfect she thought

Abhi again received her call
A: now what
W: well your plan has been fixed is that speech for me
A: god no and how do you know
W: leave that but I will be there
A: I would love to meet you
W: really
A: and strangle you with my own hands
W: well we will see but then you have to make a promise
A: what ?
W: that when you see me you will strangle me
A: any doubt hell yeah I will
W: bye

Abhi was busy in preparing for his concert. He wanted his comeback to be a big hit. He was on his way to check the venue when pragya messaged him
P: hi
A : ?
P: it’s me adi
A: adi what happened
P: I miss you and wanna show you something
A: ok I’ll be there
Abhi driver to pragya’s house and told his manager that he would be late.
He knocked on the door but there was no response
He then heard a pissst sound he turned and looked around but saw no one.
He eyes then peered down as he saw adi hiding under the bush.
A: what happened
a: shuuu come close
Abhi moved closer
a: more close
Abhi moved even closer
A: what happened he signalled
a: bad he signalled
A: speak
a: some one is inside
A: your mother
a: intruder alert
A: and you called me
a: I don’t know but you go
A: why me call the police
a: you are such a scaredy cat. You know he is hairy and scary
a: go SP titu might be inside
A: Titu who
a: mama
A: oh i see
a:it’s a ?

Abhi trembling in fear got up
A: g..g ……ghost
a: I know but you are brave  na
Abhi got up and started to move towards the door.
He was shivering. He then turned around to say so,etching to adi but he had vanished.
A: Abhi beta you are dead
Abhi opened the door and found it unlocked. He stepped inside like James Bond. The double 007 tune played.  It was completely dark.
Abhi walked towards the hall when he collided with something and ghost dangling came in front of him and he screamed
A: yaaaaaaar yikes
Abhi then moved ahead and heard some one
G:Muhaa haa you have arrived but will never escape

Suddenly Abhi saw adi standing in the hallway under a spotlight. His face was pale and eyes red. His clothes were torn
a: you left me ( in a heavy voice ) now pay for it
Abhi just bent down
A: wah leave me forgive me for my sins oh lord save me ???
Suddenly rather spotlight fell on him and he closed his eyes
All of a sudden there was a blast of confetti ?? on him and the lights were on  “surprise ” everyone shouted. Abhi was overwhelmed to see everyone. He rushed to the and hugged pragya tight. Pragya was shocked but patted gently on his back.
He all of a sudden moved back said sorry and then hugged aditi.
Ad: happy birthday bhai
A: it’s my birthday
Ad: yes
A: this was all your plan right you know I still fear ghosts
Ad: not mine theirs  pointing towards pragya purab and adi who were smiling sheepishly.
All of them in union: happy birthday
a: sorry papa but you looked really funny
Pragya was shocked at adi calling him papa
A: I told him that he can call me papa as he misses him
Pragya understood him but remained silent
Ad: look at this guys
Aditi played the video of Abhi entering and what happened.
Everyone was laughing. Where as Abhi was angry. He kept ignoring it where as pragya to couldn’t help but to laugh lightly.
B: so now my di and Abhi will dance ?

Na hai yeh pana, na khona hi hai
Tera na hona jane, kyun hona hi hai
Tum se hi din hota hai, surmaiye shaam aati, tumse hi, tumse hi
Har ghadi saans aati hai, zindagi kehlati hai, tumse hi, tumse hi
Na hai yeh pana, na khona hi hai
Tera na hona jane, kyun hona hi hai

Aankhon mein ankhein teri, bahoon mein baahein teri
Mera na mujhmein kuch raha, hua kya
Baaton mein baatein teri, raatein saugatein teri
Kyun tera sab yeh ho gaya, hua kya
Main kahin bhi jata hoon, tumse hi mil jata hoon, tumse hi, tumse hi
Shoor mein khamoshi hai, thodi si behoshi hai, tum se hi, tum se hi

Aadha sa wada kabhi, aadhe se jayada kabhi
Jee chaahe kar lu is tarah wafa ka
Chhode na chhoote kabhi, tode na tute kabhi
Jo dhaga tumse jud gaya wafa ka
Main tera sarmaya hoon, jo main ban paya hoon, tumse hi, tumse hi
Raaste mil jaate hai, manzile mil jaati hai, tumse hi, tumse hi
Na hai yeh paana, na khona hi hai
Tera na hona jaane kyun hona hi hai

They both stepped down the dance floor.
A few hour later Abhi was sitting in the hall area when his dadi came
D: Abhi beta I need to talk to you
A: yes dadi I’m all ears
D: your marriage date has been set
A: what but with whom
D: some well wisher . Her kundali matches with yours the broker said
A: no way dadi I can’t get married
D: are you an 18 year old that it isn’t  your age.
A: dadi I don’t like her
D: she told that you would say the same but she is so nice and pretty
A: have you seen her
D: I have but you can’t until marriage.
A: why
D : she wanted the marriage to be then by the old customs. So no meeting.
A: I won’t
D: who gave you a choice to it’s an order and that after your concert it will be your engagement that’s it no more arguments
Pragya was walking by. She just laughed at Abhi’s expression and left.
At that moment Abhi received a call from ……
A: I know it’s you
W: I told you that you are only mine
A: how did you damn I am going to expose you
W: what that I am your lover
A: gosh
W: am I out of my head am I out of my mind if you only knew the bad things I like.
A: you’re mad
W: what can I say its complicated
And just cut the call
A: seriously lyrics well her voice was nice
Stop it Abhi
And he slapped himself

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