Man Mayal (Part 1)

So guys I am back with a new story it a show adaptation which none of u might have seen
Thought to adapt it accordingly to our abhigya so here Is the intro
Abhishekh prem Mehra: a 20 year old boy who is good at studies. Teaches his sister aditi. Loves music and wants to pursue his dream of being a rockstar. Part time tutor
Pragya arora: an 18 year old girl who is very straight forward fun loving and good at studies but currently her bad time is going on
Aditi Mehra: abhishekh’s sister. Pragya’s friend
All other characters will be introduced later here is a part of episode one

A girl is all alone walking in the streets she is looking here and there in fear when she collides with someone. The boys stares her.

Screen shifts
The girl is talking to another girl sitting outside.
G 1 : Pragya is this a time to be roaming around outside are u stupid
Pragya: I was just coming to your house aditi
A: thank god it was bhai who u crashed into if someone else to pata naheen kya hota kuch bhi hosakta u should’nt have come
P: in my life everything happens the way I want( meri zindagi mei wasie hi hota hai jaise mein chati hoon)besides what happened today
Abhi who was sitting inside reading the newspaper heard their voices. They caught his attention and he started to listen
P: acha sunno who kisey se kuch kahen gay to nahin
A:kehna to nahi chaiye
P mujhe lagta hai keh de gein ( I think he will say) unsey kehna mein ajj ke baad kabhi raat ko bahar naheen niklon gi bus abba ko na batie( I won’t ever go out at night just don’t tell dad)
Abhi inside smiled to himself
P: if dad came to know he would kill me
A: he won’t say it to anyone
P: aise maukon par sab bhare aik ho jaate hain ( all elders become one at these matters)
A: itne bhi bhare naheen hain
P: he is always old from the day I saw him so angry har waqt mun ban kar rakhte hain
A: shhhhh he is sitting inside keep your voice low
P: hai tune pehle kyun nahi bataya
She got up and closed the door
Abhi inside acted as he was busy and once the door closed he moved towards the window. Lets go to the temple and pray said Pragya.
A; no its night . we cannot go
P: come on we are going to receive the results in the morning

Abhi from inside:
If u both are done can I drop her
A; pragya said that she wants to go to temple
AB: temple
Pragya murmuring : badtamiz yeh nahi keh sakti thi ke hum jana chatay hain
AB: iss waqt
A:I also said the same
Pragya hitting her hands on her head: bera garq
A: actually she wasn’t able to prepare well and is worried
AB: keeps on roaming around all day what do u think
P: jhoote
AB: uss se kaho keh abb kya pachtawa jab chiraya chug gayi khet
Pragya walked in and said: chiraya ne nahin chughe merey khet and if u want to take me so take or else we can go
They then went to the temple were Abhi kept on admiring her
Then they returned home

The next morning when Pragya opened her eyes everyone was rouded up on top of her : tumhara result kaisa aya

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  1. Nice intro..go ahead..

    1. Prabhi

      Thank you nasima

  2. Prathi

    Seems to be different dear! Waiting for the Next update

    1. Prabhi

      Thanks prathi dear I just love your ff LITD ❤️

  3. Mann mayal…… This was a Pakistani drama….. I have watched it….but I regretted….. U could have gone for some better drama….. There are many other….. But a sincere advice…. If u have chosen this one….don’t drag it like the drama….. As it’s a adaptation….so I hope it might be a little different…..
    I hope u didn’t mind my words
    Stay blessed,

    1. Prabhi

      Not a complete adaption it will have my twists in it

  4. Awesome starting superb episode ma loved it very interesting waiting for the next episode loved the montage

  5. Nice dr i love one request pls do write in English dr.. I dont knw hindi..

  6. awesome intro prabhi….pls continue dear…bt pls try to write in english…I dnt know hindi….I love your intro very much…I cnt get the meaning of the hindi dialogues… its my humbled request…i m sry if I hurt you…

    1. Prabhi

      I have already posted out the next part and it is coincidentally in English and thank u

  7. My sry pls u may write in English pls

    1. Prabhi

      I will surely try my best to keep English there

  8. B.k.maha

    Superrr……. But pls write in English…..

  9. Trisha

    Superb! Waiting for the next one!

  10. Aditiroy

    Super…really after I read I am feeling to read the next part…you are back with a bang….awesome yaar..

  11. Nice strat dear n pls update english…

  12. Nice intro dear….

  13. CuteVanshu

    Superb plz post next part soon

  14. Saranya24

    Nice dear but pps gve some dialpgued in english as it wil be easy to undrstand i knw hindi but many dbt knw na sry if i hurt u love u???

  15. Reshma_Pradeep

    Nice Intro…….

  16. Nice intro

  17. Plz write it in english… plz.. some lines are in hindi.

  18. Superb dear…

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