The Man who changed his Girl (SwaSan FF) Epi-1

Hello guys!!! ‘Mystery’ is here!! I know, you all must be wondering, who is mystery? Right? Well, ‘mystery’ itself is a mystery… Ok, you have to guess us. This is a joint account . We are here with a FF titled ‘The man who changed his girl’.
The story starts with a girl seeing some files. She immediately throws the file away after seeing one page of it.

“What’s this Riddhima? Is it your first day in our office? You’ve been here for 2 years, right? Still, no perfection in your work!! Do you want to get fired from this job? I don’t have any problem firing you.. All rubbish is in this file! Collect your resignation papers at 3:30pm today!! Now get lost!!” The girl shouts.

“No ma’am… Please ma’am, I promise not to do this again,” Riddhima manages to say in tears.

“I don’t think that you’re gonna improve, are you?” She asks while raising her eye brows.

“Ma’am, I promise! I will improve and will never give you a chance to complain!” Riddhima says.

“And what if you don’t?” She raises her eyebrows and says in a bossy manner.

“Then.. Then I will resign,” Riddhima says and let’s out a sigh.

“Great!” She says while smriking.

“Now you may go,” She says.

“Thank you ma’am,” Riddhima says and goes out.

Screen changes to a man of mid 20’s. He’s seen doing push-ups.

“Fifty five, fifty six, fifty seven……” The boy continues to say while doing the push-ups.

“Beta..Come and have breakfast….” A lady shouts from her kitchen.

“Okay maa.. I’m coming in 5 minutes.. After completing 100 push ups.

“This boy na,” The lady says in a little tone while smiling.

“Okay but come soon,” Sujata says.

Screen again shifts to the same girl. Someone is seen coming in her room.

“Baba, you? Any work?” Asks the girl.

” I came here to see that are the files for the meeting of Maheshwari’s ready? We have to win this deal anyhow swara its very important,” says Shekhar.

Swara stands up and keeps hand on Shekhar’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry. We are gonna rock this deal,” Swara says in a assuring tone.

“Great!” Shekhar says.

“By the way when is the meeting?” asks shekar

“5pm,” The girl says.

“Okay. I’m going out to see the preparations,” Shekhar says and goes out.

Swara gets engrossed in her work.

Meanwhile the screen again changes to the same boy. He’s in his room. Came after taking bath. He was absolutely looking stunning!!

“Sanskaar Maheshwari All the girls are gonna see you today in office,” says the sam boy who was seen in the morning looks in the mirror and seeing himself.

He sits in his car and leaves to his office.

Swara & Shekar are sitting on one side. Sanskaar was sitting in the centre and a girl with her PA opposite to Swara and Shekar.

“So let’s start. The one who will impress me will win. Who would like to start first?” The boy asks.

Swara was about to say something but the other girl spoke first.

“I would like to start first,” She told.

“Ok Ms. Kavya you can start,” The man says.

The other girl is revealed to be Kavya.

“If you join with our company you’ll get profit……” and she continues to give the presentation.

Kavya completes her presentation and Sanskaar seems to be impressed where was Swara was smirking.

Swara stood but a bell in the conference room rings.

“I’m sorry Ms. Swara only 5 minutes are left,” Sanskar says.

“It means you are making deal with us?” asks Kavya and expects the answer to be a yes.

“No Ms.Kvya. I’ve to go after 5 mins. We can continue the presentation tomorrow ,” He says.

“Mr. Maheshwari, I can completed my presentation in 3mins,” Swara says smriking.

Shekhar gets shocked on hearing it.

“What are you saying Swara? You cannot do it,” Shekhar says.

“No baba. I’ll completed it in 4mins as after Ms. Kavya’s presentation it’s easy to do it,” Swara says.

Kavya gets shocked on hearing it.

“What do you means Ms. Swara?” Kavya asked being shocked.

“You’ll get to know soon,” She says with a smirk.

“Ok Ms. Swara you can start,” Sanskar announces.

“According to my calculation Ms. Kavya has done mistake…………..” and she says her ideas and their company could suffer a huge loss if they deal with Kavya.

Swara finishes her presentation in 4mins and sanskaar seems to be interested.

“See I told you baba I can finish it before 5mins,” Swara says.

“Give this file to Ms. Swara. Ms. Swara you are correct. Congratulations, you won this deal Ms. Swara. I’m sorry Ms. Kavyabut Ms. Swara is right,” He says.

Kavya gets angry and fakes a smile.

“Oh no problem it’s okay Mr. Maheshwari” She says and leaves fuming.

Sanskaar signs and leaves the office. Swara also doing all formalities leaves the office.

Sanskaar comes to his house and shouts.

“Maa please give me food I’m hungry,” Sanskar says.

“My son come.. I’ve prepared your favourite dish. Come sit,” Sujata says.

Sujata gives food to sanskaar and pampers him.

“Maa you know I met a girl Swara. She was very intellegent and is the one whom I did my deal with. She was very clever,” Sanskar says.

Sanskaar praises Swara more.

“I think Swara is a good girl and you’re interested in her na,” Sujata says teasingly.

“Maa it’s nothing like that. I’ve also heard she is very arrogant and scolds everyone. She also wears short clothes that too of black colour. She only respects her dad,” He said.

“That means she respects elders,” Sujata says.

“Maa leave her and give me food,” He says.

“Okay son,” She says.

*********AT NIGHT********

Sanskaar was out for walking as it was his routine.

Swara was in the car going home but suddenly her car broke down.

“What happened?” Swara asks.

“Let me check ma’am,” The driver says.

“Fast baba must be waiting for me,” Swara says.

Driver checks the car.

“Ma’am it will only take 5mins,” Driver says.

“Then why are you telling me do it,”Swara says shouting.

“Okay ma’am,” Driver says being scared.

A small poor boy comes near the window and asks swara to buy flowers.

“Didi please take this for your boyfriend,” The poor boy says.

“Hey listen I don’t have any boyfriend and please go from here,” Swara says angrily.

“Didi pease take this for your mother and sister. Please Didi,” The boy says.

Swara remembers her mother and sister and gets angry and shouts on the boy.

“I told you I don’t want this. Please go from here otherwise I’ll not leave you,” She shouts.

“Please di..di I have not eaten from 4 days.. Please take this and give me money,” The boy says sadly.

“Leave now or else,”She shouts angrily.

They boy goes and sits near a dustbin. Sanskaar sees Swara scolding the child and gets angry. He walks near swara but before she calls her she calls her driver.

“Driver….” Swara calls the driver.

“Ma’am it’s done just 2mins,” Driver says.

“Come here,” She says.

“Yes ma’am?” Driver asks.

“Take this money and giver it to that boy. Also make him eat icecream from this money. I’ll driver home,” Swara says.

“Okay ma’am,” Driver obeys.

“First completed your work,” She says.

Driver repairs the car and goes to the boy. Swara drives home. Sanskaar notices all this.

“What a girl she is!!first she scolded the boy then gave him money through her driver,” Sanskar thinks.

Sanskaar goes home while going only swara’s thoughts and the incident revolves in his mind.

Swara reaches home.

“Baba you ate?” Swara asks.

“Yeah beta you told to eat so I ate,” He says.

“Good now take your medicines and sleep,” Swara says.

“Okay beta you also eat,” Shekhar says.

“Yes I’ll and you go and sleep,” Swara says.

“Okay,” He says and goes.

Shekhar goes and swara does office work at home too.

Shekar wakes up in the night to drink water and sees swara working.

“You’re still working?” Shekhar asks.

“Yes baba some important work,” She says.

“Go sleep,” He says.

“I’ll sleep after sometime. You go and sleep as its not good for your health,” She says.

“I’ll sleep only if you sleep,” He says.

“What’s this baba? why are you behaving like a kid?” she asks.

“Swara I said sleep,” She said.

Shekar forcefully takes her to bedroom and makes her sleep.Swara sleeps. Shekar’s eyes filled with tears.

“It’s 5 years Swara and still you don’t smile. I believe someday your life will be colourful and this black colour will vanish from your life. Someone will come Swara,” He thinks.

He kisses swara’s forehead and goes to sleep.

Precap: SwaSan’s clash.
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