Mamma and papa plz!! Intro/prologue


Mamma and papa plz!! character sketch

Hi guys this is angel here back with another ff I want to do this ff but like my last ff if I dnt get enough comments then I probably might not continue or I won’t even bother writing it so here goes the characters sketch

Laksh maheshwari- son of dp and ap a business tycoon and husband of ragini, father of Ayaan,ahan and ahaana, hardly gives time to family and is always busy in office work and argues with ragini smtimes, also the ex-fiancé of swara

Ragini laksh maheshwari- wife of laksh maheshwari mother of Ayaan,ahan and ahana half sister of swara, smtimes argues with laksh and is a housewife misses laksh and wishes he could be there for his kids she is adored by ap and sujata

Sanskaar maheshwari- son of sujata and rp husband of swara father of aarav and Aaradhya a business man along with laksh loves his family and kids along with lakshs kids especially ahaana and also loves swara a lot

Swara sanskaar maheshwari- wife of sanskaar mother of aarav and aardhya half sister of ragini and also dislikes ragini because she married laksh and swara kinda has feelings for laksh

Ayaan laksh maheshwari- son of laksh and ragini and is 15 yrs old doesn’t get along with dp much and loves staying out and being a rebel has a twin brother ahan(not identical) and a younger sister ahaana who he adores

Ahan laksh maheshwari- son of laksh and ragini loves ragini a lot and always butters her and butters ap and loves her a lot and always gets pampered by ap and gets jealous of ahaana and he has a twin brother Ayaan (not identical)

Ahaana laksh maheshwari- the only daughter of laksh and ragini and is 7 years old she is pampered by everyone and everyone adores her she loves ragini and laksh both equally she loves her elder brothers and fights with them aswell especially ahan she also loves her cousins Aradhya and aarav

The rest r the same except there is no adarsh and parineeta and uttara is married and is living with her husband in a different country


A couple is seen arguing

“I dnt knw and I just dnt care anymore” the woman says

“Wat u can’t accuse me of having an affair after spending soo many years with me if u think I’m a disgusting man then I feel sorry for ur mentality” the man says

“Stop it laksh just becuz u hav been caught stop trying to change the topic….I just can’t believe u can do such a thing If u dnt want to think about me then u could hav thought about the kids wat will u answer them” ragini says

” wen I’m telling u that I haven’t done anything then y dnt u believe me” laksh says

“Belive u…. How….hang on wait ahaana wanted a baby to play with right…then I’m sure u hav already fulfilled that wish of hers with the help of ur secretary who u enjoy spending time with nw” ragini says

Pattas a slap across ragini’s face
Ragini holds her face shockingly

There was smone watching this from the door and smirking

“Y laksh u felt bad to hear such thing….then imagine me how I feel but u dnt hav the heart to feel anymore” ragini says and moves to the cupboard
And gets her suitcase out and starts packing and cries

Laksh grabs her arms and squeezes them tightly

“Who do u think u r huh dnt force me to divorce u and take the custody of the kids” laksh says angrily

“And then after the divorce u’ll marry ur secretary” ragini says with tears in her eyes

“Shut the hell up dnt force me otherwise I will forget that ur the mother of my kids” laksh says

“I can’t believe it laksh that u can actually cheat on me u smtimes used to stay in office overnights aswell and the family members and ahaana used to ask me about u I used to say that u hav work that’s y ur comming late but I didn’t knw wat work was going on” ragini says and cries

Laksh squeezes ragini’s arm harder and ragini winches In pain

” enough that’s enough of ur nonsense” laksh says and his eyes r red

Ragini gets off lakshs grip and goes downstairs with her suitcase

All the family members r sitting down and we can see 2 boys throwing pillows at each other whilst another one is on his phone and one is girl is resting her head on ap’s chest whilst the other one is trying to stop the 2 boys from fighting

Ragini comes down with her suitcase and wipes her tears and sees the family lovingly
She goes up and puts the suitcase back whilst laksh just stares at her while she goes down and without anyone noticing leaves

Where did ragini go
Will she come back
Wat will happen wen the kids find out that ragini has left
Did laksh actually cheat ragini
Will laksh bring ragini back for the sake of the kids

To knw more keep reading mamma papa plz!!

If u want me to continue I can but if not then I will leave this ff just here so plz comment and tell me and support me becuz I need ur support to continue this ff

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  1. awesome plzzz continue it is soo interesting thnk he is not cheating but swara is behind all this

    1. _Angel_

      Thank u j and u will find out who is behind this soon

  2. Balaji

    interesting intro angel

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx Balaji

  3. Interesting…..

  4. nice continue

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx ab and I hopefully will

  5. Hii
    Chala bagundhi

    1. _Angel_

      Hiii kavya an dnt knw wat Chala bagundhi means

    2. Sindhura

      She means its so nice

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx sindhura

  6. Haya malik

    Wow nice loved it….but I have one question… All the kids having initial ‘A’.. Why?? Its just a coincidence or some story behind it….
    And yeah please don’t make swara negative because I am sensing you are going to give her in negative role…
    Continue soon

    1. _Angel_

      Thank u soo much haya and the kids having the initial A i really dnt knw y I chose those names but if u want I’ll change them and about swara negative ur gonna hav to read the ff to find out

      1. Haya malik

        No no I loved their names…but I was just dying to know that its coincidence or you have some motive behind…and I will surely read ff till end

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx lovely

  7. Sreevijayan

    Nice start dear..y there is no love between them? Interestng

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx sreevijayan…there was and there is love between them it’s just they need to realise themselves and they kinda hav gone apart

  8. Very interesting plz continue

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx Aleena hopefully will do

  9. Teja

    Angel dear u made my day such a superb beginning soon update I m waiting ?

    1. _Angel_

      Thank u sooo much teja dear I will hopefully update it soon just for u and ur ff always brings a big smile on my face ??

  10. Interesting…. Plz keep updating everyday.. Plz don’t be like other writers… They update like they come online once in a month!! Plz keep writing everyday even if it’s short length… Don’t write for others.. Write for your own satisfaction, you have the right to show off your creativity whether anyone like it or not. This is new concept, never imagined our dear actors with so many kids.. So please continue. Thanks.. ☺

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx divya ur comments really means a lot plz keep commenting and supporting cuz without ur support I won’t be able to do it and yh raglak only hav 3 kids

  11. Shana98


    1. _Angel_

      Thanx Shana hopefully will upload it soon

  12. awesome write it guys plzz next part soon write regularly don’t leave in middle

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx nikky I will hopefully try

  13. Rafeee


    1. _Angel_

      Thanx rafeee

  14. BTW angel, could you pls change the children’s name (at least 1 or 2) because they all have almost similar ones and it gets confusing…..its just a request….otherwise the story is awesome… ☺

    1. _Angel_

      Yh sure if u hav any suggestions plz say I wouldn’t mind

  15. Interesting….continue writing

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx saranya I will hopefully try

  16. Fats

    Great start. The story seems really interesting. Can’t wait to read more ?

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx fats really means a lot ❤️

  17. Interesting update and i think swara is behind all the mess . Laksh is not at all cheating ragini .

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx ashnoor keep reading to find out who is the real culprit

  18. awesome dear

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx anmy

  19. Nice glad that you’re back.xx

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      Thanx A.xx

  20. Akshata


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      Thanx akshata

  21. Superb and plz continue

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx Arjuna and I will hopefully try

  22. Ragz_teju

    awesome… good start

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx ragz_teju

  23. love it
    and also i love ur ff raglak yeh kaisi kahani hai

    1. _Angel_

      Thanx Lisa but that’s not my ff it’s ???… Ff i upload it for her

  24. Superb…. Intro is just awesome

  25. Awesomely interesting

  26. Hemalattha

    awesome please continue it is soo interesting.

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