Mamma and papa plz episode 9


Mamma and papa plz episode 9

Hi guys this is angel back with my ff sorry I’m late I was away from TU but I’ve recently got back so I posted this ff I hope you like it

The episode starts with everyone gathered in the hall wen a baba comes in dp gets shocked seeing the baba.

“Isn’t he the same baba who always brings a manhoos news for me…god nows wat manhoos news he has brought for me today” dp thinks to himself but forces a smile and greets the baba

Laksh rolls his eyes seeing the baba whilst swara and ragini cover their heads and also greet the baba with ap and Sujata

“Namaskaar Durga Prasad ji” the baba says and folds his hand

“Namaskaar” dp replies back and folds his hands

Dp gestures the baba to take a seat and he does whilst the men of the house follow and take their seats the baba scans the house and nods his head

“Nw wat does this Buddha want to say…I hav never liked him since the beginning but only tolerate him because he gives papa a bad news and me a good news” laksh thinks to himself and smirks

The baba looks at ragini and signals
Her to come forward ragini looks at ap and approaches the baba, the baba puts his hand on raginis head

Laksh luks on and makes a fist of his hand wen he sees ragini nervous with the baba even though the baba comes often to mm ragini has always been nervous in front of him

“Beta these few days will be quite difficult for u…ur loved ones will be in danger but u will hav to overcome this grief like u did before” the baba says which shocks the family and especially ragini tears start falling down and she looks at the baba shockingly

Swara looks on curiously to the baba’s talk Laksh gets up to leave but the baba stops him

“Even u will go through the same grief as ur wife and u both will be separated but u will hav to fight these obstacles and overcome them” the baba says to which laksh just ignores whilst ragini looks at laksh shockingly and tears start rolling down her cheeks

“Shukhar hai there is no manhoos news for me this time” dp thinks and smiles

The baba looks and dp and smiles
“Even u will go through some bad times aswell Durga prasad ji” the baba says and dps jaws drop down and his eyes pop out

“Baba ji wat about sanskaar ke papa” sujata quickly says and rp glares at her

The baba nods and smiles
“Beta ram is in a good position nothing will go wrong with him” the baba says and sujata gaps in happiness

The baba leaves after blessing everyone

“The baba might be wrong let’s just leave all of this and focus on reyansh and raksh’s birthday” ap says trying to soothe ragini

Ragini looks at ap and gives a weak smile

Reyansh and rakshs room
Reyansh is playing the Xbox whilst raksh is on his phone
Laksh walks in
“I hav to be the good father and the role model for the kids because if ragini tells them the past then they will hate me” laksh thinks to himself and walks to reyansh and sits on the bean bag and takes control to the other Xbox controller

Reyansh smiles at laksh and laksh
Smiles back and they both play and Reyansh beats laksh in the game
Raksh is watching this and feeling jealous

“Wow reyansh you even beat me…till date now one had the guts to beat me but today you beat the record” laksh says proudly to reyansh whilst raksh fumes

“Wen I was playing dad took the controller and started playing with bade papa and look now he is playing with reyansh…why why does everyone hate me” raksh thinks to himself and gets angry

Ragini comes in the room and sees reyansh and raksh bonding well and tears develop in her eyes

“After a long time laksh is finally spending time with his family” ragini thinks and develops tears in her eyes whilst she looks at reyansh and laksh’s bond

Ragini walks in the room

Laksh looks towards ragini and gets lost in her ragini notices laksh’s gaze on her but decides to ignore him she walks straight past laksh and reyansh and goes to raksh

“I hav made your favourite carrot pudding come down and eat it it’s all yours” ragini says and smiles to raksh whilst he looks like he is ready to do the happy dance

Raksh takes ragini in a brone crushing hug and develops tears in his eyes but quickly removes them without anyone noticing ragini gets surprised with this gesture of raksh’s but she brushes away her thoughts and strokes his hair

Raksh and ragini break there hug and both of them head downstairs leaving reyansh and laksh stunned

“Yeh Kya tha” reyansh says looking at laksh being shocked…whereas Laksh just gives him the confused look

Dining table
Ragini is feeding raksh carrot pudding with her own hands and raksh is enjoying this pampering whereas ap is a little hurt because raksh is her ‘ladla’ and she always feeded him but today she was not given that chance infact raksh himself did not consider her worthy enough but she was happy for ragini as raksh was her son and she had this right since his birth

Reyansh and laksh also joined everyone for dinner and were surprised to see the scenario in front of them ragini feeding raksh and leaving ahaana to eat by herself they both looked at each other stunned

“Again…itna Pyar I’m not able to digest it I think I might get diabetes” reyansh says dramatically and looks on being devastated whilst laksh pats his shoulder in assurance

“See Annapurna ur grandson is getting lazier day by day he can’t eat by himself that is so shameful children his age hav reached from where to where and look
At him” dp taunts raksh and uses his hands to gesture ‘where to where’

“Yeah and people your age have reached places where you should be hint hint up” raksh taunts dp back whilst dp glares at raksh and the rest of the family nod their heads in disbelief reyansh laksh and Sujata Giggle rp nudges Sujata and nods no and gives her the glares

These boys leave no stone unturned just to humiliate me if instead of them if I had a daughter or twin granddaughters I’m sure they wouldn’t hav caused such a headache as these ‘nalayaks’ have given me
I still wander what bad sins I hav commited To see such a day and I don’t knw wat bapuji was thinking when he got ram and Sujata married ever since she has stepped into our house she has flipped over my destiny completely she also turns into a child and humiliates me
Dps POV ends

“I’m sure there must be reason mom is pampering you raksh” reyansh says to raksh and smirks

“Mothers don’t need a reason to love their children” ragini says and smiles at raksh

“Laksh your sons are turning 16 tommorow and look they still act immature” dp says to laksh

“Papa please they are my sons let me handle them and leave them to me” laksh says and both reyansh and raksh smirk as they look at dp

Swasan also join everyone for dinner

“Sorry we got late” sanskaar apologises to everyone and swara just smiles

“Mamma I’m done I’m going” aradhya says and leaves the dining table with her phone

“But this chori did not eat anything” Sujata shouts and makes faces

“Mom it’s fine she has ate” swara replies and starts eating

“Na swara u should keep an eye on this chori” Sujata says to swara but swara ignores her

Sanskaar is lost in thoughts and is thinking about Sujata’s words

Flashback 17 years ago
Laksh hugs the man whilst dp touches his chest seeing the man ap develops tears in her eyes whereas Sujata’s happiness nows no bounds

“Abhi mere yaar” laksh says and breaks the hug with the man

(Abhi- shehzad shaikh aka rehan from qubool hai)
The man is revealed to be abhi aka abhimanyu Durga prasad Maheshwari who is laksh’s younger brother and dp and aps youngest son he is also everyone’s ‘ladla expect dp’s abhi and dp don’t get along abhi was in London for his studies as dp sent him away abhi pulls so many tricks on dp that dp got tired and thought of a permanent solution to the problem which was to send abhi away abhi is also the houses entertainer and laksh loves abhi more than anything and even more than his cigarettes

Where did he come from its been such a long time that I had forgot that I even had another son” dp thinks to himself

Abhi moves towards dp and dp notices and starts moving backwards In fear abhi comes close to dp and bends down to touch his feet dp gets shocked to see abhi touching his feet

“Papa bless me” abhi says innocently and gets up and smiles and dp

“Khush raho” dp says with great difficulties as he is finding it quite hard to digest this new avatar of abhi

” thanks papa u blessed me so that I can keep pulling your leg” abhi says and laughs who is joined by laksh dp looks at them being stunned

“I should hav thought how can he change I was surprised myself to see him changing his colours but how can I forget a dogs tail can never be straight” dp thinks to himself

Ragini and the gadodia family look confused and laksh sees Raginis confused face and he approaches her

“Ragini this is my brother abhi and abhi this is my wife ragini” laksh says introducing ragini and abhi to each other

“Kya nahiiiii” abhi says dramatically to which everyone gets shocked

“Chore what happened” rp asks abhi and he looks at him blank

“Chachu laksh got married and that too without me” Abhi says while everyone take a sigh of relief

“Chore u scared us” Sujata says

Ap looks at abhi emtionally and he also looks at ap and mouths ‘maa’ ap touches her chest and tears fall out of her eyes

Abhi walks to ap and hugs her they both break the hug and wipe their tears

“Arrey let’s carry on with sanskaar Bhais engagement” abhi says trying to enlighten the atmosphere

Swasan both exchange rings sanskaar looks at swara with full love whilst swara looks at laksh and has tears In her eyes

“This is the only way I’ll be close to you laksh” swara thinks to herself and makes sanskaar wear the ring

and the engagement ceremony gets completed and the guest also start leaving
Sanskaar keeps looking at swara whilst she just looks at laksh
The gadodias decided to leave and greet the maheshwari family and they leave

Ragini smiles seeing laksh and abhi’s bond

“Since abhi is here laksh hasn’t even touched his cigarettes I’m so happy at least with the help of abhi I will be able to get rid of this habit of Laksh’s” ragini thinks to herself and smiles at Abhi

Everyone is in their rooms sleeping after such a tiring day which had a lot of surprises stored for the family members which gave each member a different emotion

Ragini is still awake and is in the terrace when she hears footsteps she turns around and sees that the person is none other than abhi

“Hi bhabhi we didn’t even get a change to talk” abhi says and smiles at ragini and she smiles back

“Hi” ragini replies back being nervous

“You love laksh na” abhi says looking forward whilst ragini looks at him being stunned

“N no” ragini finally utters and abhi just smiles

“You have laksh’s kasam do you still say no or” Abhi says and looks at ragini curiously
Whilst ragini doesn’t say anything and turns around

“I will help you in getting your love” abhi says and turns ragini around making sure she faces him

Ragini looks at Abhi being shocked

“But he doesn’t love me” Ragini says sadly

“He’s confused he doesn’t know whether it is love or attraction” abhi says
Ragini looks at Abhi and tears start falling down her cheeks

“Bhabhi please don’t cry maa has told me everything now all you need to do is help me in my mission” abhi says consoling ragini

“Mission” ragini says being confused and looks at Abhi cluelessly

“Mission to bring you and laksh together” abhi says

“Umm par” ragini says but gets interrupted by abhi

“Bhabhi you do love Laksh na then trust me” abhi says and smiles as he places his hand on ragini’s shoulder

“Hav no fear when abhi is here” abhi says dramatically and pulls his collar up and ragini laughs

“We will start our mission from tommorow” abhi says

“Tommorow” ragini says being stunned whilst abhi just gives a blank look back

“Haa why wait any longer the sooner we start the more quicker we will get the reward” abhi says in a dreamy voice

“Why are you doing this abhi” ragini asks abhi and he stops smiling

“For laksh’s happiness I know bhabhi that laksh’s happiness lies in you” abhi says and he smiles weakly

Ragini nods and leaves to her room

Raglak room
Ragini enters the room and it is dark she turns on the light and is she shocked

End of flakshback

Everyone is sleeping in their rooms except the birthday boys
They both are busy playing games on the Xbox

Raglak room
Laksh is sleeping whilst Ragini is still awake and is turning sides she eventually gets up and is about to leave when she is stopped by some force and she later discovers that the force is none other than laksh’s hand

“Ragini where are you going at this time” Laksh says in a sleepy voice

“I’m going to check on the kids” Ragini replies facing her back towards Laksh

“Ragini the boys are turning 16 tommorow so let’s just give them some space they are old enough and they need it and ahaana she is with maa so you don’t need to check on her” Laksh replies being frustrated

“Laksh I’m not feeling good it feels like something is going to go wrong with my children” Ragini says being worried and faces Laksh she removes lakshs hand from her grip and gets up to leave she is walking ahead when she twists her foot

“Ahhhh” Ragini shrieks in pain Laksh rushes to her aid and holds her

“Ragini” laksh shouts

Laksh picks up Ragini carefully and goes towards the bed both raglak have a eye lock and are lost in each other so many things their eyes are wanting to convey but couldn’t in all these years Laksh places ragini on the bed and comes close to her and leans towards her

“Laksh” ragini says but gets stopped by Laksh who put his finger on her lips

“I’m sorry ragini” Laksh says and gives her a peck ragini gets shocked but later realises

“Oh so u apologised for this reason” ragini says and looks at laksh in anger
Laksh pecks her again

“Laksh stop it” ragini says but Laksh just pecks her again

“Each time you speak you would get a peck” Laksh says and smirks

“If only you didn’t hurt me laksh and ignore me then matters would have been something else today” ragini thinks and gets emotional tears fall out of her eyes Laksh sees the tears and quickly wipes them

“What happened” Laksh asks ragini and she looks away

“Nothing” ragini replies

“There is something tell me ragini” Laksh says and ragini looks at him with rage

“If only you did not commit the mistakes you committed in the past then we would have been much happier” ragini says being hurt Laksh gets angry

“Ragini I thought we forgot the past and you know it wasn’t my fault and if you are talking about trisha then you very well know that there is nothing between me and her I swear ragini learn to trust ” Laksh says angrily and moves away ragini feels bad for Laksh and feels guilty for accusing him

Laksh lies down and pretends to sleep ragini comes close to laksh and kisses his forehead Laksh opens his eyes and and pulls ragini closer he kisses her forehead her nose and is about to kiss her lips but she gets up Laksh also gets up and moves her hair ragini shivers with laksh’s touch and closes her eyes Laksh kisses raginis neck Laksh makes ragini lie down and he kisses her lips tears fall out from her eyes and laksh stops…ragini unable to control her feelings hugs Laksh he pulls the blanket over them and they sleep

Ragini wakes up and smiles seeing Laksh sleeping near her

“Finally the distance between us is evaded” ragini thinks to herself and smiles

Ragini gets up and heads to the washroom she gets ready and heads out to meet raksh and reyansh but then stops and goes back to her room she sees Laksh is still sleeping and decides to wake him up so that they both can wish the boys together

“Laksh Laksh” ragini says and shakes Laksh trying to wake him up
Laksh wakes up and pulls ragini closer to him and they both share an eye lock
Ragini smiles and breaks the eye lock

“Laksh please not now someone might come” ragini pleads Laksh and tried to get out of his grip

“No one will come and if they do then they will find out how reyansh and raksh came into this world” Laksh says and smirks as he winks at ragini who blushes

“Chi Laksh” ragini says being embarrassed

“Laksh please it’s reyansh and raksh’s birthday we hav to wish them and I was thinking that we should wish them together” ragini adds being happy and Laksh smiles

“Okay but first let me” Laksh says and comes closer to ragini but is stopped by ragini herself and she gets out of his grip and pulls him out of bed and send him to the washroom with his clothes

Laksh comes out of the washroom and pulls ragini towards him he shakes his head and all the water driplets from his hair fall on raginis faces

“Laksh” ragini says and rubs her face and smiles

“Acha Laksh quickly gets ready so we can wish the boys” ragini says

“Yes your highness” Laksh says and smiles whilst ragini nods her head and smiles too

Laksh gets ready and they both go to the boys room

They enter the room and see them sleeping ragini places her head on laksh’s shoulder

“Laksh till yesterday they were small babies and now look how old they hav grown” ragini says and smiles as she watches reyansh and raksh sleeping

“Hmm” Laksh replies agreeing to ragini
Ragini takes her head off laksh’s shoulder and he thinks of an idea and winks at ragini and signs her not to say anything
Laksh goes into the washroom and comes out with 2 buckets of water and throws it on reyansh and raksh respectively Ragini is shocked with laksh’s recent act whereas raksh and reyansh both get up with a jerk

“What the hell” reyansh utters in anger and looks towards Laksh who has a smirk on his face

Raksh rubs his eyes and see Laksh and ragini standing in front of him with a smile on their faces ragini signs Laksh and he nods

“Happy sweet sixteen reyansh and raksh” both raglak say in union and surprise reyansh and raksh

“Yeah thanks for the wishes and the present” reyansh says and fakes a smile

“Come on guys it was a joke chill anyways since it’s ur birthday and that too your sweet sixteen you can ask for anything” laksh’s says like a cool dad

“Thanks dad” both Reyansh and raksh say as they hug Laksh and he hugs them back with a smile on his face they break the hug

Ragini smiles and hugs reyansh and raksh

“Both of my babies have grown so much and I’m so proud of you…you know you both are the first ones to make me feel motherhood” ragini says emotionally and smiles to reyansh and raksh and they both smile back

“But mom who is your favourite…and please you can’t say that we both are because there has to be one and we promise we won’t get offended right reyansh” raksh says and asks ragini
She looks at Reyansh who nods his head indicating that he also wanted to hear the same

” so I don’t have a favourite but out of both you i personally feel that Reyansh is more loved because when you both were born Reyansh was the first out of the two of you that I saw and when he saw me he closed his eyes after seeing me I felt he understood that I was too tired to pay any attention to him and Reyansh would also patiently wait for me while I was busy handling an annoyed raksh and when it came for feeding I would always had to feed raksh first as he was always with maa and Reyansh never cried infact he would wait and then when Reyansh’s turn would come he would peacefully sleep in my embrace…and then after lav I mean ahaana was born Reyansh was a caring brother and was my biggest support who was always there for his little sister and was my little helper” ragini completes with mixed emotions Reyansh looks at her emotionally and hugs ragini Laksh also smiles but develops tears in his eyes after remembering something

Ragini and Reyansh break their hug and look at a very angry raksh
Ragini smiles at raksh and messes his hair

“And you are my naughty son who always need his maa and dadi for everything”ragini says and smiles

“Enough of your mother and sons drama ragini let’s go downstairs and boys get ready and come” Laksh says and heads out with ragini

Precap raksh in danger and raglak to get separated ??

Thank u for reading and tell me ur views in the comment box below so hurry up guys and comment and tell me how u found this epi

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