Mamma and papa plz !! Episode 8


Mamma and papa plz!! Epsiode7

Everyone goes to there respective rooms and the kids also leave

DPs room
DPs pov
In the past I had smone who would also insult me,humiliate me and cut my nose In the society, and left me nowhere not even a single place to show my face
Dp pov ends and he has a angry face

Ap enter the room and sees dp thinking
“Kya hua ji” ap asks dp

“Kuch nahi Annapurna Hume Akela chod do aur apne us Nalayak bΓͺte par dhiyaaan do” dp says to ap
Ap has tears In her eyes

Ap gets a call and she goes out

Raglaks room
Laksh is anxiously waiting at the door for smone

Suddenly he hears footsteps and realises smone is comming

Laksh quickly turns back and gets his phone out and acts like talking to smone on the phone

“Ha yaar wat shall I say….infact where shall I start from” laksh says and exaggerates

Ragini comes inside and sees laksh and hears him but decides to ignore him

“Yaar after getting married my life was….ummm to be honest nw is a bit upside down” laksh says and luks at ragini’s direction

“Wat upside down how dare he after reproducing 3 kids with me still he finds his life upside down” ragini thinks to herself

Laksh smiles seeing ragini thinking but ragini then keeps a straight face and pretends as if she doesn’t care

“Dnt worry ragini I will win back ur love and trust” laksh thinks to himself

Wen ragini left the room after laksh had slapped her laksh sits on the bed and stroked his hair back

Laksh pov
Was I too harsh on her……no I dnt think so but
“But wat laksh was it right to slap ragini the woman who changed ur life completely and added colours to it and gave u a reason to live” lakshs heart says

“No laksh forget it and about ragini how dare she accuse u after living so many yrs with u does she still not knw u yet” lakshs brain says

Naa I think I’m wrong I shouldn’t have raised my hand on ragini…but knw I will rectify my mistake…yes I will
Lakshs pov ends and he smiles

FB ends

Ragini after putting the clothes in the cupboard storms out of the room
Laksh smiles

Raksh walks to his room with full attitude wen he sees rp comming from the front running

Dp is also comming behind raksh just wen rp slips from the carpet and falls forward he pushes raksh back and raksh falls back on dp and they all fall on the floor

Both rp and raksh fall ontop of dp

Dp makes a shocked face
And his face goes red as he experiences the heavy weight on him

“Chote dadu” raksh says irritatedly and tries to get up

“Ahhhhhhhh” dp screams

Raksh luks behind

The rest of the family come out

Sujata gasps

“Chi chi…….bhaisa” sujata says and nods her head

Ap gets worried

“Ji…..devar ji plz get up” ap says and cries

“Ha raksh u also get up so that at least papaji can breath” ragini says

“Well done raksh At least u had a safe landing” laksh says and laughs

Raksh also laughs

DPs pov
I dnt knw wat kind of sins I hav commited to get such a Nalayak son who is least bothered about his dad and luk at Annapurna she isn’t even helping me and ram is he watching a movie can not he not get up and my grandson has he broken his leg that he can’t get up if he doesn’t get up in another miniute then I’m gonna faint
DPs pov ends

“Ewww such a horrible sight if u guys want privacy then go to ur rooms and raksh chi seriously ur ur……” Aradhya says and makes faces

“Aradhya” sanskaar says

“But dad luk at this it’s such a bad influence on us kids” Aradhya says

“Just shut up Aradhya and dw I’m straight infact did I invite u or anyone to see me in this state” raksh says angrily

“Mamma let’s take a pic of dadu bade dadu and bhai” aarav says and giggles

“Champ let’s take a pic of papa and post it on social media and say
The mahaan Durga prasad maheshwari who didn’t even lose his balance in childhood has just fallen on the floor nw” laksh says and laughs
Sanskaar eyes him not to whilst sujata burst out laughing

“Ha ha ha ha haaaaa” sujata laughs

Dp glares at sujata and rp also glares at her

Reyansh sees dp on the floor and takes a pic

“Dad I hav fulfilled ur dream” reyansh says and smiles and comes to the rest

He signs laksh about his phone and laksh understands and smirks

Dp luks on cluelessly

“Chore help us ahhh Mari kamar” rp complains
Sanskaar and laksh help rp up and help raksh up too

Sanskaar forward his hand to dp dp holds his hand and puts all his strength to get up but he ends up pushing sanskaar down

“Sanskaar” swara shouts

“Dadu is so heavy that he nw even papa fell down” Aarav says

The kids giggle

“Laksh help them” ap says

Laksh luks around

“Na laksh ur name is laksh or is there anyone else with that name” sujata says

“Chachi I dnt wanna fall like bhai and luk at him he’s so heavy I always tell papa to eat less but he doesn’t wanna listen to me so nw suffer the punishment” laksh says an luks away

Ap cries
Ragini sees ap in tears

“Laksh plz help papaji plz” ragini pleads

Laksh luks at ragini and leans forward and helps sanskaar up first and then helps dp up

“Aahhhhhh” laksh says

“Wat happened” dp says

“From nw onwards u will eat only wat I say breakfast just oats with orange juice…..for lunch u will hav hmm let’s think yes u will hav fruit salad with some apple juice and for dinner ur gonna hav soup….hmm let’s give u vegetable soup and this starts from tomorrow so eat watever u can” laksh says and smirks as he says his last sentence

DPs eyes pop out whilst the rest of the family luk on with mixed emotions some r surprised whilst others r shocked whereas sujata she is just way too happy an dp he luks like he’s gonna faint

“Nah dad I dnt think dadu will be able to do this” raksh says

“Well he’s gonna hav to otherwise” laksh says

“Otherwise” dp says

Laksh raises his eyebrow and shows his phone

“Papa I hope u remember wat happened 17-18 yrs ago” laksh says and smirks

DPs eyes widen

“Hmm Annapurna make sure I get that for bf” dp says firmly

Everyone luks on shocked

Aradhya starts choking

Laksh smiles whilst raksh an reyansh luk on cluelessly and the rest of the family r shocked

Flashback 17 years ago
Ragini is in the car with her groom and she is crying her groom touches her hand and she jerks him off and luks at him giving him the evils

“Ji I was saying” the groom says and touches ragini’s hand

“Leave me alone and dnt u dare touch me” ragini says and cries

Ragini’s groom reveal his face and ragini is shocked

“La laksh” raving says shockingly

Laksh laughs

“Surprise” laksh says

“Laksh wat is this an wat hav u done with” ragini says tensely

“Relax wait save smthing for later” laksh says

They both go home
Laksh and ragini enter and dp sees them they come Inside and ap and sujata r comming from the kitchen wen they see the entrance sujata gasps

“Jiji” sujata says

Ap luks and sees ragini and laksh and gets shocked.

Dp smiles at ragini

“Bhaisa wat is this luk wat this chora has done hi bhaisa without ur permission he got married” Sujata says and gasps

Laksh smirks
Laksh comes home and sees dp taking a sip of tea laksh gets an idea and smirks

“Papa” laksh says and goes towards dp and takes his blessings
Dp is stunned to see laksh taking his blessings

“Papa I’ve decided that I’m gonna get married to a girl u like” laksh says sweetly and smiles to dp

DPs eyes pop out and he clears his throat

“Wat did u say I think I’m dreaming” dp says

“Papa u always wanted me to marry a Marwari girl right so nw I’m gonna fulfill ur dream” laksh says and has a big grin on his face

Dp luks on shocked

“Yes ur right I always wanted u to marry a girl from my choice like sanskaar I’m surprised u agreed” dp says

“Forget all that papa anyways papa do u wanna nw who the girl is” laksh says and smirks

“Hmm who’s the girl” dp asks

“Papa it’s ragini” laksh says and luks at dp hoping he would agree

Dp thinks for a while
“Ragini swara’s sister” dp says

“Ha papa her” laksh says

Dp thinks

Laksh luks at dp and then gets an idea laksh falls down and holds DPs legs and pretends to cry

“Papa plz plz let me marry her I need to I mean I want to marry her today plz papa” laksh says and and starts shaking and pulling DPs legs

“Wat is he doing by doing this my trousers r gonna fall down” dp thinks

“Teek hai fine nw get up laksh” dp says

Laksh immediately let’s go

“Thank u papa” laksh says an runs out

Dp quickly manages his trousers

FB ends

“Arrey ur dil has come r u not gonna welcome her” laksh says

Ap luks at dp and he nods and dp tells them how he wanted laksh to marry ragini and how everything happened so fast

“Hain….bhaisa wanted this” sujata whispers to ap whilst ap nudges her

Ap brings the aarti and does ragini’s aarti

Ragini comes inside an takes blessings from all the elders

“Chora take her to ur room” sujata says

Laksh takes ragini to his room

Ragini heads to the washroom and comes out wearing a blue ankarli dress an pins her scarf to her shoulders

Laksh is already changed and keeps starring at ragini and both hav an eyelock

Just then they hear some shouting from downstairs as their eyelock breaks

Dadi Shekhar and sharmishta hav arrived with swara and the police

“Ragini” dadi shouts
Laksh is comming down the stair case wen he hears dadi ragini is behind him

“Arrey my grandmother in law is already here” laksh says and smiles

“Laksh kaki sa is saying that u married their granddaughter forcefully an without their permission” ap says

“Did I” laksh says innocently

“See inspector Saab see how shameless this chora is he already got changed and is acting innocent” dadi says angrily pointing towards laksh whilst he opens his mouth being shocked

“Well inspector I haven’t committed any crime or Broken any law cuz I’m 23 and shes 22” laksh says

“But u hav married my laddo without her permission” dadi says

“Wat” laksh says being shocked

Shekhar grabs lakshs collar

“U I won’t spare u how dare u mess with my daughters life” Shekhar says angrily

Sharmishta tries to stop him but he doesn’t even listen to her
Swara stands there Whilst tears drop down her eyes

Sanskaar sees her and assumes that she is upset because her sister has hidden a truth from her and didn’t share anything

Whereas swara keeps luking at laksh and tears keep flowing down from her eyes

Laksh smiles whilst Shekhar is holding his collar and luking at him angrily

“Uncle wait one momment chachi tell me smthing” laksh says and luks at sujata

“Chachi who wanted me to marry ragini” laksh says and smirks

Sujata thinks

“Arrey haan bhaisa” sujata quickly says

“Nw tell me who gave me permission to marry ragini” lakshs adds

“Bhaisa” sujata casually says

“Hmm last question who convinced ma and the rest of the family about ragini” laksh says

“Bhaisa who else he was the only one who new u got married to ragini” sujata blurts out

“Wen it’s bhaisa, bhaisa and bhaisa so y should Bechara laksh get punished” laksh says and smirks

Dp gets shocked seeing laksh changing his colours

“Parvati ji if ur family time is over then may I leave u hav wasted enough of my time” the police officer says and leaves

“Come laddo u come home with me” dadi says and drags ragini wen she suddenly stops

She turns to see ragini standing

“Sorry dadi ma after maa left u were my ma and everything but I’m sorry I’m married nw so I can’t leave my husband or his family I’m really sorry” ragini says whilst sobbing

Dadi gets angry and leaves
Shekhar also stares at ragini angrily followed by a distraught sharmishta
Whilst swara follows them in tears without even meeting sanskaar

After gf leave dp glares at laksh and approaches him

End of FB
Reyansh and raksh r in the store room messing things up

“Abbey r u sure we r gonna find our birth certificate here” raksh says

“Yeah yeah I’m sure where else will mom and dad put it” reyansh says whilst luking

“I think we should asks mom…fine if not mom then dad” raksh says

“Hav u lost it no way we will find it ourself” reyansh says

Raksh gets frustrated an starts messing around
During this he mistakenly drops a photo album
Suddenly a photo falls out from it
It has a picture of laksh and another male but his face is covered with marks of pen

“Arrey who’s this” raksh says and shows the pic to reyansh whilst luking confused

Reyansh luks at the picture

“We hav to question about this” reyansh says and storms out with the pic followed by raksh

Both reyansh and raksh come downstairs and see the family r already gathered

“Dad we want to ask u smthing” reyansh says firmly

“Hmm go ahead” laksh replies

“Dad who’s this with u in this picture” reyansh says to which laksh and the rest of the family give a shocked expression after seeing the picture

“wat happened y r u all shocked” raksh asks

“Nothing beta” ap replies

“But dadi” raksh says but gets interupted

“Raksh u r dadi’s fav and u want aloo ke parathe so let’s finish this topic” ap says and smiles to raksh

Raksh thinks for a while and then feels his stomach and agrees to ap leaving reyansh shocked
Reyansh leaves being angry and raksh hugs ap and leaves

“Ragini I gave u a responsibility and that was that the kids shouldn’t find out about the past but u” dp says angrily

Ragini is in tears

“Papa it’s not ragini’s fault that the kids came to knw and how r we meant to stop them soon enough they Gonna find out anyways” laksh says bringing a smiles to ap and ragini’s face

Precap a character to have a dark shade

Try and guess that character whoever guessed can ask me for a treat on private msg ????

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