Mamma and papa plz!! Episode 8


Mamma and papa plz!! episode 8

Everyone is gathered in the Hall except for the kids

Dp raises his head high and luks around at everyone ap has tears in her eyes whilst sujata luks on cluelessly and laksh luks least bothered whereas swasan r too busy in there little fight over sanksaars phone

“Uh hum” dp clears his throat which alerts everyone and they stop and luk at dp

“Well….I hav decided that i will make my will again” dp says shocking laksh swara and sujata whereas the rest luk on

“Again how many times is he gonna change his will… I’m gonna hav to be In his gud books again ” laksh thinks to himself

“Ke are the screws in bhaisas head fallen out or smthing….how can he change the waseeyat again” sujata thinks to herself and make faces

“Wat is wrong with him how can he change the will again….I hav to do smthing about this” another person thinks to themselves

Dp luks at ap and she gives a weak smile trying to hide her tears

“Swara let’s go and arrange for the dinner” ragini says to swara who nods her head and they both leave

Dp goes up to his room followed by ap whereas rp and sujata also head up..laksh and sanksaar go up to reyanshs room

Reyanshs room
Reyansh is sitting on the bed in anger an frustration whilst raksh an aarav r playing the Xbox
And ahaana and ahaana r playing games on Aradhyas phone

Laksh and sanskaar walk inside the room and see the kids and there activities

Laksh takes the control of raksh hand and sits on the bean bag and starts playing along with aarav

“Dad wat the hell I was playing” raksh complains whilst laksh just sticks his tongue out

Laksh winks at sanksaar and he also carefully and sneakily takes the remote of aarav

Both Sanlak laugh and hi fi each other

“Dad I was playing u can’t do this it’s not fair……I’m gonna tell mom and she’ll beat u” aarav complains and heads out along with raksh

“This is ridiculous wat does that taklu think of himself to be and luk at dad and bade papa they r acting if they dnt care” reyansh thinks to himself
Wen dp announces that he will change his will reyansh was ontop Of the staircase and hears everything but before anyone notices he goes back to his room
FB ends

“Bhai don’t u thinks papas hair fell out only because he had nothing in his brain to hold on to his hair” laksh says an laughs

Sanksaar luks at laksh and gives an unbelievable luk but later ends up bursting into a laughter

“Thank god at least smone said smthing about it” reyansh thinks to himself

Swara and ragini r busy preparing for dinner and r lost in there own thoughts wen there chain of thoughts r broken by Aaravs voice

“Maa luk papa and chachu r not letting us play our vidoe games”aarav complains

“Aarav stop complaining and play smwhere else I’m really busy atm and got so much work left” swara says and moved to the stove

“Mamma” aarav says and fake cries

Swara gets irritated with sanksaar but continues to ignore aarav

“Mamma papa has sabotaged my game” raksh complains and luks at ragini for hope

Ragini turns to raksh

“He’s as stubborn as u and reyansh r….anyways I’m not going to say anything in this matter” ragini says and turns to leave

“Swara I’m going to give papaji his medicines” ragini says and heads out

“Mamma” aarav fake cries

“Ughhh come let’s go and sort ur papa and chachu” swara angrily says and leaves along with Raksh and aarav

Sanlak r engrosed in there game that they dnt notice swara entering
Swara enters and stands infront of the TV and places her hands on her waist

“Wat is wrong with u both…r u kids that u r playing games” swara shouts
But Sanlak pay no head to her words

“Shona move out of the way yaar” laksh says

Swara gets happy listening to the word ‘Shona’

“No lucky….and sanskaar u also I can’t believe this both of u get out right nw” swara says

“Forget it masi….anyways u hav a very nice glow on ur face today” reyansh says and flirts with swara whilst she gets happy and shies

Swara playfully hits reyanshs shoulder

“Chup” Swara says and blushes

Raksh jaw drops wen he see reyansh flirting with swara

“Eww he’s so desperate that he is flirting with a woman who is around the same age of our mother…chi chi even I can do better” raksh thinks to himself

“No masi I’m being serious…..if u weren’t married I would hav ran away with u…I dnt get wat u saw in bade papa no offence” reyansh says playfully at first but whispers the last sentence to which swara let’s out a laugh

Reyansh manages to move swara away from the TV with his talks and even manages to take her out but before leaving he winks at laksh who understands and sanksaar eventually understands reyanshs game plan

“Lucky he’s so ur son” sanksaar says whilst laksh let’s out a laugh

“I knw bhai and I still remember wen ragini was expecting I had told her the qualities I wanted my child to hav and this was one of them” laksh proudly says

Raksh gets jealous

“Wat….flirting r u serious lucky” sanksaar says being shocked

“No bhai….I mean intelligent and smart I wanted the child to be intelligent and smart like me” laksh says, sanskaar chokes and laksh glares at him

Raksh fumes in anger

“I can’t believe this it feels like as if I’m adopted dad doesn’t even praise me he’s always praising reyansh and ahaana wait one day they will realise my worth in ther life but for that I hav to take a drastic step” raksh thinks to himself

Flashback 17 years ago

Raglak r in there room
Ragini is standing in the balcony and luking at the stars
Laksh comes into the room and approaches ragini

“Wat happened u haven’t slept…I mean it’s late like 11 in the night” laksh says

“Hmm neither r u asleep yet either” ragini replies

“Yeah but I’m a adventurous person I party at night till 3-4 in the morning or I go out with my friends” laksh says and ragini nods her head

“I was missing my mother” ragini says and develops tears in her eyes

“Oh so y dnt u call her” laksh says casually

“I can’t” ragini replies whilst her voice cracks and laksh notices

“Ragini wats wrong is everything ok” laksh asks being concerned

“Sharmishta ma is not my real mother she is swara’s mother and my step mother” ragini cries whilst laksh is shocked

“My mother was janki Gadodia who died wen I was 2….she fell from the stairs and” ragini says and her voice yet again cracks

Laksh holds onto ragini’s shoulder and consoles her whilst she breaks down into his arms

After a while ragini stops and realises her position and gets up and excuses herself

Laksh luks on
Lakshs pov
I dnt knw y but I felt bad seeing her cry….I felt restless wen I came to knw that she is going to marry smone else and become smone else’s…this is a strange feeling which has never happened to me before although I hav dated so many girls and just groomed them but I never felt so attracted towards them as I am to ragini

She came back in the room and I stroked my hair back to avoid any more embarrassment after our recent hug this was our first hug

I dnt want to be called a girl but wen I hugged ragini I had some butterflies in my stomach which were constantly disturbing mine and ragini’s hug

My chain of thought were broken by chachi who came in with the glass of milk

Lakshs Pov ends

“Laksh chora where’s ur wife” sujata says whilst comming inside
Sujata spots ragini near the bed and laksh in the balcony an she smiles to them

“Ragini here take this milk and make laksh drink it” sujata says and handsover a glass to ragini

Sujata luks around the room and makes faces

“U can’t tell if it’s ur suhaag raat” sujata says whilst laksh gets shocked and his eyes pop out whilst ragini is also shocked and embarrassed

“Chachi this isn’t any honeymoon suite” laksh says

“Vo to Sab ka Hota hai” sujata says dreamily

“Wat” laksh says

“Na I mean everyone’s honeymoon is sweet” sujata blurts out to which ragini laughs and laksh just nods his head

“Chachi suite not sweet anyways forget it” laksh says

“Arrey haa I came to tell u both smthing” sujata says and smiles

“Vo jiji wants a grandchild and so do I” sujata adds and smiles

Ragini gets shy and laksh stands firmly

“Chachi I’m still a kid how can I be a father of a kid at this age” laksh says

“Ke wen me and jiji were ur age we were playing with our children”sujata says

“Chachi that was in ur times nw time has changed” laksh says in frustration

Sujata gasps

“Ke r U trying to say I’m old” sujata says in a dramtic way, and ragini sees the matter getting worse so she decides to handle the matter herself

“Nahi chachi ji actually we need some time” ragini says politely

Sujata smiles and nods

“Learn smthing from ur wife” sujata taunts laksh whilst he gives a fake smile

“Laksh I wanted to ask u smthing” ragini says hesitantly

“Yh sure” laksh says casually

“Laksh I wanna go back to college and and finish studying” ragini says

Laksh shrugs his shoulders

“Ragini I dnt wanna be a typical husband who will stop u from doin anything u hav the permission to do watever u want” laksh says

“But ur parents” ragini says

“Maa is as soft as a feather whereas papa is a snake he’s also poisonous so beware of him” laksh says which makes ragini laugh

“Dw I’ll talk to him” laksh adds
Ragini nods and goes to sleep

Everyone is seated at the dining table wen laksh comes running down
Ragini is serving along with ap and sujata

Dp clears his throat

“There comes ur ladla Annapurna” dp says to ap
Ap bows her head down ragini notices

“U said right I am her ladla anyways…I wanted to say smthing” laksh says whilst sitting down

Dp nods
“Ragini wants to complete her studies and go to college” laksh says causally an eats an apple

Dp turns his head towards laksh whilst sujata widens her eyes in shock and and ap luks worried as well as ragini

Dp luks at ragini and she bends her head

Dp nods his head in agreement and ragini gets happy
Laksh luks on shocked at first but smiles and winks at ragini and she smiles back

Swara is sitting in her room wen she gets sanksaars call

“Hi swara” sanksaar says

“Hi sanskaar” swara replies being dull

” swara r u ok is everything fine” sanksaar asks being worrie

“Yh im fine” swara replies

“Swara just want to say that our engagement is in 2 days….bade papa chose the date” sanskaar says happily

“That’s gud….anyways sanksaar I need to go” swara says trying to end the topic

“Yh that’s fine” sanksaar says an hangs up

Swara cries hugging lakhs pic

“Laksh u were mine so how u be someone else’s….I can’t believe ragini my own sister she took my love away from me” swara cries whilst hugging the pillow

************2 days later****************

The house is decorated and everyone is ready for swasan’s engagement

Ragini is wearing a purple choli whilst laksh is wearing a purple sherwani

Laksh is luking for smthing in the cupboard

“Laksh wat r u luking for” ragini asks curiously

“My cigarets” laksh says whilst searching the cupboard

Ragini gets dissapointed

“Laksh plz do u hav to smoke” ragini says helplessly

“Yes it’s called addiction dear” laksh says and finds his cigarets an heads out

“Laksh y do u hav to smoke….it’s killing u” ragini thinks to herself

Gf also arrive and they decide to start the engagement ceremony
Swara is wearing a pink lehnga and
sanksaar is wearing a pink sherwani

Ragini keeps luking for Laksh and she then spots him comming inside

She pulls his aside

“Laksh plz make URSELF luk presentable everyone is luking especially papaji” ragini says

Laksh luks away and walks off

Sanksaar slides the ring on swara’s finger and smiles
Swara also does the same but hesitantly

Suddenly a male voice is heard

“Arrey a celebration and that too without me” the voice says

Dp gets shocked and touches his heart whereas sujata jumps in excitement and ap she touches her heart emotionally and develops tears in her eyes whilst luking at the guy
Laksh and sanksaar get happy seeing him along with rp

Laksh runs and hugs the guy
Whereas ragini And swara and the rest of the Gadodia family stand there being confused
(Who is this new entry? Is he positive or negative? And y is dp so shocked? Share ur guesses in the comments below)
Flashback ends

Ragini enters DPs room

Ragini takes out DPs medications and gives it to him

“Ragini” dp says after taking her medicines

“Ji papaji” ragini replies back

“The boys r gonna turn 16 in 2 days and they hav the right to knw the truth about there father and how he ditched them for another women…I’m ashamed to call him my son” dp says painfully

Ragini develops tears in her eyes and nods her head

“Ji papaji…par maa told me not to tell the kids about laksh and my past” ragini says and her voice cracks

Dp puts his hand on ragini’s head and luks at her emotionally

“I’m grateful to u…watever my son did to u still u never thought bad about him or his family ur a blessing” dp says to ragini whilst she has tears rolling down her cheek

A person is listening to there conversation and the persons is revealed to be laksh he luks at ragini

Lakshs pov
I knw at that time watever I did was wrong but I dnt knw how but it just happened….and papa how can he say that I ditched my kids i didn’t I am here nw with them…but if ragini tells them the truth then they will start hating me….no I can’t let this happen….but ragini I thought she forgot everything and we decided that we will move on in life….everyone knws that watever I did was not willingly…if only he was here he would hav understood me
Lakshs pov ends

So here I’ve finally uploaded this epi aswell and if u want to thank someone then thank Halima and raglakholic because both of them were missing my ff and telling me to upload it so this is specially for them
And plz comment guys both positive and negative comments will do

I’ve planned so many twist so I hope u like them keep reading and keep supporting

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