Mamma and papa plz!! Episode 7


Mamma and papa plz!! Episode 7

Laksh and the rest of the family go inside and see ahaana awake

“Papa I wanna go home I dnt like it here” ahaana says and laksh develops tears in his eyes

“We will go home soon beta once ur well” a new voice is heard

“But wen dadi” ahaana says and ap walks in and caresses her hair

Dp luks at her

Reyansh walks to ahaana and sits near her

“U knw wat wen u were born I wasn’t really comfortable with u but then as time went I started to enjoy with u” reyansh says and smiles

Ragini enters and laksh sees her and she ignores him

Raksh starts sweating every time ahaana luks at him

“Huh wat happened luk the so called tiger has now turned into a small rat” dp says and smirks

“Papa not now at least luk at the place” laksh says

“Yh dad is right and can’t u see how worried we r oh I forgot U still can’t see even having the biggest size glasses” raksh says pissing dp off

Dp glares at raksh whilst the rest just nod

Swara is smiling luking down
Laksh after throwing his fag away goes inside after comming inside he collides into a girl and she falls but he holds her on time the girls scarf falls on her face the girl moves the scarf and is revealed to be swara,swara keeps luking at laksh and gets lost in him, laksh pulls swara up

“Umm I’m sorry” swara hesitates and says

“It’s ok dnt worry just chill” laksh says being calm and relaxed

Laksh leaves and swara feels shy

Flashback ends

Ragini puts her head down and has dadi luking at while dada ji is sitting on the chair luking angrily Shekhar and sumi r standing their helplessly

“Ragini wat is this” dadi says angrily

“Dadi ma I i” ragini stammers and gets frightened

“Enough laddo I’ve decided that this freedom has ruined u and I dnt want janki to be hurt” dadi says whilst ragini develops tears in her eyes listening to jankis name

“I have also decided to prevent this kind of behaviour I wanna get u married asap so,anyways swara is gonna get married soon so might aswell get u married aswell” dadi says strictly

Ragini gets shocked aswell as the rest of the family

“Parvati I hope u haven’t forgotten hum abhi bhi zinda hai” dada ji says strictly and dadi bends her head down

“Ji but I’m saying this for laddos benefit” dadi says hesitantly whilst Dadaji nods

Ragini gets shocked an tears roll her down eyes swara also gets shocked and tries to speak but dadi doesn’t let her

Dp is thinking about smthing and ap is shown hugging a pic

“Annapurna there is no use of thinking about past forget it just think of it as a bad dream” dp says strictly

“How can I ji he was my” ap says but stops after seeing dp get angry

“Bas Annapurna Hume kuch nahi suna” dp says and raises his hand

Ap has tears in her eyes and she silently weeps

Sujata’s room

“Hay ji our entertainer is gone and I hav been missing it” sujata says sadly and carresses her face

“Bas kar sujata if smone hears u especially bhaisa then” rp says

“Ke bhaisa bhaisa laga rakha hai….becuz of bhaisa an inncocent soul has left from here…all bhaisa cares about is his long pointy nose and his respect in the society” sujata says angrily and cries
Rp holds sujata’s shoulder

Lakshs room

Laksh comes In his room drunk and falls on bed he turns his head and sees a picture with him and smone else and laughs and then knocks out

Sanskaar on the other hand is busy thinking about swara and smiling to himself and he eventually falls asleep

Ragini wakes up and sees the time

“Oh no it’s 10 I’m late can’t believe I slept that long” ragini thinks to herself

Swara comes in

“Swara how cums u didn’t go college today” ragini asks swara whilst getting her clothes out

“Dadi has restricted me from going to college Anways I’m getting married soon so” swara says and stops

Ragini has tears in her eyes

“Hum bhi” ragini says

Ragini heads out and helps sumi

3 days pass
In college

“Yaar lucky hav u head that girl ragini is getting married today” Omi says

“Wat…how do u knw” laksh asks Omi being shocked

“Yaar forget all that I’m so depressed” Omi says

“Abbey Saale y r u depressed was she ur laila” golu says

“Shut up ok” laksh says

“Nahi yaar I’m depressed that I wasn’t invited” Omi says whilst caressing his face

“Ha yaar I also agree and wedding food is soo gud if not for anything else let’s go for the food and we will say that we r the waiters or smthing let’s go yaar” golu says and rubs his stomach

“Shut up golu…..I have a plan” laksh says and smirks

The baadi is beautifully decorated and there is a Mandap

“Dadi ji plz call the bride” the pandit ji says

“Ha ha…sharmishta go and tell swara to bring laddo” dadi says

Swara brings out ragini who is in tears

Dadi sees ragini and has tears but wipes them

The groom is shown and his face is covered ragini luks at him with full anger
Swara takes ragini to the Mandap

The pandit starts and like that the wedding eventually gets complete Shekhar Cries and sharmishta consoles him

Ragini meets everyone and goes inside the house with her groom and takes blessings from jankis photo
She then gets into a car with her groom, the groom then reveals his face and ragini gets shocked
FB ends
Aarav is playing video games whilst Aradhya is on her phone

“This technology I tell u has ruined everyone especially the kids” sujata complains

“And elders too” rp adds on taunting sujata

“Ke ji how can u say that” sujata says being shocked

“Ji luk I was just saying that our grandchildren r getting spoilt and they dnt take Interest in the family” sujata adds

“Ha but this is all sanskaars fault both sanskaar and laksh hav proven that they r bad fathers” rp says and taunts laksh and sanksaar

“Bilkul teek kaha tumne ram” a voice is heard

“Bhaisa” sujata says

“Sanskaar an laksh weren’t even there for there kids and they didn’t take any interest in there upbringing” dp says

“Yep ur the best father figure for ur kids right” reyansh says and claps

“At least out dads don’t insult us but u leave no opportunity to insult ur kids” reyansh adds

“This is lakshs upbringing” dp says pointing to reyansh

“Na na bhaisa even out daughter in laws hav tried there best to give the kids a gud upbringing” sujata says

Meanwhile the rest of the family come home with ahaana

“I would insult u but nature has insulted u enough already” reyansh says

“Reyansh” ragini says

“Mom that’s not fair one ever says anything to him…oh I knw y cuz he will not give anyone a share of the property” reyansh says and nods his head

“Yeh Baat sahi ke tune chore” sujata blurts out

Dp glares at her

“Sujata”ap says

“Na na ji haha mein to bas I was just joking” sujata says and fakes a laugh

Swara smiles and then luks at laksh
Whereas laksh Is luking tensed

“Aarav hav u not put on some weight” raksh says

Ragini is about to say raksh but she luks at laksh then at ap and stops laksh sees that

“Raksh” laksh says

“Mamma see na bhai is calling me fat” Aarav complains to swara and she carresses his hair

“Wat I was about to say that u got nice abs but if u call it fat then let’s leave it as fat” raksh says and shrugs

“Enough ahaana come let’s go to ur Room u need rest….and yh ragini can u plz bring ahaanas medicines….and if u want u can also tag along” laksh says and smirks

Ragini fumes and ap sees this and smiles

Precap Begining revelation of mystery…..reyansh and raksh to question the family about that mystery

I hav decided to add a new entry r u all willing to accept this entry plz tell me ur opinions In the comments

Reyansh-elder son of raglak older to raksh by 3 minitues and luks 19 but is actually 15 soon to be 16 played by aryan khan
Raksh- younger son of raglak younger to reyansh by 3 minitues and luks 18 but is 15 soon to be 16 played by abhishek malik(guys it’s out harshad from ky2)
Ahaana- 8 years old youngest and onto daughter of raglak cute and naught played by ruhanika dhawan
Aradhya- age 14 swasan’s daughter doesn’t really socialise with family much but loves laksh a lot played by navika kotia
Aarav- son on swasan naughty and complains a lot played by Shivansh kotia

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