Mamma and papa plz!! Episode 6


Mamma and papa plz!! Epsidoe 6

Hi guys really sorry for keeping u waiting it’s just that tu wouldn’t upload my ff dnt knw y but in a way it was a gud thing lol I got more time to edit anyways I asked my friend and she said to show present along with flashback so m gonna show it like that if u dnt like it then plz do tell me in the comments

Ragini luks at ahaana and tears fall from her eyes she then luks at the bag of blood that is being transferred to ahaana
The door opens and a person comes in

“Everything was going according to our plan but suddenly after ahaana turning ill our plan” the person says being dissapointed

“But nw wat r we gonna do” ragini says being worried

“We will carry on with the plan but with a slight change” the person says

“Wat kind of change ma” ragini says

(The person is revealed to be ap)

Wen ragini got slapped by laksh and wen they had a argument ragini ran out of the room crying and she bumped into ap

“Ragini” ap says being shocked

“Ma”ragini cries and hugs ap
Ap breaks the hug

Ap takes ragini to her room and locks the door

“Ragini shhhh calm down and tell me wat happened” ap says

“Ma….laksh” ragini says and breaks into tears

Ap consoles her

“Ragini plz tell me” ap says placing her hand on ragini’s shoulder

Ragini wipes her tears

“Maa laksh…(and she narrates everything to her) and cries

Ap gets shocked

“Kya laksh I can’t belive he can do this” ap says being disgusted

“But ragini dnt worry we will make laksh realise ur importance” ap says being determined whilst ragini luks up being confused

“Ma how will we do that” ragini says curiously

Ap tells a plan to ragini which is mute

“R u sure ma this will work” ragini says hopefully

“I hope this does” ap says

Ragini nods and leaves the room

FB ends

“The ideal plan was that u ignore laksh and go away from him for a couple of days so that wen the whole responsibility of the family and kids comes on him then he realises ur importance” ap says

“Hmm but how will we do that I mean knw I will hav to stay in mm” ragini says

“But who says that by staying under the same roof u hav to communicate with everyone” ap says keeping her head high and smiling

“Kaisa ma” ragini says being confused

“U leave that to me” ap says

“It’s been a long time since annapurna has gone inside shall I go an check” dp thinks to himself

After some time ap comes out

Laksh rushes to her and she gives laksh a cold luk

“Ma how’s ahaana is she ok u saw her na” laksh asks

Ap takes a deep breath

“Ha laksh don’t worry she is ok the doctor is treating her she will be fine” ap says coldly and leaves

Laksh has tears in his eyes and rest his head back on the wall


After college laksh comes home and sees everyone getting ready to go smwhere

“Arey laksh chora come inside” sujata says

“Chachi where r u all going….is papa going smwhere…how long is he gonna stay….how far is he going…..wen is he going….” Laksh say In excitement

“Na na chore not bhaisa we all r going” sujata says happily

“Wat where r we going I bet we r going to a mandir” laksh says being dissapointed

“Huh even the mandir won’t help wash away ur sins” dp says whilst comming down the stairs

Laksh luks at him and makes an angry face

“As if he is so mahan and has never commited any sin” laksh thinks to himself

Laksh gives a fake smile to dp

“Nahi papa I was just” laksh says but gets interupted

“Bas” dp says and raises his hand

“We r all going to kaali baadi as there is a pooja there and we r going as a family to attend it” dp says strictly with his head held high

“Family, by luking at us ppl dnt call us a family but they call us a baraat cuz wherever we go papa makes us all go together it’s so embarassing wen anyone sees us together I just move aside and nod my head indicating that I dnt knw them” laksh thinks to himself

“Papa I’m not feeling well I think I think I’m gonna faint” laksh says an pretends to faint

Sujata gaps

“Hai laksh ke howa tare ko luk bhaisa” sujata says dramatically

Dp gives a blank luk to laksh who is lying on the floor with his arms an legs spreaded

“Dramebaaz” dp says

Ap and all rush down and see laksh

“Laksh” ap says an rushes to him

“Jiji dnt worry I’ll do smithing” sujata says

Sujata gets her hands and puts them on lakshs chets she pushes her hands hard on lakshs chest lakshs eyes starts twitching
Sujata then bangs her hands on lakshs chest

“Aahhhh” laksh screams

And finally wakes up

“See jiji he woke up” sujata says happily

Rp gulps luking at sujata

“Sujata yeh taneja kab seeka” rp asks being scared

“Yeh wen I got married to u” sujata says and covers her face with her pallu

“Enough of this drama everyone get ready we r leaving in 10 mins” dp says strictly

Everyone leaves after patting laksh on the shoulder

………………10 mins later………….
Dp is luking at his watch and nodding his head

Laksh comes downstairs and sees everyone waiting for him
Dp gives the glares to laksh

“Wat just becuz I’m not a girl doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to take time to get ready” laksh says

“Anyways I need time to get ready unlike u all becuz all the girls go crazy wen they see me and wen they see papa they puke” laksh adds and dp fumes

“Shall we leave….sanksaar I’m gonna go with u cuz if I dnt wanna die If I go with laksh” dp says

Sanskaar nods and they all leave

Swara is near the temple and is arranging the flowers
Ragini comes outside

“Swara go and get ready” ragini says

“Ha ragini but let me finish this” swara says

“Arguing with u is just like a never ending debate” ragini says

Just then maheshwari family come in

Everyone except laksh comes in

Laksh is shown outside smoking

Laksh’s pov
I dnt knw how I managed to control my self from not having this thing but this isn’t gonna happen forever anyways I want a wife who doesn’t dis-encourage me from smoking infact i wouldn’t mind if she joined me
Laksh’s pov ends
And he laughs
It starts raining and laksh finishes smoking and throws his fag away and goes inside

Ragini spots laksh and gets shocked seeing him there

“wat is he doing here” ragini thinks to herself

“So as u all knw that I hav brought my nephew sanksaars proposal for ur elder daughter swara” dp says

Dadi gets happy

Sanskaar smiles

“Ha maheshwari ji we approve with this proposal” dadi quickly says

Shekhar luks at her happily and dp does sumi

“But at least ask swara” ap says

“No swara doesn’t hav a problem with this” dadi says in a hurry

Shekhar luks at dadi surprisingly

“Wat the hell papa said we r going to a pooja and here he is fixing sanskaar bhais wedding theres literally a limit to lie” laksh thinks to himself

Laksh comes inside the house and sees everyone sitting down he comes inside and takes blessings

Ragini is continuously luking outside at the rain and laksh notices this

Laksh sneakily gets up and goes to the dining table where ragini is arranging the plates and luking outside

“Hmm we should always follow our heart” laksh says an smirks

“Wat do u mean and u r the same guy in college right” ragini asks suspiciously

“Yh the same guy who u insulted anyways even after that im helping u so u want my help”

“Wat kind of help” ragini asks

“U see the rain out there” laksh says pointing outside

“Wat about the rain” ragini says

“Ugghhhhh fine let me say it straight I knw u wanna go outside in the rain but U can’t cuz ur probably scared of ur family members” laksh says raising his eyebrow

“Ha……I mean no it’s nothing like that” ragini says and tries to avoid laksh

“Rain rain go away come back another day today ur not wanted ” laksh says and smirks seeing ragini think

“Come on go it’s calling u come to me ” laksh adds encouraging ragini

Ragini breathes and then runs out the family get shocked and stand up and go outside

Song starts playing in the background
Cham cham cham.. (x2)

Ragini starts dancing laksh also goes outside and smiles seeing ragini dance and goes outside and joins her

Zulfon se bandh liya dil
Seene pe se udne laga aanchal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lagge paagal

Sabse hoke befikar
Nachun main aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..

Main nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..

Laksh starts dancing and and dp attacks him with his dangerous glares

Rain drop bouncing
My heart is announcing
You got to take me away

Let’s start jumping
My heart goes pumping
I love you in every way

Dhadkano pe boondein jo giri
Toh nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..

Main nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..

Gili hawaye jhoomti hain
Tann ko mere chumthi hain
Chhod ke ye sharam waram
Jhoom ye jiya

Koi bhi kahe kuch bhi yahan
Maine toh kabhi suna kahan
Dil ne mere jo bhi kaha
Maine woh kiya

Haan is pal ko main aaj jee loon
Jo bhi hoga dekha jayega kal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lagge paagal haaye

Dadi glares at ragini and tries going outside to stop ragini but luks at dp and stops

Sabse hoke befikar
Nachun main aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..

Main nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..

Baarishon ki taal pe yeh
Khanak mere dhadkano ki
Keh rahi hai jee le tu zara

Ragini enjoys the dance and rain

Baar baar saath mere
Saare ab thirakne lage
Dole zameen naache aasman

Main toh hawa hun
Hath na aaun
Marzi se apni, udti hi jaaun

Ho khud ki karun main kya taarife
Raat ne churaya mera kaajal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lagge pagal

Sabse hoke befikar

Nachun main aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham cham cham..(x2)

Cham cham…
Sab naache aaj
Cham cham cham..

Song ends and raglak fully drenched
And dp and dadi r glaring at them

Ragini hides behind laksh

Laksh holds onto ragini’s arm

“Dnt be scared I’m with u” laksh whispers to ragini

Ragini comes out

But then dp starts

“I think we should leave nw” dp says and folds his hands whilst glaring at laksh

Maheshwari family leave and laksh smiles at ragini and assures her to be strong and goes

Dadi drags ragini inside
And the family follow

“Today ur son has left no shame in him at all infact he has cut my nose in the society” dp says angrily to ap whilst the whole family is present their

“Papa ur nose is so big that even if I use a ladder I still won’t be able to reach” laksh says

Sujata and sanksaar try to control their laugh but sujata ends up breaking it and laughing loudly making dp angry

“Sujata u laugh like a clown chup kar ja” rp says

Sujata stops laughing and makes faces

Dp starts moving forward
Flashback ends

Doctor comes our

“The operation was successful and ahaana is our of danger we will shift her to a ward

Laksh takes a sigh of relief and ap luks at him

Raksh hugs laksh and laksh hugs him back

Precap ragini to continue with her plan to ignore laksh and a new mystery

Thank u sooooooo much guys I mean I got so much support so far I hope after reading this ur not dissapointed
But plz comment and tell me how it is cuz last episode I got less comments so plz do comment

Reyansh-elder son of raglak older to raksh by 3 minitues and luks 19 but is actually 15 soon to be 16 played by aryan khan
Raksh- younger son of raglak younger to reyansh by 3 minitues and luks 18 but is 15 soon to be 16 played by abhishek malik(guys it’s out harshad from ky2)
Ahaana- 8 years old youngest and onto daughter of raglak cute and naught played by ruhanika dhawan
Aradhya- age 14 swasan’s daughter doesn’t really socialise with family much but loves laksh a lot played by navika kotia
Aarav- son on swasan naughty and complains a lot played by Shivansh kotia

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