Mamma and papa plz!! Episode 4


Mamma and papa plz!! Episode 4

Lakshs is driving the car very fast
And he eventually reaches baadi

Laksh goes inside and sees dadi praying she has white hair and is wearing a gold saree and she wears glasses and sumi working in the kitchen she also has some white hair and wears glasses whilst Shekhar is reading the news paper and he has traces of white hair and big glasses
Inside a room dada ji Is shown on the bed with machines surrounded around him

“Umm namaste” laksh says hesitantly

“Laksh, come in” dadi says happily whilst luking back continuously

“Laksh where is laddo” dadi asks curiously

Laksh luks shocked

“Umm she’s at home actually i was going past so I thought to see dada ji” laksh says whilst rubbing his eyebrows

“Come in” Shekhar says

Laksh comes in as goes inside and sees dada ji laksh feels emotional seeing dada ji in that condition
He goes outside the room

“Ok dadi ma I need to leave I hav an important meeting” laksh says and leaves

“I dnt knw wat I was thinking wen I got him and my daughter married” shekhar says and nods his head in disagreement

Dadi and sharmishta luk on

Ap checks ahaanas head and finds it burning with fever

“Sujata swara luk ahaana has a high fever but how did this happen” ap says worriedly

Raksh gets tensed
Wen ahaana went out of lakshs room raksh comes to ahaana

“So there’s no news of mamma yet” raksh says

Ahaana gets teary

“Hmm but I think mamma has left u and gone anyways u were naughty and u always used to fight with me and make so much noise so mamma is bound to leave u and go” raksh adds and smirks

“Nw this will be fun ever since u were born ahaana u hav eaten my side of love from mamma and dadi so nw let’s hav some fun” raksh thinks to himself

“Really bhai mamma left us” ahaana asks sadly

“Yes my little sister she left us and went all becuz of u” raksh says sweetly but the last line harshly

Ahaana becomes numb and starts tearing and doesn’t say anything after that

FB ends
Swara rubs ahaanas hands whilst sanskaar calls the doctor

Reyansh comes back home and sees everyone worried

“Guys wat happened” reyansh asks

“Reyansh ahaana has a high fever and ragini is not home either” swara says being worried

“WAT and u guys didn’t bother telling me….anyways move” reyansh says and angrily and moves everyone away from ahaana

Reyansh taps ahaanas face

“Ahaana ahaana” reyansh shouts

“Bro she’s unconscious” raksh says sounding calm

“Has anyone informed dad” reyansh asks

“He was here wen ahaana had a fever but no ones told him she has a high fever” swara says quickly

“Wat Is he gonna do as If he’s a doctor” dp says pissing everyone’s mood off

“Well keep ur so called theory to URSELF” reyansh says angrily

Dp gets shocked

“Bhaisa wat shall we do shall we take her to hospital” rp says

“Y r u asking me as if I hav any importance my grandson just said to keep my advice to myself” DP says angrily

“Ugh ur dramas dnt even end” reyansh says angrily

Meanwhile laksh gets a call

“Ha swara bolo” laksh says

“Laksh where r u” swara asks worriedly

” I’m out y” laksh replies being uninterested

” vo ahaana” swara says

“Wat happened to ahaana swara tell me clearly” lakshs says worriedly

“She has a high fever and she’s unconscious” swara says

Laksh gets shocked and he starts trembling

“Sw swara take care of her and I’m comming to the hospital see u guys there” laksh says hurriedly and hangs the phone

Laksh hits the steering weel in anger

“Damn it” laksh says angrily

Swara goes to ap

“Badi ma laksh said to take ahaana to hospital and he will meet us there” swara says

“Yh let’s do that then” sanskaar says

“But wat about ragini” ap asks

“She’ll also come with him I think but badi she’s not important at the momment ahaana is” swara says

“Masi is right let’s take ahaana to the hospital” reyansh says after getting and up and luking at ahaana emotionally
Ap nods and they leave leaving Aradhya and ahaana behind with swara

Laksh is driving and trying to find ragini in every possible way but so far he is unsuccessful

Ahaana gets admitted and the doctor checks her
Everyone is waiting outside

After a while the doctor comes out
” well as far as I can gather she’s been in some kind of shock which is not gud for her and becuz of that shock she’s got a fever and her blood cells r not able to make blood and communicate with the vains properly” the doctor says

All r shocked especially raksh, raksh starts panicking and sweating whilst the rest r in tears

“Doctor plz tell us clearly wat r u trying to say” sanksaar says

“Well she needs blood so that her own blood cells make blood” doctors says shocking everyone

“And we need B+” doctor adds

“B+ yep u can take mine” reyansh says

” I’m sorry but we can only take the mothers blood” the doctor says

“Yh dnt Worry my moms comming and wen she comes she will give blood” reyansh says in a hurry

“She must come quickly cuz if we r late in transferring the blood then anything can happen” doctor says sujata gaps
Whilst the rest r just shocked and teary
The doctor leaves

” I’ll just inform laksh and ask him about his whereabouts” sanskaar says and leaves

Laksh parks his car and is thinking wen his phone rings

” ha bhai” laksh says tensely

“Laksh the doctor said that ahaana needs blood and only her mother can give it” sanskaar says

“Wat” lakshs replies being shocked and clueless

“Hurry up and bring ragini” sanskaar says

“Otherwise doctor might not be able to save ahaana” sanskaar adds

“No bhai plz dnt say that I’ll bring ragini nw” laksh says being extremely worried

Laksh hangs up and thinks

“Yes finally y didn’t I think of it before” laksh thinks to himself

Laksh does smthing on his phone and leaves

Ragini is still sitting near a river on a rock and crying Remembering the slap and laksh betrayal wen she hears a car sound
Ragini turns around and sees a man comming out of the car an gets shocked

The man is none other than laksh ragini turns around
Lakshs comes upto ragini

“I’m not fond of comming here but I’m helpless ahaana is ill she’s serious she’s in hospital and she need blood otherwise she will….” Laksh says but stops

Ragini luks up shocked

“She’s ur blood so y can’t u give her blood” ragini says whilst tears drop down her eyes

” if I could then I would but the doctor said that the mother needs to give the blood” laksh says

Laksh calls smone and puts the phone on speaker

” bhai how’s ahaana” laksh says

“Laksh she’s still serious and doctors r asking to hurry up otherwise ahaana will” sanskaar says and stops

“No” ragini shouts

“Dnt worry bhai me and ragini r comming nw” laksh says and hangs up

“Nw I hope u believe so without wasting further time shall we leave” laksh says

Ragini breaks down and cries

“Laksh ahaana we can’t lose ahaana I dnt hav the strength to lose her” ragini cries

Laksh feels bad and also has tears in his eyes but manages to control

“Let’s go and not waste time” laksh says whilst putting his shades on so that ragini doesn’t notice his tears
Ragini wipes her tears and gets up
and they both leave


this flashback is for my lovely teja cuz she wanted since ages I didn’t wanna disappoint her so teja this is for u

Reyansh-elder son of raglak older to raksh by 3 minitues and luks 19 but is actually 15 soon to be 16 played by aryan khan
Raksh- younger son of raglak younger to reyansh by 3 minitues and luks 18 but is 15 soon to be 16 played by abhishek malik(guys it’s out harshad from ky2)
Ahaana- 8 years old youngest and onto daughter of raglak cute and naught played by ruhanika dhawan
Aradhya- age 14 swasan’s daughter doesn’t really socialise with family much but loves laksh a lot played by navika kotia
Aarav- son on swasan naughty and complains a lot played by Shivansh kotia

Thank u sooooooo much guys I mean I got so much support so far I hope after reading this ur not dissapointed
But plz comment and tell me how it is cuz last episode I got less comments so plz do comment

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